Common LUV Trailer

After making its debut at Sundance Festival, Uncle Lonnie’s next flick, LUV is set to hit theaters on November 9 and here’s the official trailer. Peep a scene from the film here.

An orphaned 11-year-old boy is forced to face the unpleasant truth about his beloved uncle during one harrowing day in the streets of Baltimore.


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  • poetic assasin

    looks promising- the lady and I will have to check this one out.

  • p.tone


  • yaysayer

    I was all in, until i saw megan good. cute girl, but unimpressive on the screen to me.

  • i luv sundance movies… this one will be what “FRESH” was! just a good as flick to behold & capture!

    keep it going common

  • tbd1983

    [email protected] on the “Fresh” comparison that this movie gives. Common really is stepping his acting skills up.

  • YunG based god

    i’ll watch this movie just to see meagan good’s fine ass

  • Shit looks official, like a backwards ass Training Day-type of thing, but Common one of the few dudes from music who can actually act.

  • Real Deal

    Wow this movie looks excellent from the trailer. I’m going to see it when it comes out

  • CruelSummer

    Com might get an award for this one. Looks like a great film.

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