Yasiin Bey & Mannie Fresh In The Lab

Yasiin and Mannie recently locked themselves in the studio. Here’s footage of the pair working on a track titled “OMFGOD”. Let’s hope the final outcome surfaces soon. More footage coming soon.

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  • Nickey Negrito

    I hope it works out perfectly. I hope Mos decides to really go in. A lot talented rappers have gotten lazy when they started doing other endeavors. Mos hasn’t topped his debut album in 13 years. His other albums were ok but it was filled with TOO MUCH experimentation. For Mos or Yasin to be working with with Fresh, he’s gonna have to make something extraordinary.

    I’m really looking forward to this, and from what i’m hearing, i don’t hear nothing surprising or spectacular. I’m not hating, but sometimes you can hear the “specialness” during the formulation of the track, like Nas, Khaled and Face, we knew that was mindblowing, or When Fresh was in the whip with Mystikal, the chemistry was was most definitely there but Mystikal went the CMB direction, and i haven’t heard anything popping from Mystikal like the session between Mannie and Mystikal.

    Basically Mos Def or Yasin Bey, stop bullshitting, just like your funny looking microphone and ya style of dress. You experiment TOO MUCH, and to me, it seems you don’t really take shit seriously.


    If you gonna become a new name then show us who the hell YASIN BEY is


  • Frontrunner

    Two legends, I hope it works out, I like him over that slow one! They both still got it, but I don’t know if they can pick the right track.

  • tucq

    That’s an odd combination, and that’s why I watched this.

    I’m curious to hear the end results.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mannie Fresh and Mos Def in the lab together = FIRE !

  • rageofenvy

    who was the first dude

  • Crescent

    1st dude was Dee 1….he nice. Local undergroud cat with a degree from LSU and he teaches

  • Kevin

    Wtf is manny using on his I-pad lol I make beats and I have never seen that type of technology. Ne of y’all know?

  • Pookie

    @Kevin I think its one of the BeatMaker apps

  • Kendrick

    Classic shit. @kevin I use mobile devices to make my beats. Doesn’t substitute from my Mac tho. Check em. http://www.soundcloud.com/kenechelon


    Two legends together equals great music. S/O to the homie Dee-1.

  • Jaymalls

    GOOD Music!!!

  • Toni


  • Che

    i love mos def’s experimental tracks. The Panties, Kalifornia, Modern Marvel are all certified bangers!

  • abovetheclouds

    @Nickey Negrito – oh god, shut the fuck up, please. acting like you’re all insightful and shit. fuck outta here.

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