Scarface & Nas “Hip Hop” At RTB

This shit’s special. During the final Rock The Bells stop at the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey this weekend, Nas brought out Scarface for their first live performance of DJ Khaled’s “Hip Hop”. They fucked Hip Hop.

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    One if not the best tracks released this year

  • wish i couldve seen this Performance

  • nycccccc

    best rap verse of nas for the year

  • Nas is so bad in concert though, he always forgets his lyrics or just doesnt say them all…..i dont know why……

  • terrible

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • GOAT

  • akismet-c86d2b8e69c349ac2f05d47c31abafd3

    RTB was pretty good. Day 2 was way superior (obviously). Nas put on a great show.. Scarface is soooo dope. Common was probably the best live performance next to Bone Thugs though.


  • Black Shady

    Nas forgetting his lyrics on stage…….nothing new lmao!!!!!!!!!

    but HIP HOP is one of the best songs this year no doubt

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ You trying having 100s of songs in your catalog, and REMEMBER every word of EVERY song. Must we forget; rappers are still human beings.

  • rahrahrah

    you realize you’re asking Nas to memorize novels of material right? And it’s not some catchy chorus verse crap, but troves of intricate rhymes and meters….

    This song is classic. Enough for me to put up with “DJ Khaled”.


    I’m a big nas fan but dat scarface verse…. dam

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  • young
  • Rfoster

    Yo this song is crazy but nas gotta start rehearsing a little bit. I understand forgetting a few lyrics from time to time but this is a normal occurrence. He’s still a vet and the vet’s shows are sooooo far superior to these dudes with thier vocals playing – Wayne Ross jeezy they shouldn’t even get paid for those. Those aren’t shows those are just appearences.

  • @Rfoster : co-sign !

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  • donnadeelish

    OMG. This performance was one of the best highlights of the entire festival. The crowd went abosolutely nutzo when face appeared. First time of my life, I got to see him perform mind playin tricks on me live (epic).

  • Curtis75Black

    I know niggas like Nas & all that but that performance was terrible !! That’s a serious verse and for you as a vet to forget those lyrics are ridiculous. He did the same with One Mic years back. having his boys ad-libing a song you should be able to wreck by yourself.