New Video: Lil Fame x Termanology “Fizzyology”

What happens when you mix Lil Fame and Termanology? You get Fizzyology. Here’s the video and title track from their upcoming album dropping November 6th. Produced by The Alchemist.

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  • Real Talk


  • Real Talk

    And for all you Term haters, list out your accomplishments here first, before commenting.

    Let us know what you’ve accomplished besides sitting in your mom’s basement with blue balls hating on the next nigga.

  • BrandonTex

    been following termanology since like 2004, dudes a savage on the mic…fuck ur favourite rappers, hes in my top 10

    real shit!

  • The_Man

    Ye this is hot

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    ok walk down the streets with a black hoodie on, it’s 100 degrees outside, and dress all in black, hmm, I think I’ll enforce the give me an excuse policy (stop n frisk), so I can lock up a couple of dumb rappers (cops mind state). anyway I gotta feeling Jay or Ye will use my tag name in a song!

  • shit is bananas like planet of the apes……….

  • Olu

    Feeling this 100%

  • PEEP

    real rap

  • Gambino

    stole that one bit from Rozay’s “Pirates”

  • I don’t like when Term is dumbing down his rhyme schemes in some songs.
    But this joint is fucking sick, I want more.

  • Orr971

    The Alchemist went very very HARD on this one. It’s like the hardest beat I’ve heared in a while… Since “Spudnik Webb” (by Alchemist, Durag, Blu, Killa Kali.).
    SO GOOD.