• Kobe

    He said. Doesn’t like that hook tho? But I guess the song is already out,

    But that nigga performed a song off his mixture he released days ago and he had the crowd rocking like its a top ten hit. Where’s Pusha T? Oh yeah he ain’t stepping on stage unless Kanye performing his song. Ha!

  • Barack Obama

    Lil Wayne Is The Best Rapper Alive…

    This Is Barack Obama And I Approve This Video….

    Ha !

  • PEEP

    2 Grades!!!

  • Yup !


    so true…. if it wasn’t for kanye there will be no pusha right now!!!!!!!

  • PEEP

    is weezy’s mic even on?

  • Kobe

    Mixtape* oh and that nigga 2 Chainz must be fun to watch live lol

  • WestCoast

    hiphop/rap ??!!
    lil gayne worst rapper of all time
    oh MTv !! Gay music tv

  • Obama

    Nice job lip-synching with your milli vanilli ass…

  • London

    Fuck! that’s horrible! what the fuck was that?some weird shit , definitely not hip hop

  • the real truth

    YMCMB is theeeee worst dressed clique in music…. to have all that money and to dress like that smh…. from Wayne, to Nicki, to Drake, to Tyga… to Birdman who is literally 50 and tries to pretend he they age…… smh

    btw the music stinks lol…. Drake they only hope smh

  • Jason

    Dumb asses Pusha is in Chicago performing right now!! Fuck YM! GOOD MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING!!!

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Weezy best rapper alive!!!!!

  • Black Shady

    2Chainz is living the dream haha. i aint mad at that. do ya thing…even tho ur a super average rapper

    and wayne with his skateboard lmaoooooooooo smh….

  • Turn Up

    Yall see that nigga 2 Chainz on the skateboard! LOL

  • mrdope

    Crackclown, the most overrated of all time…

  • HipHopCritic

    is Weezy’s mic on? It might be in the 2nd but def nit the 1st

  • AI

    check out validhiphop.com

  • Paul Anaconda

    Lil’ Wayne Is Riding That Odd Future Cock HARD As FUCK!!!!

  • caseyp

    just woke up tell me where the drugs at

  • M.T

    Yuck was a waste of a good beat. “No worries” had potential but its not that great of a single. Wayne and 2 chainz are both good performers though.

  • dll32

    [email protected] weezy .. what a joke

  • Anon DCPL

    Props to Titty Boi, he actually had a decent live performance. As far as that fag Wayne, he was lip synching like a r&b bitch.

  • lievan

    is weezy lipsinging his mic is not on

  • The_Man


  • Carvi

    They stage presence is crazy.

  • COLA

    Why are these clowns even alive!!

  • Doughboiii$

    Lol Lil Wayne a fool doe

  • das rapist

    lol cosign whoever said ymcmb is worst dressed, not only lil wayne but when the camera cuts to drake for a second wtf is he wearing fuckin moon blue blouse with the cleavage cut, sippin a cosmo or some shit

  • Loaded

    ^ worst dressed? wtf u a fashion designer? lmao

  • thursday
  • das rapist

    @ loaded
    well i sure aint the comment police, officer

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