New Music: MellowHype “Decoy”

In preparation of their album Numbers on October 9, the Odd Future duo will be releasing new music by the daily for the next 7 days and kicks things off this evening. Get hype, it’s MellowHypeWeek!

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    The consistently drop B-/C+ records. Never better, sometimes worse. But always B-/C+


    *But mostly B-/C+

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Odd Future fell the fuck off

  • Cz

    Never really felt mellow hype too much. Beats are fuckin stupid. Hodgy is a beast at rhymin but he doesnt make sense 75% of the time. Left Brain just a goon.

  • Brick


  • Swag

    hodgy does got a cold ass flow

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  • wizsucks

    Hodgy Beats is ass