• jrose

    ab soul >> kendrick lamar …. this track is fucggin dope- give my heart too the people an turn my back on the government-ab-soul

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Dope shit!

  • Tristan

    Amazing!!!!! Its at a point that everytime i see anyone on TDE come out wit a song i gotta listen to it

  • Mrdope

    Damn, started of so well, the claps ruined this song… Annoying as fuck..

  • NuJew

    What’s this a (Nu)Kevin Rudolf song? Song is uber-TRASH

  • Fred

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  • deezle
  • PEEP

    not feelin the emo

  • tohottie26

    Fucking amazing is well… Fucking amazing, lol

  • Oz

    crazy solo verse