• Throne

    My niggas.

  • Midsize Jerm

    NOW THIS IS THAT SHIT! G.O.O.D. own the rest of the summer.


  • Aggie Pride

    2 me it’s just another song with weak/so so lyrics with a dope beat & a repetitive hook.

  • kpamma

    some niggas that you dont wanna try (my niggas)


    JAY-Z Cannot BE STOPPED.

    Fuck you assholes with your so called HIP HOP.


  • Midsize Jerm

    Big Sean gonna weigh this album down a lot though. Boring ass motherfucker says the same shit every song, and those repetitive ass hooks just don’t do it. Clique, clique, clique. We get it, try something a little more unique next time. Beat bangs, but I suggest skipping to 1:45.


  • sly c

    CRUEL BUMMER. This could have been much better! Not to mention Cold & I Don’t Like are on the album as well. SMH, let down of the summer.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Immediately skipped Big Sean wack ass. Jay had the ill flow. This track would be so much better without Sean.

    The beat is crazy. Overall track is dope.


  • blv

    1. New God Flow 2. Mercy 3. Clique

  • Count

    I guess this is pretty good. Doesn’t meet my expectations.

  • Mic Check

    wow this shit is garbage smh

  • Jocking drake

  • Mister 9

    Lol Shady/Aftermath winning in the long run! Let these fools get the quick cash while S/A takes it ALL the time

  • Santa

    This beat is ice cold

  • Mag

    I like Mercy and Cold. NGF and this is alright. IDLR is wack. Cruel Summer is gonna be a disappointment.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Kanye went in on this track. He had a long verse….i like what he said

    Jay murked it without even trying
    Big Sean is wack- Oh God!

  • London

    shit! this is trash smh

  • haaaaaaaaa

    lol jay kill n wane money on this to short you cant be talkn to me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Nickey Negrito

    I shouldn’t pay it no attention, but how is Shady winning?

    Good Music gonna kill the game minus Common and Big Sean bringing the tempo down.

    SlaughterHouse came and went. Time for something fresher.

  • Carlito W

    Damn I see people aint really feeling it as much as I am. It makes me wonder how the feel about the overall current state of hip hop if they truly think this is so-so. I admit I wish Sean wasn’t on it. They probably should of put Pusha T instead.

  • Nyc

    Whack ! Kanye verse doesn’t even fit the song lol

  • Trillionaire

    Kanye went in but….Jay shouldve stayed away from this wack song..it will be a forced hit. Sound like Big Sean’s idea..smh

  • rahrahrah

    I listened to that and then I had to listen to Ghostface Killah- Mighty Healthy to remind myself about what boom bap hip-hop is about.

    I can’t digest this shit. It’s putrid.


    I dig the beat. Thats about it.

  • FTW


    I declare war on this whack shit.


  • Doug Heffernan

    This nigga Big Sean got them kid bars…This song will be only heard once by me

    “My block behind like a driveway”

    *Facepalm* tired of these lil kid ass punchline by rappers smh.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jay-Z & Kanye did they thing. We need a solo album from you Jay in 2013.

  • Nickey Negrito

    I gotta comment again, fuck it. But dudes saying this is wack or trash is bugging. #1, the beat is crazy. Definitely something you can ride around and bump in the whip. #2, Jay spitting something good, not his best but way better than all that pussy, trukfit, suckdick, redbone crap from Wayne and #3, Ye spitting some real shit about his life, his mom, no suicidal intentions and sexy ass Kim. The only downfall is Big Sean and maybe a tighter hook, but still catchy never the less.

  • RedRocBoy

    Dope Song! Food & Liquor 2 9/25/12 G.O.O.D.

  • Unknown


  • Shit cool, you niggas expect a classic every song or something?

  • veesky

    Jay’s my dude and his verse is cool, similar to “3 Kings”, he’s on his braggadocio tip but I dig the flow and the subtle introspection but I think ‘Ye’s is the most captivating

  • rahrahrah

  • Nickey Negrito

    “I’ve been talking to God for so long/ now if you look at my life/ i guess he talking back.”~ Kanye

  • rahrahrah

    I feel sorry for you cats. You don’t get no nourishment from your main stream artists. Shits just disgusting. I’m not even calling out these artists alone. I just expect more from them because they are some elder statesmen, with the exception of big sean.

    And still. Damn Jay I get it you’re rich as fuck. And Ye, you’re a rebel. What the fuck! I understand though. Ya’ll gonna keep shoveling the shit as long as these ducks will swallow it up.

    I know I’m contributing to this being a top 5 post. Who cares.

    Nasty..nasty..no wonder there is a place in our culture for Ross and Keef. Just nasty, grown ass men acting like retarded children. Nasty.

  • Lahoom

    “I ain’t talkin Kelis”

    uh oh.

  • FTW

    …blame it on the pigment? really?

    …they’re not making music for the people …they’re a minstrel show for the elite ruling class.

    …tell them what they want to hear ass niggas

    Fuck that… shit’s straight trash…


  • Nickey Negrito

    @rahrahrah, Jay been doing that talk for years but let’s not act like Jay doesn’t reflect on real shit. Don’t forget Jay’s book….he definitely reflected on some real issues
    The Throne album, both Ye and Jay talked about some real shit on about 5 or 6 songs
    Don’t forget Jay was on DEAD PREZ album spitting some real shit and people like you called Dead Prez “sell outs.”

    Now that Ross and Keef crap is another subject. This is just a simple quick song and a simple quick verse from a veteran like Jay.

  • Keith

    Jay Z is my favorite rapper, and he went in on this, but, to be honest, I think Ye spazzed the most.

  • London

    @Nickey Negrito hop off .shit is trash.people can have different opinions you know? @rahrahrah – damn right!

  • Nickey Negrito

    @London, come on now, don’t start the insults. Keep it intelligent. He can like whatever my dude but don’t act like Jay doesn’t touch up on real subjects. He’s not Pac, Dead Prez, Nas, Lupe, Rakim ..etc
    He’s Jay and he’s been doing what he been doing since he started. HUSTLING!

    “I’m just a hustler described as a rapper/ in fact you can’t put this hustle inside of a rapper(wrapper)”~ JayZ

  • asaucy

    the beat is sick. and ye killed his verse. this is g.o.o.d! hating ass niggas that criticize the song are the same ones dickriding and bumping the song

  • bobbya

    you all hate on sean but i guarentee you all are part of his 700,000 downloads for his mixtape…lmao

  • Oh Dat’s your Gurl!?

    Lol, you know Nas was in the room counting his money and chuckled.

    Damn, hating on Big Sean?
    Last time i checked, he got everyone in G.O.O.D. saying “Swirve”

    not to mention #Detroit

  • Black Shady

    “Yeah am talking Ye’, yeah am talking Rih’, yeah I’m talking Bey, nigga I’m talking me”

    This nigga Hov always tryna shit on my nigga COLE! Fuck it #coleworld

    song is weak too.

  • TA

    Listen to big Sean’s mixtape and tell me he ain’t cold

  • Jay’s verse was the only highlight, everyone else was mehhhh.

  • Uhhh

    I hope Kanye’s next solo album sounds nothing like this recent shit. Like, wtf Kanye? You used to be an artist, now it’s a bunch of gimmick “let’s make a quick buck” music.

  • Tbones

    What a letdown, theses niggas aint even trying to spit that real anymore. Wack clique.

  • 123

    big stat point for big sean

    to bad their names are bigger then the track

  • Citylivin’

    it wasn’t all that hot shit…Jay part was alrite…….i swear some of y’all niggas could make a turtle walking cross the street seem exciting knowing it’s boring.

  • AfricaZK

    weak song
    kanye sucks

  • PEEP

    rap decline. I love it

  • Nickey Negrito

    I bet every person saying its wack or ok, will be bumping this. The beat alone is crazy. Its just a bumpable track. I dont think its meant to be taking serious. These dudes accomplished so much already. We seen the forbe….lol

  • M.T

    Big Sean was not needed in this song. Jay and Kanye did his thing. The hook is too repetitive. Track was weak overall.

  • Crackkillz

    Ya not fukin with my clique… http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • konshensThemc

    New Video “MissUnderstood” @Priest4prez ft. @KonshensTheMc & @UptownXO http://youtu.be/d5vscj-ggUg

  • areal1

    shit straight trash

  • areal1

    oh yea Jeezy said that 62 to 125 line already hov stop talkin that hustling shit your a 50 year old business man u sound ridiculous now

  • Drethewave

    Strategic move doppin this while ymcb took over the vmas..rocnation good vs cmymb…good fight..havent listened but by the comments its probably a slick verse from kanye..kool sean verse..ima wait to give my opinion on hovs print…”im sayin its different

    Yo homie..detriot is good..nd cole world is a problem..i fucked with dedication on some patry shit…

  • Cruel Thing

    Sick motherfucking track, Jay went in

  • 1. Jigga 2. Kanye 3. Big Sean

  • quese

    the whole good music fam should of been on dis it would of made perfect sense

  • bumpy johnson

    hov took this shit easilly kanye verse was long and boring

  • thursday
  • quese

    Ye killed it !my girl got famous over a home movie lol thats kinda a bad thing tho isent it??

  • DMVinyourchick

    @nickey nigrito I believe he was referring to TDE

  • CaliSteppin

    Cosign @ Black Shady
    Hov never acknowledges Cole. Cole wanted him on gods gift and jay played him. The song is straight I guess. Beat bangs but Seans part was wack. Jay easily had the best verse

  • H4ckatt4ck

    Take out big Sean and it’s dope

  • Bane

    LMAO someone said “Their names are bigger than the track”

  • buzz

    man this sound like some Gun smoke John Wayne type shit. in other words: this shit goes hard as fuck.

  • you know a song is wack when the artists dickrider start refering to it was a club/party song lol.
    dont look at the haters and classic hip hop fans for messure of a song … its the dickriders that give it away when they say “yoh this shit would bang but if at a club/party”.

    that shit always makes me larf … its like saying the NJ/Brooklyn Nets are not wack, they would kill it in the collage leagues, when in truth they a just a realy wack NBA team

  • Mr.November

    I think Cole should have been on this… It woulda made sense. Ye brings one, and Jay brings one.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    This is probably the laziest beat/verses from the G.O.O.D. album so far. Big Sean’s verse went through me like a lactose intolerant and Kanye just took a twitter rant and put it on a beat. A long verse about nothing we haven’t heard before. Gucci, my girl, my mom, god & so on. Jay’s verse was short and just didn’t really knock. Someone mentioned that Jeezy already used that “62>125” line and I’m pretty sure I heard it from other people.

    I am curious about that Kelis mention and the “your money too short you can’t be talking to me”. I know Too Short was on the “Boss” track with Kelis, but why mention her after Nas made a whole album about his divorce with her. Just asking
    I give this a 2/10
    Weak beat, same old stuff from the usual suspects. Not G.O.O.D at all

  • Moova

    Nickey keep ridin’ sweetie~

  • Uncut

    Ya’ll niggas trippin. Big Sean went the fuck in. How is his delivery or lines “trash”? Ya’ll niggas reaching, ya’ll just don’t like the nigga cause he don’t gangbang

  • Crew Love

    waiting for the remix!

  • Ya

    @Mr. November Jay Z did bring one! Cocaine 80’s (James Fauntleroy) at the beginning! Great song.

  • @ Black Shady

    Come on tho, J. Cole doesn’t even come close to that list. KANYE WEST, RIHANNA, BEYONCE and JAY Z are some of the most massively successful artists in the world, for a period of almost a decade for most of them. It’s not just Cole that’s missing from that list. There’s no Jay Elect, no Rita Ora, no Freeway… if the artist can’t sell out a stadium in the middle of fucking Russia in about 10 minutes flat, they don’t belong on that list. That’s the point.

  • Kali

    Dope,go listen to Chief Keef if u dont like this.

  • NYC

    What’s the difference between this and Chief Keef?

  • Kali


    He makes whack music and this song right here is far from garbage

  • NYC


    Nice analysis, Chief Keef.

  • is nice i luv it

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  • COLA

    My God Jigga .. Did you really have to hurt them like that!! After all this time .. this dude is still untouchable!!

  • COLA

    After all these years .. after all this time .. The Jigga man is still untouchable ..





  • brl

    Jay did his thing. Sean is terrible, imo. Kanye’s ego/antics lost me years ago. 5/10

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  • brl

    More like Big Yawn, am I right fellas?

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  • Nickey Negrito


  • Nickey Negrito

    All dem lames who were talking about Jay bragging and Ye ego, and not spitting something with substance. Well where you dudes at? Cuz Mistah F.A.B put out a dope ass track called ALL SLAVERY, and nigga, i’m the only person to comment and who took time to hear the powerful track.

    All these hypocrites talk that shit, but when somebody releases some jewels on their music, NO ONE CARES. Oh but let Jay say something about his money and every body with a hypocritical opinion is screaming “…that’s all Jay talk is money. He don’t spit no real shit like Nas.”




  • If you missed last nights live broadcast of The ILL Out Radio Show on 107.3 WKCR Online here is the stream & download. I spoke on Chris Lighty’s legacy, as well as Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef. Check out the show you wont be disappointed at all.

  • Truuf

    @ohdats our girl

    Yeah coming up with some dumbass catch phrase swerve what an accomplishment smh

  • Cz

    If only Sean would actually have substance, cause his flow is mean

  • Cz

    Fuckin kanye…your girl didn’t get famous for a “home movie”, she got famous cause she’s a dumb slut who sucked ray jays dick

  • That Guy

    I know Jay didn’t just mention Nas’ ex-wife in his rhyme. Every time i hear jay z i just hear “Ether” in the background, mothafucka you got ethered are you aware that Nas owns your soul? He owns Beyonce and your kid….really though.
    This song is garbage too, a huge budget and this is what you can muster? I’m with @rahrahrah, I need to listen to some real shit after this to undo damage. Kanye’s the only one that is tolerable.

  • How bout yall wait till the album drops before labeling how G.O.O.D. or bad it is

  • Nickey Negrito

    @That guy, when you go listen to some “real shit,” come back and post what you listened to, other wise you just talking like @rahrahrah, @London and who ever else. Mistah FAB has one called ALL SLAVERY. DeadPrez has one called HELL YEAH. Holla when u play yo “real shit.”

    Play Tupac’s WHITE MAN WORLD
    Lupe BAD BITCH
    Rakim GHETTO

    If u play some real like that, then we cool. Other wise let Jay do him.

    # notificationscometomycelllikeatext

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this sounds notihng like crew love, hov killed this tho

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    yea bro jay is asking for it mentioning kelis like that tho, watch out

  • Jay-z’s nothin but a drug dealer and that aint tight. The song sucks, like they make music for highschool kids.

  • wickedess

    almost as dope as this… http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • buzz

    fuck Kelis, Nas dont care about jay throwing shots at her ( if he actually did throw any shots), Nas & Jay are homies, they talk to each other, so if anything he prolly slick laughing.

  • das rapist

    anything less hyphy than niggas in paris is unacceptable. hit boy i blame you

  • thursday

    it wouldve been way better if they added this to it http://youtu.be/-1Dg9A-CDSQ

  • Youngyela

    Oh gawwwwwd!

  • The Guy


  • Kyle

    All of these comments are on some new shit people call this trash and then turn around and listen to Dedication 4 smh and someone even ha the balls to say “biting Drake” <—- YOUNG MONEY IS TRASH G.O.O.D. Music is the only thing keeping hip hop alive smh and all this Big Sean disrespect/fuckery needs to stop! It's getting out of hand how dumb people really are!

  • Kyle

    How can people disrespect this and turn around and bump Young Money smfh

  • JWhistles

    This isnt good. Before listening i thought alright Big Seans part wont be great but Hov/Ye will carry the song… wrong. The beat is mediocre at best and none of them said anything even remotely special that made me rewind and listen to it again.

    Whoever said you cant expect a classic everytime is right, but this song isnt better than a single track on Throne.

    Damn I forgot to mention how bad the “hook” is if you can even call it one. What people settle for as hip hop these days is a damn joke. Shit at least when Hov said Money, Cash, Hoes he knew people would say it was a bad hook, this the best Big Sean has.

  • Youngyela


  • Scoop


  • wow

    co sign Tbones . they dont spit like Silent Knight new single “OGRE” That real hip hop spit

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  • STPGeneral7

    First off the track has to be one ofe the cldest that I have heard in a while…It reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s vibe…kind of like that single Master Ace dropped back in the day. @Nickey Negrito I am glad that you are not one to let the watered down hip-hop that they feed us on the regular blind you of what true hip-hop is. This track delivers music you can ride around and vibe to and the word play delivered by all 3 of the artists fit their individual styles and energy. The topic of this peice was their Clique and that’s exactly what they elaberated on. We can’t take an artists creation and be mad that it’s not what we want it to be it’s meant for us to look at it from the point of view that they delivered it…Now get off their Clique!!!

  • HomeSkillet

    For me the song starts at 1:40

  • CJF

    once Ye started i kinda forgot sean and jay was even on it …

  • word2

    Deadass niggas hating on sean though he aint that bad man i actually feel his flow on this track and kanye and jay killed it but its just on point for me

  • Hip Hop Delegation

    The beat is ill. The end.

  • Nickey Negrito

    @StpGeneral, i’m not sure if you bigged me up and insulted me in the same paragraph. But if you did, thanks for recognizing my hip hop taste and i was never on their “clique.”

    @word2, i don’t like Sean but his verse may grow on me if i listen to the radio. But if i play this song, i’m skipping to Jay part…lol

  • HB

    ON SOME REAL SHIT, this kinda reminds me of the 2012 version of the song “Symphony”
    with Big sean = Masta Ace, Jay-Z = Kool G rap, Kanye = Big daddy kane. …Dont hate

  • Nickey Negrito

    @HB, i have to disagree. Comparing Big Sean to Ace is kind of like an insult, mattafact it is. Comparing Ye to Kane……wow my dude, disrespectful. Now Jay to Kool G would be a compliment but in all honesty, Kool is a beast and i don’t think Jay can see him. Although Jay is extremely successful in every way, but he can’t see Kool G.

    Another thing, there were 4 mc’s on that untouchable classic.

    I’m not degrading your opinion but i just can’t agree. I feel where you coming from though.

    This CLIQUE song has it’s place in Hip Hop but it’s on a very low level. It’s not capable of reaching “Classic” status. It’s a hot joint for 2012. It could have been classic if Jay verse was longer and more profound. If Sean probably would have talked thru the song here and there, and if Ye would have elaborated a little more on the “pigment” part.

  • HB

    @Nickey Negrito, I definitely agree with you , and see your points, this is NOT on that classic
    status with “Symphony” . i know this isnt in the same class or level as that song, BUT as far as
    the big names attached to this, plus the format/ arrangement, for some strange reason made me
    think of that song. Im not saying Sean is on Masta ace’s level, or Kanyes’ on Kane level, certainly
    not, but i do believe on a good day Hov is on Kool G level. but thats debatable, but noticed how i said “the 2012 version” think about where the state of Hip-hop was in 1989 compared to NOW –
    big difference, but I especially agree with everything you said in your last paragraph. Dead-on

    sidenote: notice how Kanyes verse is long just like Kanes verse was on Symphony

  • illaDeuce

    WHO SAID COLE WANTED JAY ON GOD’S GIFT. Get your shit straight he wante dhim on Mr. Nice Watch… and guess what… he got it. Mr. Nice Watch sounds like a post 09 jay beat with the dubstep influence so it made sense.



    I dunno wdf kanyes been talking bout, his flows been basic as fuck since MBDTF, and whatever the fuck hes talking bout is so basic. Like Old Kanye would talk about wanting to building hotels n shit like he does now but in a clever way, theres nothing clever bout current kanye. Mayonnaise coloured benz I push miracle whips, I guess I gotta thank GLC Cons Rhymesfest and whoever else was in the stu with Ye when he wrote them old lines.

  • Black Shady

    ^ sorry but the nigga who said Cole wanted Jay on GOD’S GIFT was right. learn ur history…

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  • Redbone

    @nickey nigrito I am like u every song u mentioned talks real sh#t. They r not doing it like that anymore but lupe still keeping it raw. J will never be like pac because he changes and never stay the same. Who is he now? He dont even know. He just got money they could find another who would stab his homies in the back. Cutthroat abd they all r falling off

  • Nickey Negrito

    @Redbone, I’m fucking with Loaded Lux right now because majority of the industry wack to me.

  • LadyMills

    Luuuuuuurve it!!!