New Video: Azealia Banks “1991”

What in the name of Crystal Waters? If that went over your head, check out Azealia Banks’ new video. 1991 was a good year. This song? Not so much.

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  • Victor Von DOOM

    Why post her music,IF YOU DON’T LIKE HER?

    It don’t make any sense.

  • Black Shady

    Call her shit wack…but then hype up a weak nigga like Gunplay lmao….c’mon son

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    Black Shady says:

    Call her shit wack…but then hype up a weak nigga like Gunplay lmao….c’mon son





  • realwickwickwack

    this gonna be a hit in the house clubs !
    i gotta admit she got her own lane

  • ClarkR

    Im not even a fan of this girl, but it seems like you guys are posting a lot of stuff and then hating on it…ei kreayshawn….

    I don’t really get it? Why are you giving people shine that you don’t approve of?

  • ClarkR

    It seems like a new trend here…

  • SomefunnyIsh

    Get this bitch out of here

  • B.Dot

    this will prob be the last time i explain this to u new RR visitors.

    RR documents hip-hop. The good, bad, and ugly. I post shit which is relevant to our space. As long as she’s around and dropping shitty records, i’ll listen and give my opinion on it. In media, we call those things “REVIEWS”

    And like that, i’m gone.

  • The bloggers on this site are extremely biased. It’s unfortunate. This song is actually really well composed and is definitely a banger.

    I guess it tastes bitter when other people are successful. Gangers going to gang.

  • SomefunnyIsh

    ^^hmmmm…reading what you wrote, and then looking at your tag name is…. interesting……..

  • Charles

    Yo yall buggin this song goes hard. We need mire new house

  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    What is interesting is the fact that the blogger has the audacity to claim it’s a “review” when the opinion is not warranted in any manner. Try justifying your opinion: Argumentative Essay Writing/Debating 101. Everyones entitled to an opinion, whether or not that opinion is relevant is another issue. This bloggers opinion is rarely backed up with any rationale and for that reason it is deemed irrelevant.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    As long as she’s around and dropping shitty records, i’ll listen and give my opinion on it.



    ………..JUST SAYIN’!!!!


  • Watever

    @ B.Dot
    Real journalists usually explain why they give a project a bad review instead of just saying it’s wack. You clearly don’t like the chick so maybe you shouldn’t be the one “reviewing” her work.

  • Isabel

    The more undeniable Azealia Banks’ beauty, talent and starpower is, the more these Rap Radar goons are pressed when posting on her.

    This video and song is straight fire. Straight fire. I am not surprised B Dot is all bothered. Poor dat.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    B.Dot co-signs weak ass Gunplay and 360….You got the nerve to call somebody songs shitty smh

    This nigga…..

  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    Seems like the majority of the visitors on this site agree with me. This site needs educated individuals to provide the users with relevant and rationalized reviews. Not a biased personal opinion. You can work on your spelling as well. I understand hip hop/rap came from the street and is no where close to a formality but proper sentences and spelling can’t hurt. We should be trying to move forward as a race, as a nation. Not back peddling.

    Gangers going to gang

  • JmJ

    Damn she got it i bet yall she gonna blow up even more then she is now soon

  • poetic assasin

    this shit goes hard — didn’t like her stuff at first, but I like her more and more as i listen– her shit aint something u can just skim through – especially with her way of rhyming.

  • realwickwickwack

    the words “not so much” cant really be considered as a review nor as serious work in the “media” world

    maybe in time u will learn there´s more to it

  • Sean_P

    I cannot deny…this girl got bars. Lyrically, she is better than the other females.
    She lookin mighty fine too…

  • Hip Hop


  • rMOCCA

    BDot you watch the same vid I did?
    your ridiculous bias and subjectivity is starting to show. you can’t hide everything under the guise of “it’s my opinion”. give credit where it’s due
    and if you think this is shit, then I expect you to think gunplay is shit, 90% of mmg is shit, every other female is shit, etc.

  • Scrilla

    Damn this shit hard

    What’s ever good to B.Dot???

  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    Hate me or love me I speak the truth.

    Gangers going to gang.

  • B.Dot

    EvenMoreAmusingIsh/[email protected]
    rMOCCA/ Sean_P/Isabel/Maria_Jelenic
    it’s best to comment under different IP addresses. Don’t try to create a “conversation” by posting under diff names. that’s corny.

    @Victor Von DOOM
    100 websites, but u come here for a reason. I love you too.

    On another note, The best female rapper out is 3D Natee hands down. Nitty Scott MC is a close second. This shit above is gibberish.

  • rMOCCA

    what you think of iggy?
    of nicki?

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • Maria_Jelenic

    Lil Zee Zee kills it!!
    She looks flawless. She did not get where she is because of her looks…but it doesn’t hurt that we’re finally seeing how beautiful she is!
    Big things coming for Azealia 🙂

  • mac DIESEL

    B.Dot says:

    Sunday, September 02 2012 at 9:14 PM EST

    EvenMoreAmusingIsh & [email protected]
    it’s best to comment under different IP addresses. 100 websites to the right.

    @Victor Von DOOM

    100 websites, but u come here for a reason. I love you too.

    On another note, The best female rapper out is 3D Natee hands down. Nitty Scott MC is a close second. This shit above is gibberish.




  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    Must of struck a cord for you to comment back. Hopefully you can take something away from the comments. It seems like theres a general consensus here.

  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    It is funny how B.Dot thinks that five usernames belong to one IP.


  • Watever

    @ B.Dot

    So how often does rap radar (or you in particular) post items about 3D and Nitty compared to A. Banks? If you think they’re the best out why aren’t you promoting them more instead of putting up an artists you think are trash?

  • rahrahrah

    I’m pulling for this girl. Not feeling the video, see what she’s trying to do though. She can rap, and she’s pugnacious. Hope she does well. If that vogue shit worked for Madonna perhaps it can work for her to have the androgynous/homosexual men in her video, but then Madonna wasn’t my cup of tea either.

    • B.Dot

      The Search option is your friend

  • EvenMoreAmusingIsh

    @ Watever

    Be cautious when stating your opinion or confronting bloggers. Seems like they cannot handle constructive criticism and attack the users. B.Dot is claiming that all the positive posts in this blog are under one IP.

    Dont shoot the messengers!

  • SomefunnyIsh

    @ EvenMoreAmusingish @watever

    Don’t get defensive lol but why do you care what BDot thinks?

  • Watever

    @ B.Dot
    So according to the search there’s been 2 articles on Nitty, 3 on 3D, & over 12 on Banks this year. So what’s your excuse now?

  • LackofCredibility

    This blog is disappointingly biased. Listen to the song and judge for yourself.

  • Jason

    If ya’ll are going to bitch about what @B.Dot post get the fuck off the website!!!

  • Watever

    @ Some

    I’m only making the point that bloggers spend so much time giving attention to artists they don’t like instead helping the artists they do like get shine.

    Plus if wants to claim to be a reviewer, he should be objective and not personal. Otherwise it makes his “opinion” seem bias.

  • kali

    The negativity towards azealia banks on this site is just evidence on why you old dudes need to leave rap journalism alone. Y’all have really archaic and outdated perspectives on hip hop

  • Word

    I agree with the above posts. No professionalism or journalism etiquette evident in this forum.

  • Hip Hop



  • SomefunnyIsh


    I respect your post but…BDot seems to like 360, and frequently lets him ‘shine’ on RR. However, people give him a hard time about it too. lol so it looks like whatever he does….he’s fucked lol. I agree with the last part of your post, about being objective

    I also agree with @LackofCred…Just listen to the song and judge for yourself.

  • rMOCCA

    you know what’s corny? being wrong. wishful thinking, I believe it’s called. she’s got fans, best get used to it. some of them are people like nas and kanye and missy elliott. best get used to the fact that these people are probably more credible than you when it comes to good rap.

  • realwickwickwack

    @ the end of the day rap radar´s job is to post popular videos …the lil slick comments B.Dot adds aren´t really worth arguing since there´s no real effort put in

  • the One

    ioi!! She doing her thing . using some old science on ya. lol hegelian dialectic.

  • Somebody tell Azealia Banks i said she needs to talk to timbaland about doin an album w/ her. that would set her off she just needs to find her sound cuz i feel like house aint it

  • Song: I’m impressed! Had flow, had bars, had style. The ending part could have been used as a chorus as the song feels like it’s lacking a strong chorus, but I still like the song. Can get played in the club as well as Pandora, and the mixes to this have the potential to be amazing.

    Video: Super clean! Had a 90’s style to it, the choreography was fresh. Costumes and props on point.

    I like this better than 212. Props to the girl……..

  • M.T

    man you niggas are so sensitive. everyone is entitled to an opinion including journalist. stfu and stop complaining.

  • fckrap

    Let me get this straight you say this song sucks but you post bullshit everyday?

  • Pazucar

    When she’s wearing that purple lipstick she looks amazingly gorgeous.

    “Oh na na ma/ your time is done
    Primadonna mama/ like a virgin
    Private jets, my flights/no buy Virgin
    I sell you buy/ that’s my version”

    and calling christian louboutins the “shoes with the bleed” ? Yeah, ima have to steal that one 🙂

  • kisandka

    Azealia is IT! Point, blank period. She’s one of the most exciting emcees out right now and that says alot in the Internet age where anybody can get their voice heard. I’m happy I didn’t take B.Dot’s ‘review’ as gospel and actually formulated by own opinion.

  • really23



  • Word

    I was wondering why this post had so many comments. I knew it wasn’t cuz the song is hot lol

  • Collar Cali

    I like her.


    She is dope, hate all you want but she can rap. She keeps it 100

  • Is that you Brian?

    Brian has to trash her. He don’t want no problems with Jimmy and the gang. She’s not the second coming but the girl makes good house records and she could spit. I come on here everyday and watch ya Negroes co-sign garbage. Where’s Eskay when you need him?

  • Cz

    She has slaughterhouse syndrome…can spit for days…but can’t put together a whole song that sounds fluid throughout.

  • recordpusher


    Dynasty & DJ Premier “Epic Dynasty”

    Female MC… Most of the ‘big’ blogs gave her love too

  • AB Is Winning

    I don’t come here that often, but every time I do, Rap Radar is hating on this girl while big upping some of the wackest niggas in the game. Azealia must not be kissing the right ass or perhaps sucking off the right people on the Hip Hop side of the industry. It must truly burn you guys that she doesn’t need your cosigns. She has already crossover. With that said, people shouldn’t be so upset about what they say about her on here. She has them talking. They can write whatever they want, afterall, it is their site. I think people should go somewhere else if they don’t like the opinions here. Vibe has very favorable opinions of her as well as many other sites despite her twitter tantrums. Either way, the girl will be huge regardless of what Rap Radar writes. BTW, I liked this tribute to Crystal Waters, Aaliyah, and Madonna. We’ve obviously seen this before, but it’s fresh and different from what most are doing today. I love the song and think this is her best video to date, so she is improving.

  • F90