MTV 2 Presents Hood State Of The Union

Sometimes, half an hour isn’t long enough for Charlamagne Tha God and Lil Duval’s commentary on MTV2’s Guy Code. Enter Hood State Of The Union, where the co-hosts will give their thoughts on music, sports and entertainment. Check out the first episode where they discuss the Yeezy 2’s vs. Air Jordans. MJ all day!

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    CTG >>>>>>>>>

  • Real Talk.

    This shit used to be on wshh/youtube back in the day as just regular webisodes, they managed to get a deal for it to be broadcast on tv, that’s dope.

    Oh and the Yeezy’s can never jump over the jumpman, they’re mad clean though I ain’t gonna lie.

  • do you him her what ever lol

  • this is wack

    the webiodes back in day was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    If Melanie Iglesias or April Rose melons aren’t on there, ain’t no reason to watch this!

  • dds

    First off MTV has got to be kidding me. They got Charlamagne Tha God to do a episode discussing SNEAKERS, he’s one of the cornballs who has all of a sudden jumped on the “sneaker trend”, guy doesnt know anything about sneakers. I mean just compare his outfits from a couple of years ago to that of current, clearly just jumping on the trend, his lightskinned cohost (dont know her name) even said it about him when MMG did the self made 2 promo

  • dds

    OH and i forgot to add that this ish is also TERRIBLE

  • dds

    Biggest Sneaker trend dickriders/trendjumpers: RIHANNA, GAME, Charlamagne Tha God