• Thanks for STEALING THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW Frank….u killed it.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Frank Ocean “Thinking Bout You”
    No @ B. Dot he thinking about YOU

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ My bad, I had too. I never get to crack on you. Mac Diesel is always first.

  • M.T

    good song and good performace

  • M.T


  • PEEP


  • Black Shady


  • King Ant

    Killed it. Album is awesome

  • imTravi

    I thought it was cool. He sounded a lil nervous at first but it get better. It didn’t stand out tho

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga

    Frank Ocean, you’re dope live.

  • dll32

    fav performance

  • brl

    This kid is mad talented. His range is undeniable. With all the Chris Brown auto-tune over saturating the market, he is still a breath of fresh air.

  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    Frank Ocean is aLL HYPE. That was not a great or even good performance. Career’s can be made at the MTV awards and this guy dropped the ball and hard. He came across WEAK. LAME.

  • Bertie


  • he is 100% hype. People were talking like he was the new Marvin Gaye wwhen he began a career; his fans, and most hiphop fans and rappers are nothing but followers. Anyway, he’s not a great talent.

  • Lostprodigy

    This show sucked never thought I’d say this but the BET awards where wayyyy better and that’s never been the case half of the groups that preformed I had no idea who they were Kevin Hart wasn’t funny Nikki looked Cray, shout out to ASAP for squeezing Ri Ri ass you know that shit wasn’t planned. Alicia Keys song is ear pollution and lastly Wanye is offcailly the hip hop version of mike Jackson buddy reliving his lost childhood skateboarding I mean your a grown man ur daughter is almost ready to start getting piped (was that to far) ijs not yet of course but get on your grown man cut out that bullshit….can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack!! Okay maybe the daughter part was a little extreme.

  • Oz

    should have done crack rock crack rock

  • Isabel

    mmmm yes frank
    falsettos work on the ladiezzzzz