• IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K FW is Approaching PLATINUM Status – Jeezy Where u At LMAO )


  • @IamRealTalk you rick ross dick huger GFID only sold 350,000 units today where did you get your numbers from.

  • i hope the video comes out on point nas going hard

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  • Da Business

    Good to c that Def Jam is on their job w/ promoting a solid lp.

    Best lp to come out this yr so far.

  • mac DIESEL




  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    NAAAAAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jinx

    DopeNess!! Nas The Greatest.

  • The first time in a long fucking time that Nas had 5 videos for a album, I’m glad they pumping that album, and especially this song.

  • RedRocBoy

    Probably my favorite track off the album. Glad DefJam supporting Esco. Life Is Good. STL get the money.

  • M.T

    Nas is on his grind.

  • Genie

    The vids are dope for fans, but Def Jam doesn’t seem to be doing much to push the songs. This album should be selling a lot better, it doesn’t look like he’s gonna hit gold w/this one.

  • KillaTesh

    That chick in the video looks dope!!! Nas stays winnin’

  • Ricky Retardo

    this Fav shit off LIG

  • DJ Game

    Please listen to the song streets disciple off of the title album. He calls himself the god of the projects. Nas is a hip hop god. Period. The god of hip hop. Records like I gave you power, the message, even records like queens story and bye baby, nas just has content for generations. Em fell, l passed, pun passed, pac passed, big passed. Nas still around and amazing at what he does. Period. There is absolutely no debate. Even untitled is great, just every album that he comes out with is a great body of work. I don’t care who you listen to after being almost 20 years in the game this guy still impresses us with even his verse on that hip hop record with Scarface. His verse was so amazing that people that just start mcing still can’t have that type of quality. 20 years deep and still has something to say. Thank you for keeping this hip hop that some of us love alive. We love you nas.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    ^Eminem >>> Nas
    Jay-z >>> Nas
    Big Pun. >> Nas

  • rusonic

    Nas is one of the best (top 5) no doubt. With that being said if you factor in his staying power like @djgame was talking about he is easily #1. He writes about his life! And he is living that life! Been living that life. Yo this dude is the original there is none better. People tried to shoot holes in his character and could not do it. He is the Teflon Don of all the MCs because his shit was and still is just real! Like he isn’t making this shit up out of thin air, they are straight up life experiences that other fools like fuckn Rick Ross – ohh my bad the lawyers told him to change his name to Rick Rose because the real Rick Ross who he was basing his life off of got out of a life sentence on a technicality that he himself came across by studying his case and the law??? I am sure 70% of people know that but the problem is 99% of the people are still buying into the made up stories of a made up MC dont even get what hip hop was like back when it was totally causing havoc to not only the air waves but to an entire world.

    Beforee I start a whole rant its plain as day and if you say that Nas is not the best of all time I would love to hear your argument for any of the others I am sure they would be good. Please dont hit me with record sales or MTV BS.

    @VVD your out your damn mind if you think Pun > Nas. Pun is great but he again was taken way to early. As Big L and Pac and Big.. Dude just look at Nas click. What about the work he did with the Firm? What?


    The rest road the wave on the back of what these dudes started and with what one dude just mastered! And I am just recently realizing just how amazing this dude really is.

    Nas is to hip hop what Michael Jordan & Nike was to the Hoops/ Shoe game… cant make it any clearer.

    And Cherry Wine is incredible. That song gives me the same feeling I get when I hear “I need love” by LLCOOLJ. And to say “Reach Out” is not worthy of a video because it has a 90s feel? Of course it does the hook is from Marys BEST song “I love you”

    That song if you are 38 years old like myself and was always a fan of trying to follow the hip hop movement since 1985/6 in being from Queens and living in NJ this song is and the whole damn record for that matter is like watching a movie of 20 years of memories…

    “When my British Knights caramba your foam-posits do make me take my Lottos out the closet” Seriously? That line is EPIC!!!