• Heyhey

    J cole?

  • Acapella

    The fuckin’ site keeps crashin’…I bet there’s a billion niggaz tryna download this shit at the same time. Smh.

  • fuk waka

    roc artist on wezzy tape?
    this better not be a trukfit commercial tracks

  • mark

    as usual, these fuckin mixtape sites are slow as molasses. trying to build up hype n shit. they did the same shit with the rich forever mixtape.

  • Ok everybody…….Here it is, the guy that called you BITCHES while you waited for it…..now you can enjoy this oversaturated horse shit called the Dedication. Full of Skateboard punchlines and TrukFit promotion. Enjoy.

  • Daee


  • Midsize Jerm

    Damn, weakest one yet. J.Cole on Green Ranger? C’mon, Nicki’s verse on Mercy best thing on the tape, and that really ain’t saying much. I miss that old “Georgia…Bush”/”Ambitionaz az a Rider” freestylin’ Weezy, not this new fuckboy shit.

    For much better mixtapes check: http://bkjames.bandcamp.com/

  • Barack Obama

    This Is Barack Obama And I Approve This Mixtape!!!!!!!!

    Ha !

  • broski

    lmfao you cant even go in on the site ….. that shit flooooddded

  • Faded 4evaNaDay


  • the void

    niggas thirsty for this shit hahaha.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack Weezy and his wack rhymes take center stage.

  • slick

    this shit is fucking awful il save you all time this shit belongs in the trash along with slaughterhouses album

  • RealLife

    Weezy is God of mixtapes.

  • mark
  • Crackkillz

    Weezy…. But still I’m rocking with this … http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • Black Shady

    only thing i wanna hear is that jcole verse. lets see…

  • popintl


  • Aggie Pride

    Man this mixtape is too funny and its sad Lil Wayne thinks he’s rapping or freestyling whatever you call it. Its pure garbage and i think 2 chainz is a better rapper. LOL

  • Greezy

    @mark respects for that link!

  • hiphop

    All he talks about is suckin dick, how hes the shit, weed n fucking….TRASH. Im not trying to be a hater but this is just tasteless hip hop

    Sidenote: J. Cole killed his verse tho. We need some new Cole!!

  • Word


  • KoldCase

    this shit wack as fuck

  • dmannn

    bitch dick pussy cum eat the pussy ho this mixtape some up in a few words

  • Kali

    Should have been pushed back indefinitely.shit sucks

  • jadbeats

    just fet it from kickass torrentsi dont even like this nigga im downloading it for someone else.

  • Aggie Pride

    J.Cole did ok on that Green Ranger.

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    @ jadbeats same here bruh, finna delete everything apart from the j cole and jeezy joints

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    Cant front weezy held his own wiyh coley cole, cole still xd him though

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  • mido

    lol torrent that shit http://mixtapetorrent.com/ << first up there

  • jrose

    thisis50.com has it……… weezy killed every track tho soo fucking surprising man spit so many crazy bars……… burn is hardest track on tape !

  • urrrr

    mixtape sucks….HARD

  • M.T

    J. Cole killed “Green Rangers” and Wayne stepped his game up on that song. After “No Lie” I was expecting this to be wack but this mixtape was alright. Best shit he released since No Ceilings.

  • Real Talk.

    Why did he not ride for Drake though? He gave Breezy’s I don’t like freestyle a S/O . Well it ain’t like Drake rode for him against Jay. pause? shrugs.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im listening to it on thisis50 as well wayne is ASS.

  • Brian Pumpers Jewels

    Ignorant ratchet shit but theirs some bars…nothing like what Dedication used to be tho

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    I tried but i can’t do it, this shit suxxx!!!!

  • Count

    It’s not wack. It’s not great.

    Decent freestyles over hit songs(Only one original song.) No variety at all but hey, it’s just a mixtape.

  • Cerra

    this site keeps crashing i went here
    New Mixtape: Lil Wayne Dedication 4 – http://weruntheunderground.com/new-mixtape-lil-wayne-dedication-4/

  • Tom

    heres a better link

  • Tom
  • C.O.O.K.

    Cole killed that verse. He having fun. Fuck you want some introspective shit. It’s the “Special Delivery” beat. GET OVER IT.

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    this is bullshit all he talks about is nigga’s ,dicks,pussy and fukin truckfit

  • Count

    Wayne Co-signing Lil Mouse was wack tho

  • Leoc

    whole youtube playlist.
    It’s not worth downloading

  • Black Shady

    COLE KILLED THAT VERSE!!! Wayne tryna keep up lol

  • the void

    R.I.P lil wayne.

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    what the or better yet who the fuck is Lil Mouse????????????

  • Cz

    Alright, Ill admit I wanted to do badly hate this mixtape…but it’s not that bad. Dude hasn’t had substance for forever now, but he still runs punch lines around most dudes

  • Donn

    Niggas that don’t like Wayne make him relevant cus they care enough to listen to anything he puts out. Remember those days when if u didnt care about an artist u just ignored them till they went away. Closet fans

  • this is a hard mixtape for weezy since no ceilings, he went in on this shit or it could be the rozay and the sours talking…

  • DoinTooMuch

    Okay mixtape. On an unrelated note, I just heard that the dude from the green mile just died. SMH R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan.

  • M.T

    “Niggas that don’t like Wayne make him relevant cus they care enough to listen to anything he puts out. Remember those days when if u didnt care about an artist u just ignored them till they went away. Closet fans”
    every artist who gets big enough gets criticized and hated for their music. stop bitching and get over it.

  • wrong

    “Remember those days when if u didnt care about an artist u just ignored them till they went away.”

    Nope… was that back when everybody ignored Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer and they didn’t go diamond?

  • dmc

    Why do I even bother.

  • kayandgee

    ok mixtape nowhere near rich forever, dreamchaser 2,consignment standards but that lil mouse kid a lil problem, chicago is raw!

  • Donn

    I ignored Lil B, Soulja Boy, B2K, that Dougie shit, and all that shit went away. So like I said, if u dont’ like the artist, ignore them. I skip SlaughterHouse posts, I skip Gucci posts, I skip Waka posts, etc. Support who u like

  • the void

    Donn is mad disappointed. haha. bitch.

  • the void

    uuu maaddddd! ahaha.

  • the void

    yo Donn. what was your favorite track? i bet the was the one with nicki minaj. haha.

  • Cz

    I just wish that instead of every rapper on “I wish you would” dropping subliminals they would just say a damn name. The diss tracks in the 90’s/early 00’s were some of the rawest shit ever

  • the void

    yo donna. i bet your new favorite rapper is lil mouse huh?

  • Me

    Weezy F.!!!! YMCMB D4

  • Cz

    Lil mouse was honestly the highlight of this mixtape, lil dude shits on chief keef

  • Keith

    Dedication 4 > Carter 4

  • ^

    Come on now, President Carter was a dope track… and there aren’t any on here.

  • Damn fuck this shit honestly! This aint nothing but a bunch of bullshit! Fuck Lil Wayne for real! This guy is one of the most faggotest mothrfuckrs round right now. Look at that shit! Look at the fucking tracklist! Pay attention to the fucking beats he ‘trying’ to spit/rap on! Mercy? A G.O.O.D. music beat! I Don’t Like? A track that features Kanye and his camp. Burn? A beat from the G.O.O.D. music camp. J.Cole on this? Come on now faggot. This dude hating on The Throne so much and he right here jocking their beats and featuring their artists on his shit. He probably featuring their artists cuz no one on his camp is dope, sick or even lyrically skilled. I mean I get it, J.Cole and Big Sean aint got nothin to do with the beef. But come on man! You HATE The Throne and you be throwin WEAK ass sucker jabs at these guys(cuz ‘they are’ better than you) and you over here featuring their sick artists? AND wtf? You can’t come up with your OWN fucking beats! Or you aint got it like that to be having any nice beats come round your way? So you hop on THEIR shit thinking you can do better on their beat than them? Faggot. Your like a retarded kid who shouldnt be writing on walls but you do it anyway and you fuck it up. Kinda fuckin beef is this. Get your own shit! And of course Kanye or Jay aint even gon say anythin about that, because, they really dont care. Bet that shit don’t even come across their heads cuz they really dont care bout you. They got lot better things to be worrying bout than your so called ‘beef’ that stems from jealousy. While you struggling to put out anythin thats sounds G.O.O.D. so you use their shit and jock the style they rhyme to on their beats(AGAIN thinking you can do a better job). The only dudes at this period of time puttin out anythin thats IS G.O.O.D.music, is Kanyes camp. I swear them dudes…sigh I dont even wanna get started with them, but ill jus say that they got talent, skill, lyrics, and a bunch ACTUALLY produce creative G.O.O.D. music. I’m done with this. This is fuckin ridiculous. Oh and fuck Rick Ross and that Iamrealtalk faggot! Where the fuck did you get those false first week numbers stupid azz

  • the void

    little wayne responded to subliminal disses with subliminal disses lol


    Damn….All I reading is “Cole killed this shit”…..Need I say more.


    fucking bitches, eating pussy, trukfit……… R.I.P. Weezy 1982-2009.

  • sean

    this shit was wack !!!
    i thinks its official nicki and drake have pass wayne

  • TheCool

    Jus checked for two tracks. Mercy and Green Ranger.

    Cole KIIILLT that shit. That flow was crazy. Dope ass verse. Wayne was actually ok. But that’s it… OK, not good DEEFINITELY not great.

    And I don’t give two fucks about solo Nicki, but after Monster, I was curious to see what she’d do over the Mercy beat. It was ok. Not good, not great.

    But FUCK… Wayne was complete trash on Mercy. His dumbass voice/rhymes do not fit over the artsy Kanye verse part smh. And I’m not hating, I said his verse on Green Ranger was straight. But he jus sounded wack on this. He mentioned wet pussy at least 3 times! IN ONE FUCKING VERSE. RIP.

  • Scrilla

    Damn Jeezy on these features boyyyy

  • AfricaZK

    lil gayne certified as worst rapper of all Time
    (c) all rights reserved

  • Black Shady

    damn that nigga $NAKE up there went innnnn with that long ass paragraph lmao

    so I finished listening to the tape…and Cole had the best verse on it. Mixtape wasnt actually bad…….
    it was no “No Ceiling” but it was better than that sorry ass mixtape “sorry for the wait”. Oh well….

  • Donn

    Same ass lazy bars from Wayne

    Relax, u guys too hard to hate, and discredit commenters, The mixtape was chill, nothing we haven’t heard from Wayne before,

    He has to understand we have Cole, Kendrick, Ab Soul, A$AP, Lupe, GOOD MUSIC, he has to step up his musical integrity and take his time with every bar and spit some meaningful shit, or think about what he’s saying, cus otherwise, he’ll just be laughing stock to hip hop enthusiast who truly take the culture seriously. For ppl who don’t really take Hip Hop to the heart, this will work for them, but for ppl who blow up blog comment sections, go to concerts, vote for top ten lists, argue till they end up curising and calling niggas name on the internet, they take this shit serious

  • Jack Bahlzak

    I havent even heard it and i think it SUCKS!!

  • Trueee

    Dedication 4 Is Crazyyyyy…….Still got that flow dawg…keep up… still bes rapper alive

    Decent tape. his best effort since “no ceilings”. Weezy can deliver when the beat and flow patterns are set up as a template in a kind of insert punchline here fashion (even thou there are some that are still impressive) One can only hope when its time for an album he can put together a cohesive body of work as opposed to the his most recent works scattered subject matter.Wayne’s genius stems from sporadic punchlines which doesn’t always translate well to an album. At the end of the day Wayne is better than reusing flows.beats, and semi couplets of old punchline/subject matter. The best example of the focused vs sporadic rap is the Green Ranger track featuring J.Cole.

    8 OUT OF 10

  • M.T

    that was a good synopsis


    Did that bitch Nicki Minaj say she was a republican and voting for Mitt Romney?

  • Lil Wayne funny as shit and Cole killed it on Green Ranger

  • deluks

    i knew weezy will do a return for ‘ wish you would ‘

    kills kanye on it

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    IMO the only song that was wack to me was no lie & my homies still remix, other then that i enjoyed the tape, if you were expecting some d2 shit then you stupid

    D4 shits on S4TW

  • Jay

    check out all new music and any other new ish!
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  • This mix tape sucks, it should’ve been way better than this. Wayne’s artist; Lil’ Mouse & Flo…sucks!

  • im glad i aint the only one that thought all he talked about was eating pussy and his clothing line it wasn’t the worst shit in the world but sorry for the wait was better

  • caliking

    same damn tune goes hard as fuck i dont care what anyone says

  • @tshiamofs

    That Cole verse is nice. I had lost faith in his featuring verses after that DJ Khaled disaster last week

  • Jay Jones

    eezy lost his gift in Rikers, I get it now why he hates NY…his mojo is up there and only a sojourn in there will give it back to him.
    Weezy is lost, sad but true, the days of the Carter I & II and the first dedications is gone…
    take some time off and come back later…

  • young
  • Really tho

    Firstly Lmfaoooooooo @ lil wayne trying to keep up with j cole on green ranger ..

    Secondly if he aint like the beat why he put it on his tape ?

    Thirdly that nicki verse wasnt half bad

  • real-talk

    Dope mixtape……..Fuck what yall talkin bout.

  • @SelectahSnipa

    Gave it a listen last night/this morning and I honestly give it a 3.5/5. The second started to get stale but I enjoyed the entertaining lyrics throughout the tape.

  • Casto

    I kinda lyk this mixtape

  • Casto

    And i think this is his best work sinz no ceilings

  • Bhane Bitch

    Lil wayne aint no god of mixtapes wtf he own got no original shit all his beats old what you mean

  • Meh.
    [VIDEO] Kendrick Lamar : The album, Dr Dre, Generation Y, Los Angeles riots and more


  • The Guy


  • Geez

    You know Wayne’s mixtape is nice when the Haters comment just on how much it sucks and they hate Wayne.
    Stop typing, Start liking, not hating, and get money.

    This is why the World is fucked up today. All the hate.
    STOP FUCKING UP THE WORLD HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B2B

    Been waiting on this 1!

  • True Time

    this mixtspe was kinda wack

  • Fred

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  • PEEP

    theres a hidden message in the lyrics. Weezy is coming out.

  • leaf


  • @p0is0nedkoola

    The mixtape is garbage and Wayne has none of his Young Bummy artists on there other than Nicki. Think on that! This is a time to showcase his peoples , bu t nope! Didn’t happen.

    I hope Gudda gudda saving his money. Lil Chukee and the rest of those clowns are in a lot of trouble.

    Think D-12, Lunatics etc

  • The Co-Signer

    Meanwhile, both Talib Kweli’s and Gunplays tapes shit on this….

    oddly enough Wayne is on the Kweli tape….

  • tyler
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