Police Probe Chief Keef Tweets In Murder

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, police are looking into Chief Keef’s tweets as a possible connection to rapper Lil JoJo’s murder.

After JoJo was gunned down Tuesday evening, Keef tweeted “…#LMAO” but later claimed after threatening Lupe that his account was hacked.

So far, no arrests have been made, but police are investigating whether the shooting was gang related.

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  • Zagga

    this guy is an idiot, and is going to end up getting 75 yrs in prison, just like Max B. rap game will surely not miss him (or lupe, since most people thought on the other post all the lupe haters are chief keef fans)

  • Swag daddy

    They killed this kid Smh maybe it wasn’t them exactly but the team def killed him…

  • Midsize Jerm

    That’s a bad, bad look for Keef. Mad young, no album out, one and only one buzzin’ single, and he’s already getting caught in the worst kind of controversy. They say all press is good press, but this doesn’t bode well for a long career. No label is gonna want such a risk on their hands. If this is how son acts before he even got a chance to shine and soak up all that glory just think what would happen if he was an established artists with radio singles and top charting albums? Nothing good. Looks like he’s gonna get back-to-back YN Blackout posts.


  • Bury this nigga under the jail!

  • County Of Kings

    this is one nigga i wont feel no sympathy for when he gets gunned downed. i dont wanna hear his mama crying “thats my baby he was just a baby he never hurt nobody why god whyyyyy” fuck outta here. he said his moms used to blast beanie sigel in the crib when he was a baby and thought it was cute when he imitated it. she probably on 30yrs old.

    and where are yall illuminati niggas at? yall quick to say jayz and kanye and every other successful black person is working for the illuminati and trying to brain wash us black folks and fans.
    na fuck outta here
    this nigga chief keef is illuminati in full action. every dollar chief keef makes is the illuminati working hard.

  • CBH

    Senseless. When are we going to wake up? Whether Keef’s Twitter was hacked or not, his music certainly promotes this type of lifestyle. So young and so stupid. What I want to know is, when are we going to start holding these labels accountable? They promote and perpetuate this behavior and they know they do. Another kid…dead…and over what? Some gang nonsense? Social Tweets? This is ridiculous

  • Caliking

    He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.

  • Weedhead

    i guess he is a real street nigga (from what ive heard) but he damn sure is an idiot. but he is only 16 right?

    nigga need to chill and stop sniffin coke.. no nigga sniffin coke on the regular is a normal nigga

  • mike

    When Keeping it real go’s wrong

  • they better lock that nigga up already!

  • Post no billz

    yeah.. its sad when complex magazine is doing a better job than the police..

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Still kinda feel bad for dude even though he was provoking them. I’m guessing he thought it was a game. I also read a tweet saying something like tell his mom not to bury hm yet, his twin bro will be joining him before the week is out. These dudes are savages.

    No wonder Chicago has such a high murder rate. They had enough guns for a small army in that Youtube video that kid was in. It’s sad because it’s only gonna get worse.

  • HAQ

    bye bye, dumb ass nigga.

  • Sc_R

    @county of kings ..so mobb deep and countless other rapper ain’t made songs about killing or shooting niggas.. Big PAC Jay.. But u have no sympathy if he was killed.. Kill yourself

  • Mischief

    Keef’s twitter was hacked later in the day. He tweeted this shit yesterday morning.

  • CabriniGreeny

    Sad & senseless. This incident is a reflection of the dire situation of what’s going on in the city right now. There is a lack of direction, order, and purpose with a great number of the youth. I beg the parents to please guide, protect, and educate your children. Also, I hope that everyone would value life. We are all we got…

  • @Artise1

    50 told Keef to get at him while he was in New York. Maybe he can talk some sense into young cuz. But it’s a new generation of n*ggas in the Chi. Cold blooded dudes.

  • dicklovahrida

    bitch niggas who claim they twitter accounts was hacked thats the shit i dont like

  • Word

    Chief Keef is the dumbest nigga in the industry right now. Dude will end up dead or in jail within a couple years. Sad but true.

  • CaliSteppin

    This dude is a fucking moron hope he gets thrown in jail and rots there. I doubt he did it but someone from his crew most likely did

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Anytime this PUNK kid name is brought up its always connected to something Negative. Im scared for today’s youth.

  • King E

    Chi-town is definitely in a state of emergency and with no direction to guide the youth in anything productive or positive, the killing and the gang culture lifestyle will continue, I know these Kids are trying to make a name for themselves through the music by using the only thing they know: the rough gang streets of Chicago, but that ain’t the way man.

  • qbeezy

    cheif queef is just another poor example of uneducated misguided youth,, plus folks are saying he is also a crack baby

  • County Of Kings


    i know most rap niggas talk bout killing and drugs, but if u listen to them its not all they talk about. there is a message sometimes, they do talk reading, education, or atleast some street smarts in the music. not a whole lot but if u listened to them and listen to chief keef u would see the difference.
    this nigga whole mantra is ignorance by any means necessary. he is famous for shooting at police, at 16 so there is no reason for him to ever smarten up any more cuz he think he got the game figured out already. act ignorant kill your own get money.
    dont compare this nigga to mobb deep please, he makes them look like mlk and thats a stretch multiplied by a billion. i get wat u sayin but listen to keef music it paints the picture of what i imagine hell to look like

  • Real Talk.

    When Lupe complains you dumb mf’s get mad. This is very sad. They’re so young smfh

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis…Man I feel you. I know every adult generation looks at their youth and says that. But this generation is a whole different caliber of “wild” bro. I worries me that they literally don’t live based on consequences at all. But, what gets me more than that is that they will be parents soon…

  • Black Shady

    We all know how its gonna end. I mean no snitching, but every thing bout this story is well documented on the net.

    Bye Bye Chief Keef. they will definitely link u to this shit. #LMAO smh

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    You wanna know wats really sad is that there are thousands of Chief Keef’s in Chicago. They got a gun store and liquor store on EVERY street. I live a half hour from Chicago and even I got to admit its a shit hole of a city. They got kids living in vacant houses, there is project after project, and one of the worst public school systems ever. You would think kids would look up to Kanye, Lupe, Common or even Derrick Rose? But NO they look up to Chief Keef.

  • Kanye Shrug

    @Hip-Hop Fiend you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Tell me exactly where you’ve seen a “gun store”. Chicago is not unlike any other major city. If you really paid attention and knew the city, you would know that all of this wild shit going on is in about three concentrated areas that aren’t close to downtown at all. Do your research man.

  • Kanye Shrug

    And these “projects” you’re referring to are all but gone homie. Don’t talk about what you don’t know.

  • lol you wouldn’t believe what @officiallychiefkeef said to me on youtube, on lil jojo 3 huunak video, when i seen him writing all types of shit on the diss song page, im wrote “anyone who dissing the dead is a bitch” , his reply im not even going to mention, but its crazy i continued to say how do you live with yourself and it really is ridiculous how yall act, act like gentlemen, and do what you do, but do it fuckin smart, smh it was crazy to me and now he getting investigated cuz of his wreckless tweeting..

  • Officer Ricky

    The police need to go check Chief Keef’s nigga Lil’ Reese twitter page all ther is ALL the answers to Lil’ JoJo’s murder

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @KanyeShrug Yea they knocked down the Cabrini Green projects a while back like that would do something. You don’t think its sad that Chicago had to get Newark police superindent and bring him to Chicago to clean up a city that is obvious lost its idenity in viloence and a failing school system.

  • the G.O.D


    This idiot = Prime example to wear a condom.


  • moreffa

    good one less nigga

  • OvO T.Dot

    Man fuck Chief Keef and Chicago. The media making that city looking like them niggas hard and shit. I went to Chicago to see Drake at the H.O.B in 2009, and some nigga started a fight and my nigga Drizzy didn’t even look shook. Fuck Chicago!

  • Whowantwhat

    These comments kill me..lol niggas don’t know shit but talk like they do. As usual convicting niggas already!

  • Sc_R

    @county of kings this where they come from what they were raised on this is the result of beanie sigel 50 Gucci all that shit and he ain’t shoot at no fuckin police but he is the reflection of Chicago not the influence niggas ain’t just start gangbangin n killin each other murder rate same as it was last year and has been now he’s a face for it to place blame on if anything he made these Lil dudes put pistols down and pick up rappin than vice versa regardless of what he rap about. Everybody say they want that real shit til it gets real

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    Niggaz come on these blogs and disrespect each other all day and praise the violent music, now a nigga dies as a result of the lifestyle the music reflects and niggaz turn into church goers. Gtfoh.

    Lil nigga posin wit hammers u know how the story ends


  • Goonz On Deck

    @hiphopfiend You pretty much described Detroit. Fuck Chi-Town its more like pussy town trust me. They got nothin but little fake ass niggas claming Vice Lord and GD and none of them even know those gangs even stand for smh… You talk about a real gully city come to the D!

  • JoJo Simmons

    Diggy >>>> Chief Keef

  • True Time

    Sad cause all these dudes mad young and acting real reckless but at the same time the older dudes in Rap right now and the people in charge keep encourging reckless raps and offer no balance to the game

  • How Wonderful…

    Homeboy in the pic holding the guns looks like a 13 year old….Shit is getting worse by the minute.

  • Evan

    16 year old fake ass gangsta, THAT’S THAT SHIT I DON’T LIKE

    seriously though, between the interview at the shooting range, the Swizzz jab, the Lupe jab and now this? Interscope needs to keep this kid under control, its way out of hand. He’s 16, this has gone too far.

  • sigh

    smgdh goddamitt the klan keeps on winning man seriously and how cats shit on Lupe when the whole time he been tryna bring positivity and you wonder why I swear man pretty soon they gonna start martial law in the hood “for our own good” then what you think it can’t happen? Watch man just watch

  • sigh

    oh yeah and 2 Keef you know there is such a thing where sites where you log in know where you logging in from so claiming you were “hacked” can get cleared up immediately smh then again nikkas are 2 stupid to think about that

  • J. Cole

    Its shit like this that makes me wish Drake was the hardest nigga in the game lmao…


    hope this stupid nigga Keef goes to jail, this is the bullshit these labels feed off of

  • Evan

    The thing is, Keef actually thinks hes a rap prodigy, he doesn’t understand his fame stems from a persistent culture, not from his music being any good. How many people out there think that Keef is a dymano emcee? Ima guess none, they just like that he raps about cookin crack and shooting cops, but that’s been done, and done better.

  • Brutally Honest

    @Commentator hit the nail on the coffin , Kiss Cheef Keef & Lil Reese’s career & lives goodbye …. & good ridance

  • King Louie

    Chief Keef was just announced as a pre-show performer at tonight’s VMAs smh…

  • @ hip hop fiend there are no gun stores in the city of Chicago they all in the suburbs, there is no liqour store on every corner either and what projects they long gone fella. And kids live in vacant house in any city in the U.S. and far as the school sysytem the CPS isnt bad at all Inglewood Prep, Gwendolyn Brooks, Walter Payton, Whitney Young (Michael Jordan Kids School), Gary Comer, Perspectives. Like Kanye Shrug said ” Don’t talk about what you don’t know.”

  • gtfo


  • Wow

    I doubt he or his crew killed jojo.

    Jojo made a song named 3hunna K, dissing the ENTIRE Black Disciples.

    That gang is the biggest in Chi town.

    That means there is 100,000 possible suspects.
    Jojo did not do himself a favor by yelling BDK and tossing all those guns everywhere.

    Rest in peace. this monkey shit needs to stop already

  • Paul Anaconda

    And People Were Worried About OFWGKTA.

  • Lil’ Reese

    There are no gun stores in Chicago. Chicago is a great place to grow up. Are murder rate is not accurate. No one sells drugs and all are gangs get along. We are not influenced by hip-hop music. No one in Chicago rather play basketball then go to class. We are not ratchet! We are not ratchet! We are not ratchet!

  • 74×74

    No chance in hell. Treated with cruelty, these Impulsive and misguided youth are given guns to provide entertainment for the masses. The captors have made it so their captives refuse to leave their cages. It’s a trap. Genius.


  • jam b

    go going dumbass

  • LP Marley

    How do y’all know he actually did it ? You fucks love controversy don’t you ? What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty” huh ? But back to this topic though, if he did happen to do it then he’ll get what he deserves and everybody will laugh and confirm all the things they’ve been fed by perceptions and the media. I personally don’t like his music but it bothers me when people wish bad on others. Our strongest power is belief and beliefs can manifest. You guys are manifesting the wrong stuff man, go out and fight the government for making our lives a living hell and putting a price on priceless lives.

  • tk24

    get off chief keef dick..he a real street nigga that just happens to rap unlike these fake ass rappers where its the other way around ..any REAL street niggas would somewhat be acting the same..so dont crticize his decisions..its just where he comes from.. and that detroit post is fuckin retarded..chicago is the gangbangin capitol these niggas live this shit forreal


    weak,one hit,cant stay on beat,95lb niggas..thats the shit I dont like


    and chief keef got a baby moms , who the fuck would let this nigga impregnate them?, OH, some young girl who knew he was about to get a record deal so she found her meal ticket. FTW

  • Itz Yourz

    Smh. This shit has got to stop. This youngin is in a pick with two guns…with extended clips. He anit gone use it on no one but himself. Someone that look like him…or they gone use it on him. Which they did. Guidance is key. And if the only niggas around them are older niggas doing the same thing it just a vicious cycle that is not going to stop. Chicago is murder capital. And will remain like that until real men step up and take back there community from the misguided and ignorant motherfuckers. Fuck cops cleaning up your streets. Police yourselves or die trying. They will respect you more than the cops coming at them with the knock this shit off shit. Would say rest in peace but can’t rest in it if you wasn’t living in it. A tormented soul is an eternity lil nigga.

  • bloggers like to say they have all the power over these rappers careers, yet you guys promote the same music that is influencing this kind of thinking. you guys are the tastemakers and voices of hip hop. why dont you boycot new his music until he denounces the violence. or are you guys going to just post R.I.P Cheif Keef when he’s killed or “You played yourself” when he’s locked behind bars.. then its on to the next young buzz rapper, right. thats what that blog shot be bout? RR, thats the shit i dont like..

  • anon

    I agree with the person who said the record labels should be held accountable.

  • LDN12

    Twitter gassin niggas up smh

  • Stan

    Boy’s too young to be doing all that “gangsta” stuff. He can’t shut up and he ain’t too smart

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  • cmoney

    fuck yall niggas keef is dope quit hatin n dat nigga

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  • Idiots

    @deez that’s not the official chief keef youtube you idiot…

  • ku-klux-klan

    Mother fuckers fake y’all need to learn the real rap kings this chief nigger isn’t shit his lyrics don’t make since