• Andrew

    lol Rick Ross is there too.

    that performance was meh though. The sound was awful.
    I blame Jermaine.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Cowboys bout to get bust

  • dee

    lmfao at the gay dancers ctfu ross and meek actually rapped live not letting the play back do the work salute do that from here on out

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is a joke right? Hahaha.

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  • kayandgee

    good look for MMG

  • Kemosabi

    There ain’t anything G about the Giants. Cowboys got NFC locked

  • Joe Anderson

    Rick Ross made more money than 50 Cent this year. MMG bitch!

  • Brandon

    Who cares who got more money than who….Rick Ross my dog, but 50 made more over his tenure..so if you making money arguments Rick Ross himself would probably acknowledge 50..just saying!

  • suckit

    Mariah Carey thinks she’s the second coming of Christ. GTFOH bitch

  • Zagga


  • bcro28

    @joe anderson. 50 cent made 7.5 mil doing nothing. Overall 50 cent made 100mil total. No rozay on that list.

  • Joe Anderson

    Overall Curtis has more when it comes to ACTUAL wealth. This year though Rick Ross made more money, and this ACTUALITY is an irrefutable fact. So give credit where credit is due. Dammit even Wale made $5 million. Maybach Music’s winning.

  • Joe Anderson

    Girl 1: What is this?
    Girl 2: Maybach Music
    Girl 2: I like this Maybach Music
    All Together: Sweet
    MMMMMMMMMaybach Music