No Malice On Lord Willin’ 10 Years Later

A decade (and four months) ago, an unknown Virgina rap duo called The Clipse shook the game up with their debut album, Lord Willin’. Powered by their groundbreaking single “Grindin”, the LP produced The Thronton Brothers a platinum plaque and planted VA’s hip-hop scene at the forefront.

The Facts Remain caught up with No Malice last month to reflect on their magnum opus. Mal’s verse on “I’m Not You” is incomparable.

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  • Gambino


    classic album

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Grindin’ got famous because of the beat tbh

  • Devante

    The fact that they were talking bout cooking drugs on that song and got mad spins off of it>>>

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I’M YOUR PUSHA! They should ask Drake how we feels about this album now.

  • Rozay

    nigga said pat-a cake at the end and did the motion with his hand lol
    Grinding analogy.

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  • 10 years later this album is still wood

  • Kemosabi

    Im not you is real AF! That still gets spins.

  • Real Talk.

    so it’s been 10 years since Pusha T seen a platinum plaque?

    Oh and ain’t it funny that Wayne was on the remix of grindin?

  • Real Talk.

    Baby too

  • Pushin’ Malice

    Hell Hath No Fury is their magnus opus IMO

    HHNF > LW >>>>>>>>TTCD

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  • Brothers Keepr

    “When I wasn’t Abel there was always Cain….”

  • Brahsef

    “I”m from Virginia, where ain’t shit to do but cook”

  • Santa

    @Brothers Keepr

    Them days I wasn’t Abel

    come on son

  • Confused

    What does a platinum plaque have to do with the quality of the music? So you helped Carter 4 have big 1st week numbers even tho the shit was trash? @Real Talk

  • thebraintrust

    Yeah, I agree with the earlier comment about Hell Hath No Fury. THAT is definitely their seminal work. Still love Lord Willin’ though

  • Jdub

    Hell hath no fury all day but that song virginia is my fav clipse song

  • Lol at bloggers AKA is YN black, white, chinese, or mexican?

    skip to 3:20. That kinda stuff ruins careers hahaha

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  • JigSaw3

    When The Last Time and Young Boy will always be my favorite songs off this classic cd. They just came through and killed it off the bat which made it hard to ever out do that album.