Odd Future At Made In America Festival

Odd Future was also on the bill yesterday at Hov’s Made In America concert. If you can keep up, here’s footage from their 40 minute set.


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  • da intro ?

  • PPrrootteesstt

    I’m glad that their buzz has fizzled.

  • brl


  • Triple OG

    ^ hahaha, believe me, it hasn’t.


    @PPrrootteesstt I’m glad your buzz has never fizzled

  • Cz

    If anything their buzz has grown…especially with earl back and people waiting to hear him on his own tracks.

  • Obama

    These kids are ass and yes their buzz is dead in the fucking water. Sorry to all the children that thought they were the next big thing. Just a bunch of hype for some industry dudes to cash in on. Done and done..

  • ohwee

    These niggas are just as wack live, like on their records

  • Daee

    B.Dot ol’ hoe ass was online dissin them on twitter yesterday during their performance,if you don’t fuck with em, don’t post them on your faggot ass blog. Oh wait, my bad its not your blog..its your boss’s blog.. so follow the protocol little nigga and shut up, before you yourself end up in the “YOU PLAYED YOURSELF” section.

  • Wolf

    Welcome back Mike G

  • floo

    im actually a pretty big fan of these guys, just give them till the end of the year and im sure everybody will know them. they might not like them but they’re gonna big pretty big just from doing there on thing and having there on record label.