Lupe Fiasco Contemplates Retirement


After responding to Chief Keef‘s threat, Lupe tweeted that Food & Liquor 2 may be his last album. He then released an unfinished record of unknown origins entitled, “American Terrorist Pt. 2”.

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  • Joe Puff

    Thank god, this guy fell off, too political, no one give a fuk

  • YunG based god

    ^co sign. this dude got mad corny

  • Cruel Thing

    He still has Part 2, the collabo album with Pharrell and The Cooler. He can’t just leave

  • Zagga

    Going to channel my inner Mac Diesel for this….





  • Midsize Jerm

    The problem isn’t that he got too political, it’s that he couldn’t come up with a sonically appealing way to say it. I don’t think he ever really got to the place he was hyped up to get to, but he used to be pretty damn good, now he just makes whack records that always seem to fall short. We’ll do fine without him.

    He got some damn good points about Keef tho.

  • Someone with a brain

    You stupid niggas only want to hear ignorance. Lupe fell of and became too political? He talks about what’s really happening in the world–which is what hip hop is all about–and you would appreciate it if you all didn’t have your heads up your asses. What? You all still butt hurt bc he called your president a terrorist? He was pointing out that the terrorist threat was ultimate by American foreign policy, which is currently being carried out by Obama. Lupe speaks the truth…and yes, sometimes it comes off as preachy and obnoxious, but the message still has merit. Not to mention, dude can spit better than most “rappers” today.

  • King Kong

    If FNL 2 is wack or anything below great, then Lupe will forever be a bitch for retiring.

    Pharrell collab

    At least 3 more albums

  • Cruel Thing

    @Someone with a brain Co-sign

  • urrrr

    damn lupe…o well hip hop is not gettin any better anyway

  • Jay C

    Y’all is gay 4 real Lupe one of the best rappers ever and a punk a$$ chief keef gone cum wit som BS kiss my a$$ bruh

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Too political…wow. I forgot, we’re black. We supposed to two step daily as our communities crumble. “Now where did I put my blackface…oh there it is…next to my brain, right under my precious bad bitch”. SMH.

  • DreYoung

    Lupe retiring, Wayne dropped a wack Dedication mixtape, Chief Keef on the comeup, Hip Hop is losing so bad right now

  • Tokyo Tony

    If he retires…..I have no one to listen to any more…

    God bless you Lupe


  • Nick

    lamborghini angels and around my way were dope records, maybe not smash hits, but this guy is in the top tier of lyricists at the moment

  • People are actually happy Lupe is retiring? because he’s actually rapping and addressing real issues? wtf is going on?

  • Black Shady

    this nigga is an attention whore lmao. he wont quit….stop with the crying people

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    F*ck off Lupe. I’m tired of your sh*t

  • ICE

    Thank goodness this dude is trash

  • Outlet

    I feel you lupe, we can let them win your still hope for a lot of young kids out there

  • Loaded


    no one likes your hypocritical ass.

    You do a electro song with Trey Songz now your all of a sudden wisdom Lupe again. Fuck outta here!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Lupe Fiasco Contemplates Retirement………………..THEN look at his contract, only realize he owes the label two more albums. Rappers don’t retire they have CONTRACTS. The list goes Jay-z, Andre 3000, Scarface., etc.

  • M.T

    this is all just a publicity stunt for his next album…..He aint serious. Also Lupe always been political..but hes been touching on alot of social issues more these days and considering the title and theme of the album, i think its appropriate. LOL @ chief keefe. that nigga needs to sit his ass down trynna act tough on twitter.

    This song is pretty good. it should be a bonus track.

  • DMVinyourchick

    well we still have TDE and cole and we can and jay elect in the mix hopefully, niggaz trina compete with detox

  • How Wonderful…

    Its crazy how cats say they hate Lupe. Dudes say Lupe is trash because his music and content go way over your head. Lupe is far from trash….Its not even worth debating with half you cats who are probably like 14 to 16 years old. You youngsters are lost. If your mad cuz he will contradict himself as an artist fine, because____________ (place name of your favorie rapper here) does as well.

  • I hope chief keef dies, he does nothing for the world and contributes nothing to anyone who lives in it. Hes a fucking sloth.

  • KoldCase

    he not

    didnt he say that shit for his last album

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    I Lol’d when I read that chief keef tweet. That nigga reckless. Hahaha

    What was lupe response, probably some Gandhi shit


    Well…it looks as if Chief Keef’s twitter has been hacked so this seems to be a misunderstanding.


    Fuck Cheif Keef for real, if you like his music you might as well kill yo self. Lupe speaks on real shit

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Ugh, this type of stuff always happens to the rappers/entertainers we NEED in the game! smh!!

  • dunnydundun

    Wat was lupe’s response? lol he deleted it

  • Goldenboy

    Lupe isn’t leaving.. He’s just disgusted with the ignorance of hip hop just as Nas has been.. Chief Keef won’t even be around next yr.. The male version of Lil Mama


    bang bag

  • Y’know, I used to say The Game was the hip hop version of Chad Johnson. The type of nigga to ride a bull or play soccer just to get attention n shit. But the last couple years Lupe done got on his heels.

    Never mind the shit he said about Keef, cuz I co-sign 100%, but you retiring dog? Again? Didn’t you say this shit 300x before? This is the same nigga that basically spent the whole month of August just trying to say the most left field, inflammatory shit for a provocative reaction. And I dig Lupe, I keep saying it cause it’s true, I was a day 1 fan, for real. But this nigga just keeps on with the antics, just drop the album nigga, that’s all anybody wants to hear from you right now.

  • King

    Lupe is a great rapper but his situation is fucked up with Atlantic Records reason being Atlantic is known for selling popular pop singles rather than solid album of course minus some of T.I.’s albums….Lupe is trying to make conscious music which i think is being rejected by the label That’s the reason he’s been acting like a dunno what to call…Lupe needs to just concenterate on his music rather than pointing out someone and yes he’s become too political in the past couple of days….Lastly he should’ve signed with Def Jam

  • the void

    rappers never retire. i hope he does tho. lol but yo, who is afraid of little lupe? its funny that lupe and keef have the same hair style lol. r.i.p lupe.

  • the void

    lupe endorsed romney. no lie. peace.

  • tr

    He’s cried wolf many times…

  • the void

    lupes response – “peace god”.

  • CaliSteppin

    He won’t retire. I’m calling his bluff but instead of talking about lupe we should be fucking blasting chief keef! How the hell is he going to say that about lupe just cuz lupe spoke the TRUTH

  • Devante

    Drama queen

  • FTW

    Real Talk… Fuck Keef.

    This ignorant useless low self-esteem crack baby fuck Keef didn’t even comprehend what was said. Lupe was smart enough to know not to argue with a fool.

    When a conscious black man says he fears for the future of the black community, and you respond with some ignorant shit… you’ve officially fucked up. Fuck Keef, sellout ass nigga.

    Progressive educated black people have to let the slow ignorant blacks self-destruct; and that’s why Lupe wants to retire. That shit is going to be hard to watch but it’s happening and the people it’s happening to are so ravenous they don’t notice.

    How to Kill a Wolf – (Eskimo Style)


  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    What did lupe say First that made keef go off

  • das rapist

    that is not the same lupe fiasco i was a fan of in 05/06, when it was some futuristic Japanese skateboard bape underachiever who could rap his ass off type shit. who is this guy in the picture above with the shit-locks and dwayne wayne glasses???

  • MelRose

    all lupe said was the culture cheif keif promotes scares him because of the streets of chicago is violent

  • Lostprodigy

    Look you need rappers like Lupe to contrast rappers like Chief Keef so why all the shade kids calm down I for one hopes he reconsiders wouldn’t be his first time saying this…..Can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack

  • ECU

    There goes one of my favorite rappers.Hopefully he wont retire

  • PEEP

    is that a deftones sample or is it just lupe channelling??

  • Theloneus

    Ignorance abound in the comments section smh.

  • You know when you spend years and years trying to voice your valid and truthful opinions and all anybody can do is criticize your appearance, thus preventing them from any sort of deep understanding of the art being created? I can sympathize with Lupe, his shit has fell on deaf ears for too long. It is so much easier to promote ignorant hack-art garbage over art which actually takes a progressive stance. A lot of hate over a black screen.

  • that dude

    if you scroll down he said his twitter got hacked. what a tool. fucking douchebag. people blow major oppertunities fast.



  • Lethargic1

    Actually he wanted to retire earlier than this. He has a 3 album contractual obligation to Atlantic. He tried to bypass it with LupEND(3 album series released in a span of a few months at a time)but they weren’t having it. Keef was laughing at the death of a kid in Chicago and Lupe pretty much was disappointed in where this community is headed at and everyone making a joke of this kid dying. Keef said some bs and now he’s claiming that his twitter was “hacked”.

  • Fuck Swag

    All the Chief Keef stans came in hard to call Lupe garbage. LOL at yall opinions. Lupe is what we need in Hip-Hip. I mean who else addresses issues and real shit without having to mention his fucking money or how many bad bitches he gets in the same sentence. Dumb, ignorant niggers stay winning.


    yeah hes trying to make real music over wack shit.. fuck out of here yall are corny as fuck. Rather listen to wack faggots talking about shit youll never do like popping bottles shagging models… bunch of faggots.

  • Mills

    I guess the show doesn’t go on. Haha

  • Hip Hop has not been a game for or a game supported by intelligence. Look at the comments; for the past two years or more up to right now. Its not about intelligence, its about partying. Its meant to be a distraction. And white executives are making the most money off of it. But thats not important to you.

    Have fun doing what the execs tell you to do.

    Youll be old dead or in jail before you realize what you missed out on. Rap is all a game. Now everybody wants to live their life dedicated to being a rapper or being like a rapper…from like 10 years old on. Your mind is controlled, actually thinking this ignorant shit is how youre supposed to be. You make it easy for people who hate you to win the fight that they fixed for you to lose for generations.

    Let the ignorant justify their ignorance…

  • FTW

    Fuck Keef.

  • Kilt

    Thank you for all of the life lessons you taught me through lyrics.

  • thebullfrog24

    Theloneus says:
    Thursday, September 06 2012 at 1:35 AM EST

    Ignorance abound in the comments section smh.

    Lupe has made nothin but amazing music and its pretty sad to look at the ignorance….i hope its just a troll lol

  • hazz

    Public enemy’s first 3 albums are the epitome of what a dope political record should sound like.. There are plenty of political emcee that go ignored because they don’t know how to blend the two. Lupe don’t kick more knowledge than Immortal technique so don’t act like he’s the profit Nshyt y’all funny tho

  • hazz

    Kick Push Lupe >>>>> Dred Lupe

  • When The Last Time

    Lupe, we don’t want you to retire. We want you to fucking kill yourself.


  • mckloud

    i swear my ppl make me hate being black yall say so much bullshyt listen to all trash ass music when this man lupe shines light on real problems yall push a man down i swear yall niggas is like judas for real turn your back on the real talk of the world just to continue killing and fighting eachother and forgetting about the real enemies and problems at large fuk all yall uncle tom nigger slave ear ass niggas

  • ClarkR

    Lupe read the back cover of a book once and has considered himself a revolutionary intellect ever since…

  • zezzoi

    This AT Pt.2 record is heat, tho.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Remember he said his City was the best in the whole wide world smh…

  • King E

    Lupe Fiasco, is one of the best rappers lyrically and even though the majority or mainstream don’t want to hear it, Lupe has serious messages in his songs that make people think about underlying issues of black culture, government, religion, racism, and corrupt politics. And I know sometimes it can be tacked on a little heavy, but if Lupe doesn’t do it, who will? And yeah Lupe music did falter as a result of the Atlantic Records 360 deal, but Lupe still has more lyrical talent than most of the rappers out today.

    And Unlike most of the Rappers out now who rap, dance, and spew dumb shit just to get a little shine, Lupe actually cares about his people, I can’t really say that for too many artists today in the industry. #LostAGreatOne

  • True Time

    cosign @MelRose,

  • Rajon chrondo

    This niggas havin an identity crisis

  • damn, the homie can’t just walk away… but: if he gotta than, he gotta! the homie is my PERSONAL favorite amongst Nas & Em…. 2pac, Jay-z… Kanye West! Atmosphere…. Eyedea (R.I.P.), Dead Prez…. Jay Electronica, J. Cole.. K.Dot

  • RAD

    We have some ignorant ass haters here the man dedicated his music so we can see the bad in the world, live a good life, love one another, and so much more I can’t believe what I am reading on some of these.

  • pp

    oh please god retire… this is great news

  • Petro3

    Finally! I hope he takes Kid Cudi with him as well.

  • B

    @CruelThing , you’re such a fatass shut the fuck up fore I embarrass you

  • “Hip hop is dead.” -Nas

  • Biz’

    Lupe is to real for the rap game…. I see why he’s retiring!

  • anon32 <=== An old throwback unreleased Lupe Fiasco track nobody has probably heard back when he was making Gangsta Rap……Chief Keef can't do it anywhere like this, Lu knows that street shit he done been through it, but he wants to spread positivity …. this dude must be the most sucker free MC right now

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