Lil Wayne Performs At Beats By Dre Party

With Weezy’s own line of headphones dropping in October, Beats By Dre hosted an event with his performance at L.A.’s Playhouse after last week’s VMAs. “No Worries” up top then “Pop That” below.


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  • Boom

    When is that nigga Boo gonna step out of the b/g being just a member of ‘the crew?’ He went from Rockland w/ Kellz to being a Cash Money artist. Now…he carries Wayne’s bags. He can really rap tho. Chi-Town beast. Where’s his partna Gotti at????

  • a thought

    This nigga rap like Danny Brown…just wait for it

  • Devante

    Wait you have your own headphones line coming out but your doing Beats By Dre promo shows….?!?

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  • mr.lino

    His own line through beats dummy…..

  • Obama

    I thought it was awkward as fuck that his “dudes” on stage couldn’t keep their hands off Wayne… Until one of them actually acted out the girls part in the song.. Ohhhhh I get it now…

  • Black Shady

    @Devante ; his headphones are BEATS BY DRE stupid lmao…he just has his own line…

    bunch of weirdos on stage. fuck that noise

  • Scrilla

    Beat rapper alive

    Watch he’s #1 on hip hop Forbes list next year, Trukfit is selling like shit Macy’s

  • real-talk

    This nigga was rockin the fuck out lmao

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