New Mixtape: Joey Bada$$ rejex

Take it away Mr. Bada$$. Download it here.

“1999 rejex” is a compilation of tracks that didn’t make it to my debut mixtape “1999” (obviously). I decided to put this project together because I have a lot of unreleased material that I didn’t want to keep from the ears of my fans and supporters. I also have a couple of tracks on here I did when I was 15 years old (“little rachel”, “indubitable”, and “silent knight”) and I want to show people the progress I’ve made in a couple of years. The remaining songs (“flowers pt. I”, “catharsis”, “panty raid”, “fantum” and “update”) are tracks I dropped prior to the release of ’99 as promo only. I look at “rejex” as my more experimental side compared to ’99. Putting together these two projects even taught me a lil sumchin about my evolution as an artist and individual. Watch me go from “Joey B4 DA $$” to the “Joey BA DA $$”…… If you know what eye mean.. Haha 

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  • Donn

    THE FUTURE NAS, can’t wait to click download

  • j.coal

    This boy is seriously talented


    let’s jus say if kendrick is pac joey would be big.

  • dopeness

    PRO ERA!!!!!!!

  • kayandgee

    this kid is nice with it, im gona support him