New Music: Jean Grae “Kill Screen”

Inspired by the video game Donkey Kong, Jean Greasy crushes her competitors on the lead single from her next album, Gotham Down. Below she gives MTV Hive the scoop on the recording.

What’s the meaning behind the title “Kill Screen (aka Steve Wiebe)”?

I watched The King of Kong and thoroughly both respected and understood [Donkey Kong master] Steve Wiebe’s drive and passion. I like rooting for the underdog. I understand being the underdog.

You produced the song yourself. What sort of vibe were you going for?

Something eerie [and] sparse that allowed for a lot of room for wordplay; a lot of room to breathe on the track. I look at beats like a canvas: Sometimes you want a lush, full landscaped background, other times it deserves to be something more minimalistic. I wanted to paint on a minimal canvas.

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  • Jean is dope. All she needs to add is consistency

  • poetic assasin

    best song I’ve heard all yr

  • Evan

    that was fire

  • twitty

    this song is so fucking good

  • JmJ

    wow she fuckin killed it damn

  • 093949213994192921213894

    Jean Grae can sing too shes in my top 5 for female rapper

  • Dont play yourself

    Can she kill it? Yes she can!

  • Brutally Honest

    AMAZING Jean is and has always been a monstrosity on the M.I.C.

  • it was okay i guess i mean the lyrics was their can’t front on her but i don’t know about the beat.