• Devante

    Really Banks? This isn’t even from your recent mixtapes….

  • shaedaghost

    Relax gz of course he got more videos comin from cc2 v6 b4 he put out his gangata grills joint

  • Black Shady

    SMH….its not even like hes releasing it…..that shit is from a PRODIGY CONCERT!

    Banks needs to step his game up for real. you cannot just drop a mixtape and DISAPPEAR


    Banks acting like a 40 year old rapper, this shouldn’t even have 3 comments on here. careless rappers these days

  • real pap

    smfh I agree with @blackshady!

    I been saying the same shit bout his grind since bank’s “5 n better series”….he need to link up with Waka’s mom!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Banks career is in the bottom of the ninth inning. Prodigy is a bitch for life for dry snitching

  • byrd

    banks still hard as fuck doe.

  • at least the music dont suck ….