Nicki Minaj Re-Releasing Roman Reloaded

Before last night’s VMAs, Nicki announced to E! she will re-release Roman Reloaded, titled The Re-Up in November. The re-packaged LP will contain new music with the first single premiering next week.


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  • Weedhead

    what is he asking in the last question? fuckers are screamin and shit cant hear anything

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great ! More salt in the wounds.

  • Stunna

    Talk about MILKING it to death..its over for her in hip hop

  • sigh

    did it even go gold?

  • Man, so this is like the third release now of this garbage?

  • Vintage Soul

    He asked her is she was gonna judge American Idol

    The VMAs were basically the Young Money Awards last night…it’s crazy how long Cash Money has been a dominate force in rap…in ’98 them and Ruff Ryders were both at the top, now where’s the RR?

  • Vintage Soul

    And yeah the album went gold, it’s at like 650K and still the highest selling rap album of the year by far…and still producing hit singles, the re-release during the holiday rush will probably push her to platinum

  • Lantern Core

    @Vintage Soul

    Just did a wiki search and it’s already certified Platinum
    *Kanye Shrug*

  • Collar Cali

    @Vintage Soul
    supposedly she already went platinum…
    She’s releasing new stuff so we’ll see…


    She’s doing a Katy Perry

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  • Peekay

    jesus H! You really can’t just add these new songs to a new album? FOH.

  • It’s not a rap album, that’s funny as hell…shit that she puts out is r&b, pop music..with some rap verses, damn everyone raps these days..doesn’t make it hip hop or even rap..its more singing and shit than anything… I swear some songs are 90% hook. Ah well, could be worse I guess.

  • Hui Lu Kim

    “How to fix a flop”- release the album with 3 new song then add the sales of re-release to previous and tally it up “My album “title” sold” umph amount of record. “

  • Hui Lu Kim

    Oh yeah, don’t be fooled about the certified platinum comment. Chic hit gold and that’s it.


    according to RIAA it’s platinum. all the labels care about.
    ya’ll can keep arguing

  • The_Man

    This chick is so annoying and isn’t hip hop JB raps is he hip hop

  • Fuck Swag

    Who the fuck is this clown here?!

  • @Artise1

    The Cop is rapping, Barbie is trapping, The Negro-Jew is Platinum and somebody Grandpa got 2 Chains that’s platinum.
    The Chi is dying, Swift is rhyme n’ GOT rap Gods crying..
    No more KRS, Pac or Rakim the God, everything is so fake, Its so Hard (Pun Intended) Give me Nas, Give me 50 and Jay,. Give me Face, Boosie and Murder Mase.. Give me Rass Kass, Kurupt and Daz,..Give me Murder and Max B to put a hole in yo ass..

  • picky

    She’s REreleasing roman REloaded and REnaming it the REup …yeaaa she a REtard

  • Hui Lu Kim

    YMCMB_#1STUNNA says:
    Friday, September 07 2012 at 11:39 AM EST
    according to RIAA it’s platinum. all the labels care about.
    ya’ll can keep arguing

    Nah, labels care about profits. 1 million records shipped out tot stores don’t makes label happy. They’re gay when they SELL copies of records. She sold 500k of records to date, not 1 million.

    Correction is not argument. However, logically, argument must be made to correct deceit and foolishness.

  • qbeezy

    putting more starships on a garbage cd and re releasing it?? bad strategy you have sold all you gonna sell just accept that the gimmick is over

  • Lostprodigy

    As long as you Brabs and Kens keep buying into this bull she’ll keep reloading that clip I recall when Master P was popping and kept dropping that bullshit until the consumers got fed up. ..Can’t respect that your whole perspective is WaCK!!

  • Santa


    I’m nominating that comment for Top Rap Blog Comment 2012

  • zezzoi

    Em’s The Re Up > this shit.

  • phillyway

    They shipped a million copies anticipating platinum sales but she stuck at 650 copies sold actually, so now its bein re-released in hopes those album sale.. #fact

  • Popintl718

    I think this has been planned from the jump, on HOV Lane she did say … When I Re-up on Reloaded I’m a hurt them bad…