Jay Electronica At Made In America Festival

Jay Electronica emerged from hiding and gave his first U.S. performance this year at the Made In America Festival. Here’s film of him reciting “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C”.

At the end of his set, Jay said his first single will feature Chris Brown. But according to the Act 2: Patents Of Nobility tracklist, Breezy’s nowhere to be found.


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  • THE G.O.O.T!

  • Kendrick

    Jay bout to drop a single, 4th quarter…

  • Black Shady

    Homeboy’s still alive?????? hopefully he drops something soon. We need another COLE/JAY E collab

    ITS THE ROC!!!!

  • dang i didn’t expect that from dude he just spit and spoke his mind the NO/NY statements was truth

    300 to 800 a week

  • John Cusack


  • D Twice

    He good but you can’t say dude is anywhere near being the greatest of anything until he makes a decent body of work. Which means Jay Z gonna make sure that album never come out.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Jay-Z is allowing Chris Brown be on a Roc Nation single smh…

  • Drock

    this nicca crazy, he my favorite nicca tho REAL TALK

  • Kunta Kente

    Its most likley a iTunes bonus track

  • pILLpusha

    Chris Brown!? Don’t tarnish jay elects aura!

  • rectal air freshener

    don’t you guys realize it was a joke? jay started cracking up afterwards and briefly said “fuck chris brown” before they cut off his mic.

    yall on some dumb shit. ignorant ass mofos.

  • And you all are still awaiting this? Its crazy

  • chilleymost

    this dude is sonned out and over rated,,,,,,he aint gonna go against the system,,,,,cause he fucks with them people,,,,,that no/ny statement is corny,,,aint no body jackin shit cause all these artist these days
    are tools,,,,for the fools,,,,,,,real heads dont fall victim,,,to the hype,,,,we show and prove,,,,fuck what you talking bout,,,,,,

  • coolio

    Damn Jay Electronika a real mufucka. Who woulda known?????

  • coolio

    Good shit bruh. Stay safe.

  • dopeness


  • lmao at the dude in the background yelling “Fuck Chis Brown”

  • max

    why is he holding that kids hand the whole time

  • T

    Word @ A Book Of Rhymes.

  • Outlet

    @Max he’s standing on a railing, he’s using the kid for balance

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    And it’s auto-tuned.

  • brl

    Chris Brown? This has autotune written all over it.

  • ameriboy

    Let the Jay-z sabotage games begin……………..

  • Ivy blue Hov

    ameriboy, dont believe the b.s my g…… hov wants duke to win

  • Hecate

    GO JAY!!!!

  • cant wait to hear something new from this dude. Hit me for beats @ONEMANBEATS

  • Fred

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