• ian

    It should be “During the end” not “During the middle” this was after the second last song hov performed.

  • Jaymalls

    Holly shit…. I should have got them VIP tickets when I had the chance! Day 2 sux compared to 1!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    dope, Humphrey Bogart stated “the only thing you owe the public is a G.O.O.D. performance”. anyway I gotta feeling Jay or Ye will use my tag name in a song!

  • SLIM

    This nigga Kanye ain’t never gone let CyHi get no shine. Smdh… And honestly, he’s the best lyricist /new rapper on good music. That’s stupid. Why would you sign a artist just to hold him back. Disgraceful.

  • HOT

    HOV’s just too fresh. Damn. Made me feel like I was watching this shit live. Straight screaming and shit. G.O.O.D. Music is good music.

  • I still don’t get how 2 Chainz is on nearly everything G.O.O.D. related if he’s not signed. Must be one of those Ross/Montana/Diddy deals.

  • Daee

    Does Kanye Not Remember Words Anymore or Was He Drunk This Entire Set ?

  • shoulda been in philly this wknd

  • Supreme

    Young Money could never put on a show like this and bring a crowd like this ……..

  • Kieren

    What’s the name of the Common song when he first comes on?

  • Nickey Negrito

    @Supreme, real talk. cosign

    Good Music did it up, although Common seems a little out of place, just a little, and i’m no Big Sean fan at all, but they did there thing.

    2 Chains didn’t come out right. It’s like he lost his Q or starting point.

    Ye and Pusha bought that fire to Philly


  • Santa

    Sean should have done Marvin Gay and Chardonnay

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    tHe cRowD didNt even kNo the woRDs to GOOD muSic Shyt, thats the woRSe ive eveR Seen kanye peRfoRM 4Get’N LyRics mane WAKA FLOCKA wooD Have Set It off Like he SaiD He doNt NeeD LyRics

  • JWhistles

    If you werent at this show i feel bad for you, it was fucking insane. I walked right into the VIP area and was close as shit.

    Seeing Memph Bleek and Freeway made the show for me. I saw Jay and Kanye at the Throne tour but ive never seen Bleek/Freeway live.

    Can barely talk today.


    ^ then stfu

  • dicklovah nigga

    i think kanye aint letting cyhi shine cus cyhi is the least fucking person on G.O.O.D. music wit buzz…… big sean had da same complaint wen kanye signed him but sean started building lotta buzz wit his mixtapes and finally kanye let him shine

  • JWhistles

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YMCM fans even hate on Jigga fans.

    Damn thats sad.


    Finally Famous Gettin’ Money…

  • big steve


  • Black Shady

    they KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I love how Jay is the only artist that can make Ye look like a hypeman lmao.


  • Nickey Negrito

    @Black Shady, lol..never noticed that but kinda true.

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  • Jake

    Cyhi Da Prynce has a ghostwriter how do I know cuz my producer gave him some beats and he said ” yea I could write some dope shit for Cyhi lmao get off that niggas nuts he’s a wanna be up north lyrical nigga but live in ATL>>> poser

  • buzz

    @Black Shady very true, Jay Z is the most strategic rapper of all time, cant nobody outshine this man. hell, he used to be Biggies hypeman at one time so you already know

  • Mike smiff

    @ jake
    Yea.. We hear ya bro… Martin Luther King is the greatest lyricist of all time from the A!!!!!! *Nas and Jay Z is cool, but MLK is from the hood. He changed the world with his pen…

  • kdkd

    ^ yeah from plagiarizing other peoples work. do your research.

  • IKnowGOODMusic

    where in the fuck is cyhi the prynce? he is THE BEST rapper on the label. hey kanye, get 2chainz the fuck out the picture, dude is NOT G.O.O.D music. thats a slap in the face to the rest of the label!!!!!

  • IKnowGOODMusic

    niggas that hate on cyhi prolly bump 2chainz, GTFOH!!!! your taste in music is obsolete!

  • Money Marlo

    DAMN 2 Chainz and CyHi is on da same label and they both making bread. Some of ya’ll niggaz tryin draw a line in tha sand like u can only listen 2 one of them, Get off they DICK!!!!!!!!!


    Should change that shit to..W.E.A.K. music crew


    cyhi is decent though



  • brl

    @ Kieren,

    “The Light”

  • Seven

    “We dont dress alike we dont rep alike” lol Show was ILL tho. Neither Jay or Ye could rap a whole bar.

  • Fred

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