Nardwuar vs. E-40

While out in Vancouver, E-40 shared some memorable stories from the Bay as Nardwuar provided vintage goodies including a Mac Dre bobble head. They just out there tryna con funk shun.

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  • ask a fat nigga bout food and he smiles.

  • ^^^stfu nigga that’s a legend. Fat or not.

  • 123


  • djdoit

    one of the best to ever do it…indeed a legend. yall young bucks dont even knowhalf the shit you say this man made up! One Love to the rawest to doths thanghere you dig wat i say

  • emdee

    Not a legend? I don’t like any of his music, but give respect where it’s due, this man been in the game longer than your lifespan

  • HipHopCritic

    40 is a cool ass dude

  • 7mile style

    40 is legend end of story. 24 years still putting out hits!

  • Peekay

    Have never liked his music but he is a legend in the Bay. Seems like a great guy, just not my kind of music.

  • Belize