• Obama

    Oh yeah? So now we’re making “bath salts” cool and marketing that shit to kids? Man fuck you heartless, money hungry scumbags.. Rap has become a fucking cesspool… Making money for major corporations while sacrificing the humanity and future of our youth. And weak spirited people like these “entertainers” sell us all out for what? Some cool clothes? A nice comfortable crib? Some fucking shiny jewelry?! It’s a shame that these people are referred to as “artists”… What a sick joke…

  • flatbush zombieeeee asapppp mobbin!!

  • Genesis

    Lol…. At no point in the song/video did any of the artists advocate the use of “Bath Salt”….. It’s just the title of the song…. Pay attention….. If the youth is so impressionable that every bit of music has to be tailored to nurture their growth, then I’ll be the first to say that people need to stop having kids then! Hahahahaha…. Fuck them little fuckers if the parents won’t teach them how to discern entertainment/art from truth/actual life…… Now…… SHUTTHEFUCKUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

  • Prof X

    Genesis > Obama

  • Obama

    Thank you for helping me make my point.. Peace

  • AI

    lol look at these niggas who the f^ck will follow these lame ass niggas?

  • Paul Anaconda

    @Obama: You FAIL At Life

  • efdee

    i agree with Obama why glorify the name in the first place?

  • foreal?

    Are ya’ll serious lol? I’m not a big ASAP fan so I don’t care about defending them but ppl be reaching sometimes too much! Its prolly called bath salts because that shit makes you crazy and turns you in to a zombie and the song has the brooklyn zombies and its on some dark shit. Its not that deep, don’ let all that conspiracy shit get in over your head to where you over analyze shit, either enjoy it or don’t but if not don’t play the shit.

  • flo

    Obama is a bitch nigga

  • Livingprez

    Plus ASAP and Flatbush zombies got the good bath salts the kush of bath salts not that reggie that u been hearing on the news lmao!

  • castro

    flatbush zombies is straight caca. terrible…


    Should call this..”Night of the weak ass niggas”. Who in the fuck bumps this shit,honestly?

  • Lupe Fiasco

    Okay I quit….

  • Lupe Fiasco a hoe as nigga And when I see him I´ma hide behind my big friends with guns!!!
    Bang bang!!!

  • Chief Queef

    Yoyoyo my twitter got hacked I swear. Please don’t take away my gold chains!!