• PEEP


  • Yup !

    Lil Mouse >>>>>>>>> Big Sean

    Ha !

  • PEEP

    corny rapper tryna sound like other corny rappers.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Medicore Music! G.O.O.D.’s weak link! Why they ain’t give Cyhi his shine tho?

    Haven’t listened to the whole tape but that ‘100’ joint ain’t bad, the rest are just OK. How come he got J. Cole, Tyga, and Frenchie on the tape, Jeezy and Snoop tellin’ stories, and he don’t have a single verse from a G.O.O.D music labelmate? No Pusha, no Ye, no Cyhi, no Cudi. Kinda disappointing.


  • Hip-Hop Fiend


  • Kunta Kente

    @midsizejam Bcuz CyHi be fucking up beats

  • Groupie Luv


  • Brendon

    Kendrick and Royce killed Big Sean on his own track

  • yall

    he’s saving the GOOD music verses for his album

  • PEEP

    @brendon they killed dude’s whole tape.

  • stacksUP


  • Wow what a suprize … I just went from someone who never took Big Sean seriously to an aprover of him … before 2day i thort he was a wack overrated rapper (from what i had heard previously), but my views have been changed by this tape … i can without a doubt now say that he aint bad.

    You aint bad at all Sean.

    I aprove of this … good job … the 1st ever thing i’ll be downloading from you.

    Makes me kinda look forward to Cruel Summer now.

  • s

    that king chip joint is dope!

  • @tshiamofs

    24k of gold is damn near perfection. The beat, the hook and the verses!

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    So chip the ripper goes by king chip now? Since when

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    So what y’all saying is this is better than the dedication 4?

  • Scrilla

    Damn Jeezy is on ANOTHER mixtape

  • @Ten Macaroni Necklaces Every mixtape that dropped this week is way better than D4 lmao

  • Despite

    @Midsize Jerm : Common is on the G.O.O.D. label and he has a whole track with just him sooo….. he does have labelmates on the tape.

  • s

    common jeezy and snoop are just talking about their experience in Detroit . They dont have songs on the mixtape.

  • Cruel Thing

    I think it’s a shit load better than D4 hahaha. It’s a nice tape though

  • M.T

    the production on this mixtape was good. this mixtape was better than I thought. That Cole and Kendrick feature though>>>>>>
    Detroit> Finally famous

  • cool

    Pleasantly suprised at least it’s original music it’s wayy wayyy better than that piece of crap Wayne dropped.

  • Acapella

    All hail Detroit! We on nah!

  • Brown Shady

    Trash… it belongs in the garbage

  • Cruel Thing

    Goddamn that Mula track goes hard

  • villa

    fuck is this garbage lol nigga tried to play along drizzy j cole nd kendrick…fk outta here

  • Regular Guy

    Only 27 comments?
    Ain’t no one fucking with Big no more? The shyt is fire.

  • T

    this shit is amazing…big sean stepped his game up big time


    How you gonna dis the mixtape before you hear it.. smh fucking niggas these days listening to one song and shit. FUCK OUTTA HERE.

  • JJ

    Yo is this shit not working on anyone else’s itunes when they try to dl it?

  • Santa

    Some of the best song Sean has put out yet. Needs to stop singing though

  • young
  • nickyboy

    Mixtape is fire. Thank you BIG SEAN.

  • Ivy blue Hov

    Coley cole… nuff said

  • snow on that bluff

    real talk the tape not even bad yall niggas need to stop hating

  • Commenting Carl

    Detroit in this bitch… 6 mile niggas… Royce and Sean representing right for the city and Jeezy always gets love in the D it’s like a second home for him.

  • Rfoster


  • Word

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Dedication 4. And a great mixtape at the same time. Thought Big Sean fell off with some corny features here and there but this redeemed him.

  • ies


  • 7mile style

    If your gonna have a mixtape called Detroit have some Detroit artist on it! Nobody in the city listens to Big Sean anyway! Where’s Doughboyz Cashout, Where’s Team Eastside, Dusty Mcfly. Royce is industry so of course he’s going to be on the mixtape. Come to Detroit and find out nobody is listening to Big Sean!

  • VDUB

    Big Sean surprised a whole lot of folks with this mixtape, including me. His lyrics& delivery has improved. He’s learning from those GOOD labelmates.

  • HotandBotheredAstronaut


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