• JustMyOpinion


  • Hes signing his life away to this nigga and he dont even know it

  • Midsize Jerm

    Last thing YMCMB needs to do is sign somebody else. Many claim “YMCMB Winning” based on Wayne, Nicki and Drake’s sales, but how do you think the hundred other scrubs who will never put an album out feel? Wasn’t that Bow Wow joint supposed to come out like 3 years ago? You think Gudda Gudda ever gonna drop an album, or even a charting single? Cory Gunz been dropping shit but you know nothing gonna come of that. And how bout that boy Lil Chuckee? Nah. Just remember how they did Curren$y.

    And I gotta say, as a white rapper, the last thing I wanna see come out of YMCMB is white rapper.

  • Mister 9

    I will flow that fool out anyday. Lol that´s the future of rap? ¨HipHop praying for this¨ Fuck outta here!

  • Word

    I think I speak for nearly the entire RR population when I say…..WHO??????

  • Hustle&Slow

    Introduces who? What about J. Millz and them? YMCMB roster is a joke.

  • poetic assasin

    ^ word. y do they keep signing people? work on those that u have already. twist, jae millz, short dawg, etc etc etc

  • Brought his mom through?

  • urrrr

    another jackass ,sign to a jackass label

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wasn’t Bow Wow just crying about not getting a release date for his album recently? At some point you cant blame Birdman anymore if your that stupid to signed with YMCMB thats on you.

  • Trillionaire

    Baby getting ready for tax time..bouta write these niggas off …his ass aint even paid my nigga Mannie Fresh.

  • Jack Bahlzak


  • Project

    Yall just some hatin jealous lames. Look his shit up and if you say you can do better than post your shit read your comments and let me know if you ever get a deal lol. Caskey stay up bruh congrats and much love for puttin Sanford, kpe, and the 407 on the map. Keep doing you homie.

  • the void

    haha i see signing white boys is a trend now. that cracker signed his life away.

  • Black Shady

    Funny thing is last night I was watching the Murda Mook/Jae Millz battle from back in the day….and there was a line Mook said about Millz not being shit or never gonna blow or somethin…..and 6-8 yrs later its still TRUE LOL

    and now Birdman doing more fuckery by signing this “Caskey” guy? WHO? sign ur life away nigga. owwwww

  • IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K FW is Approaching PLATINUM Status – Jeezy Where u At LMAO )


  • PEEP

    Fuck Sanford n all the other disney police departments. Come for vacation. Leave on probation. Fuck off!

  • PEEP

    “your family my family now” as he looks into his mother’s eyes. hahaha

  • 123

    probly paid for his ink as a signing bonus

  • Obama

    Tax write-off..

  • Brutally Honest

    @Black Shady I remember that Smack battle you’re talking about, that propelled Mook’s career. Funny how now Mook has gotten more coverage with the battling still and his situation with Ruff Ryders then Millz has with his three failed deals. Hence I said three 1) Wanna Blow/Warner Bros 2/Universal and now YMCMB. He just writing for them and collecting those publishing checks just like Short Dawg and Gudda Gudda are only there for the same thing

  • Brutally Honest

    @Co-Sign Zoom, #idiotsdonittothemselves

  • Dj1hunnit

    S/O to caskey orlando we in here..

  • that dude

    poor bastard. baby gonna blead the shit out of that and make bank like he always does.

  • real-talk

    Yo this white boy nice i been seein him on Worldstar…. Open you Ears!

  • onenutned

    never heard of him and now he just signed a deal into obscurity.

  • Weedhead

    wow so much hate.. why? somethin wrong with yall. maybe yo mamas aint show u no love growin up

  • RB

    Florida produce nothing but talent

  • HAQ

    how 2 sell your soul 2 soulless people who sold their soul

  • I been fuckin with Caskey since day 1. Hopefully it works out 🙂

  • Elijahh

    Regardless to how YMCMB handles their artists, dude is nice; Maybe he’ll be that ONE to actually blow.

  • Cool

    it dont matter if his album comes out or not – dude gonna get show money and a way to expand his brand. he got a sick flow and a tone that fits wit weezy and drizzy. plus that Words song shows his depth. congrats dude

  • tizy

    Yo say whaat you want but homeboy is nice kid can spit. This can change his families life. Good For you playa! You got a good Voice & flow just dont get lost in this game. Congrats!

  • TheVsLife

    This guy says the n-word. Yep and just like that, career over.

  • King Tesh

    His moms a MILF tho…she can def get it

  • EarthBrain

    what is the name of the second beat? im blanking out right now, help.

  • dat dude

    he already said the n-word in his song WORDS and now he has a deal. check him on youtube – caskey407. dude real in nice.

  • zahi

    if curren$y was still under baby he would be fighting for airplay wit dis mgk wannabe young ny rappers are making it(joey bada$$ a$ap) cory gunz is outta the picture ymcmb is FOS

  • Karla

    LMAO yall are a serious bunch of haters. Why aren’t yall signed to anyone or anything..?

  • Fly from the inside

    They signed him to a 3 record $ 500k deal so cash money don’t expect to push him like the other top tier artist they got. He got them good press. He’s out there flashing the cash money ‘way’ but they’ll get there use outta him pay him the 500k and a lil over some for the records and merchandise he pushed out. Then it’s see You later! He would have been better off some other way then signing with cash money.

  • barbara

    Everybody that got something about caskey being signed to cashmoney a bunch of haters u wish u were in his shoes who cares if he white he probably got more balls and game than all of u put together he actually doing something for himself and his family what u got going please u still living with your mothermother loser its easy to hate on someone that has what we want

  • THOMAS407

    I know Caskey personally and Am from WInter springs florida and was in the same gym with him! HE worked his ass off 247 and his pops past away it motivated ihm to work harder and harder.