Mister Cee “Best Of Tuesdays” Bad Boy

Mister Cee premiered his new weekly mix series during today’s Throwback at Noon on Hot 97 and kicked things off with an hour of classics from Puff Daddy and the family. Download here.


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  • Loaded

    Mister Cee likes to fuck trannies

    that is all…..


    i havent listened to this mis but already think iam gona enjoy this!

  • Lovely

    That sh*t was hot.. I wanted to dance at my desk with songs i havent heard in a minute.

    Hot 97 everyday that my WORD! Mister Cee did his thing!

  • acidrap

    This dude fucks trannies.Why should anyone care what music he likes?

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Too many classics @acidrap why are you so worried about who or what another man fucks in his private life ?? yet Mr Cee is the gay one right ? smh

  • It amazes me how so many people hate Puff and fail to realize you wouldn’t have heard none of this shit if it wasn’t for him. Fuck all that contract shit, niggas is grown, you sign something that’s gon rape you, that’s on you. But musically, this nigga always had an ear for that hot shit