IFWT: B.Dot’s 10 Overlooked Songs (Pt. 2)

After seven long weeks, yours truly was back on Hot 97 for another round of songs that could make the grade on the FM dial.

When it was all said and done, I chose Vinny Cha$e’s song, “Urban Outfitters”. Check out my call and the rest of the list below. CHEER$, bitch.

1. Tito Lopez “The Blues”

2. Denzil Porter “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

3. Lupe Fiasco “Bitch Bad”

4. Vinny Cha$e “Urban Outfitters”* [Picked to play on air]

5. AG Da Coroner “Blow The City Up”

6. Troy Ave “Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang”

7. 360 “Drink & Celebrate”

8. Lore’l “Shut It Down”

9. ScHoolboy Q “There He Go”

10. Ace Hood “B.L.A.B.”

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    To be honest most of these songs are really bland & boring

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    & this vinny chase dude is an Asap Rocky knock off , I don’t see how you can call Azealia Banks who is at the very least original with her shit wack, but then cosign these copycats ?

  • strongisland


  • Scrilla

    Nope no Jeezy here…fuck is your problem

  • really23

    This nigga wack! He bitin off ASAP and them ASAP niggas is biters, but them ASAP could RAP. Somebody sayin this shit is radio ready???

  • T

    Not even half the songs on this list are decent…and you call DOOM wack B.Dot??

  • mikedavis

    Vinnie Chase been swagged out, ASAP aint get swag till he gotta deal. b4 that he was wearin white t’s drinking colt 45.

  • #Moremusiclessgossip.

    [VIDEO] Kendrick Lamar : The album, Dr Dre, Generation Y, Los Angeles riots and more http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/09/04/video-kendrick-lamar-interview

  • onit

    i swear listen to THE PLAZA and SURVIVAL OF THE SWAG and tell me that aint crazy, ROCKY is BROKE !!!! & 2008 GHETTO
    compared to VinnyCHa$E

  • pmoney

    WOOOOOOORD yooo them ASAP niggaz broke as fuck , stay seein them niggas on the 2 train

  • whodatnigga

    chase 1st nigga have mark jacobs in rap…
    tell rocky pull dat 1 off if he so on it ..Rocky beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen bitting this nigga since day 1

  • Jetlife

    Schoolboy q there he go is a no brainer

  • a thought

    B.Dot is a simp for that video. And for those claiming anyone being the first in anything all these niggas took their flow from pre-Hendrix Wiz Khalifa.

  • really23

    ^^^^ What is u talkin bout???^^^^

    Wiz bit off Curren$y

  • yeah

    …and hopefully all of these songs will stay overlooked. THIS SHIT IS ASS! I could never ride in a car where B.Dot controls the playlist.

  • Confused

    How can someone bite off of ASAP when he is a huge biter himself. Houston swag, bone thugs flow you kids needs to learn about hip hop before dick riding. ASAP just got some shine in the past few months so U think cats like Vinny here just decided to start rapping? ASAP influenced his career path so suddenly? lol

    Anyway video is cool, beat cool, rhymes is mediocre, I fuck with that Lupe track tho from the list. Very good song, fire video

  • fuck it diff. generation, diff taste..

  • lmao agree with the skateboard weezy comment, dudes like a walking circus act, i seen footage from a tour in europe and dude was literally skateboarding on a halfpipe on stage, while he’s not even a good skater, i dont understand how people continue to love and support the dude, but i must say the mixtape wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be, people’s complaints are all he’s rapping bout is drugs eating pussy, and bitches sucking dick, but forreal, what other shit has wayne really rapped bout besides those things, now he just adds a couple of skateboard references into the mix..

  • @ a though, you obviously were not thinking when you used that comment nd havent heard wiz’ old shit, welcome to pistolvania is a hilarious mixtape where u hear wiz tryna imitate dipset to the fullest, and act like a thug..

  • not a bad pick from flex, that vinny chase song aint bad at all..

  • and yall mufuckas saying “well asap rocky jocks the houston flow” STFU hip hop started in new york and we could change it up however we fucking please…

  • Ev4n Holt is the future. Eclectic sounds, ravishing production, plus impeccable penmanship I co sign heavy, & I don”t even know the kid. http://soundcloud.com/papdonna

  • zezzoi

    That Vinny Cha$e song blows. B.Dot you biased to your own area. SMH Nigga been in music too long to be a biased fool.

  • PEEP

    where is he gettin 4 dutches for like 3 or 4bux in nyc?????? that’s a steal!

  • Big Tee

    Denzil Porter’s RPS track is dope…ive been doing some research on this dude, he has a growing buzz in NY i’m really excited to see what this dude comes out with next!

  • Marvin Bernard

    Where’s Tony Yayo. His mixtapes are fire!!!

  • a thought

    @ Deez & Really23 TRUTH, I own Pistolvania and Prince of the City 1 and 2. Maybe I should’ve said Post Curren$y, Pre Hendrix Wiz hahaha. And @Deez is right about Rocky, it’s 2012 Rocky(AND OTHERS before you all start crying) have a flow that is an amalgamation of rap flows and styles from the inception of rap

  • Homie

    Lmao at “I like the Weezy transitioning to the Bloods vs Skateboard Weezy.”

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    why does b.dot like this type of music L0l?

  • Confused


    “and yall mufuckas saying “well asap rocky jocks the houston flow” STFU hip hop started in new york and we could change it up however we fucking please…”

    This makes no sense, copying a style from a totally different region is changing it up? Please explain ::enter Wonka meme here::

  • Nickey Negrito

    THAT SONG YOU PICKED IS WACK MY NIGGA……I don’t know about you so-called hip hop connoisseur’s

    Somebody bring Dead Prez back so i can hear some real shit

    Dude all hugged up on some foreign looking dude with a pink highwater suit like that’s the thing to do.