Lux vs. Calicoe At Summer Madness 2

Smack/URL Summer Madness 2 battle went down last month at Webster Hall in NYC. Loaded Lux came out of retirement and took on Calicoe. It’s unclear as to who won, but Lux’s third verse burns slow.

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  • Love/Hate

    “You gon get this work” – Loaded Lux

    Quote of the year.

  • Tortoise and the Hare. Calicoe had a good start but Lux picked up in the second and finished him in the third. You knew it was a wrap when Calicoe said that bar about “I’ll fight you right now” and stepped up. Ego was hurt. Then got bodied with real talk.

  • King Chandler

    Lux had the homefield advantage, that’s big in a battle, not sayin he didn’t do his thing, but when your an out of towner you could spit the dopest bar and the crowd will stay silent, on the other hand the hometowner could spit the most basic bar and the crowd will jump up and down hollerin’ for 5 minutes, gotta give Calicoe props for even battling in NY, and that choke by Lux in the first was basically the Canibus situation without the notebook, if Calicoe did that he would have been boo’d out of the venue, just sayin. I’d give Calicoe the win personally, but Lux took the final round.

  • Black Shady

    bout to listen to it later when i can

    but why they taking forever to drop the MOOK/SOLOMON battle…

  • Realniggashit

    Unclear how lux shitted on dude I mean shitted on dude.

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  • onenutned

    calicoe won as far as “Bars” go but Lux tore’m apart wit’ “personals” (Personals: truths or non-fiction facts about the opponent) The twitter pic, the dog fighting and then the speech about his pops is what put the nail in the casket but yes NY and any state is going to be bias. good shit smiiidddiACK!

  • Lethargic1

    I don’t even wanna watch Mook vs. Solomon. I’ll get bored watching that.

    Lux won but the crowd was dickriding a bit.

  • mike

    “You gon get this work”

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    that’s how grown folks whip them little boys ass, ya’ll aint gangsta, ya’ll just some lost ass niggas! Gotta Love it!, Anyway I gotta feeling Jay or Ye will use my tag name in a song!, even though Pusha T beat them to the punch in “New God Flow” ( a cold killer, with a hot temper).

  • Ran

    YOU GOIN GET THIS WORK! lux killed dude man, calico was spitting & had the 1st round, second round was a tie & lux murdered him tho.

  • Never saw A Smack battle on RR that I remember.I given it to Lux 2-1.I’m a fan of complexity and Lux was throwing hay makers w/ lyricism.Cal that nigga too but, Lux is a different breed of MC

    Check out “Loch kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools (Drank) Freestyle ” by LOCH –

  • Real Deal

    Lux got that. Calicoe was good but he was catching feelings too hard. Shut up and rap

  • PPrrootteesstt

    Bout time RR got on board with posting the battle shit. Been a fan since Mook vs Jae Millz

  • Globetrahter

    Calicoe won this, Lux choked way to hard and by repeating the same shit over and over again, that’s lame smdh, cmon! I think that line from Cal about how the old rappers got no voice, maaan, summed up all the legends right there. Also, props? Really lux? That shit was lame also, url doesn’t do that and allowed him smdh

  • maury

    these detroit nigga still cock fightin

  • Cz

    I don’t know what the fuck the rest of you heard. Dude forgot his rhymes in the first verse. Calicoe’s lines were bomb throughout, Lux was reaching like a mother fucker, the entire 3rd verse was just about the dudes dad…what the fuck does that have to do with him.

  • Cz

    And why don’t they post the results…this shit happened almost a month ago

  • ess

    Lux’s hiccup was quickly forgotten for me…. he straight killed it!

  • Brian Kidd

    Has to do with everything fam. He was talkin about lost souls, which was clearly about Calicoe. I am a fan of Calicoe’s but I have to say that he lost this battle.

  • Cz

    I dunno, I’ll give the third to lux, but 2-1 Calicoe still won. I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have a “crowd judges” shit when one guy is coming outta retirement and from there and another guy from Detroit. And that whole “evil, live” shit…sounds strikingly similar to eminems love is evil backwards line, I don’t see by people think that shit was so filthy.

  • @Tariq8442

    Calicoe’s soul left the earth in this battle. All the people saying Calicoe won are people saying that just because. No real argument just hate.

  • Tbones

    Kill all that home noise niggas. Calicoe ripped dat old nigga a new asshole, niggas choking on their rhymes = niggas dat dont act right on the battle stage.

  • Lux bodied him…on some very creative shit….as for Cz not getting it, remember when folks did mama jokes on the playground? same idea. sonning that dude’s pops sons him on a whole new level…lux grandsonned him…

  • Cz

    Ok but he was just talking shit about his dad because he was in the streets and all the life expectancy shit yet this dude is still talking bout shooting and killing in his verses too. I’ll admit lyrics wise Lux was way better, but this is battle rap, and as far as punch lines Calicoe killed him.

  • @wishupshun

    Thank you for posting this, and expanding OUR culture to new heights. This is amazing, and is very appreciative of you for this. Lux won this match up 2-1.

  • I know Lux forgot his rhyme in round 1 but I quickly forgot about that when we got to hear it in the 2nd round. All that gun talk Calicoe was talking aint Impress. Thats all his rhymes were about we gone shoot yah..IM a fuck you up on stage. That shit meaningless if you aint gone do that shit.

    That Thrid verse from lux was getting to that nigga calicoe. He aint wanna look in that nigga face cause the truth hurts.

    Lastly, all the lines that really had me dying were from Lux and not everything the crowd was hyping up but just some really good lines that were funny and lux was more lyrical and clever over all.

    I dont see how u can say Calicoe won. He only got the 1st round and thats because lux forgot his lines.

    Click the name

  • Realniggashit

    Lux sonned dude treated him like a young boy this was a sad match. dude should”ve jumped in the casket when this match was over he didnt focus on Lux enough it was like two different weight classes.

  • Cz

    “you the reason why producers think battle rappers can’t make songs”

  • ANT

    LUX 2 Cal 1

  • davman

    anyone who thinks cal won is a dope fiend or jus simple…..shit was ridiculous…cal was fucking schooled..real talk…

  • Globetrahter

    FACT!! CZ

    “you the reason why producers think battle rappers can’t make songs”

    7:57 to 8:05 smdh WOW Fuck Lux

  • bbe4eva

    i think yall should do a good battle like 1nce every 2 weeks maybe or jus keep an eye on it and post them here and there cuz u see it got a good response…
    Lux wins 2-1 IMO…

  • Jacob

    @CZ it has everything to do with him, calicie is always talking about how his pops is a real nigga, thats a huge part of calico’s image, lux thoroughly and intricately exploited that! That third round is classic

  • why y’all think lux lost is the crowd they need to shut the fuck up


  • Ken Rose

    Lux SONNED this fucc nigga.

    Cal rode on his pop’s wave for too long.

    Be your own man, junior.

  • me too

    lux kille this kid

  • Black Shady

    round 1 ; calicoe got this. too much dickriding on Lux….was annoying

    round 2 ; lux got this

    round 3 ; calicoe’s lines were nice, but Lux murdered it


  • areal1


  • wouzi

    “YOU GON GET THIs WORK!!!!!!

  • :You gon’ get this work!”

    ANYONE who says Calicoe won this battle is deaf. Cal had one round and that was solely because of the choke.

    Forget how biased the crowd was, Lux literally killed Cal in the last round.

    Look at Cal’s demeanor in the second round in comparison to his absolute deflation in the third.

    Lux literally rhymed him into a state of indefensibility.

  • gottagetpaid

    I watched it a second time…I think Lux purposely threw the first verse to throw Calicoe off…Cal seemed to take his foot off the gas after that. I think it was like a “lyrical rope a dope”…Calicoe feelings was waaay too hurt at the end….

  • BlackDivine

    lux 2-1 , damn,i have to watch that dad section a few times,that was 2 mean,damn,thats how ur murder somene,no need for that rah rah gun talk, truth hurts the most,preach to em lux

  • Lostprodigy

    Okay about damn time Smack!!

  • Ricky Retardo

    this was a Rap battle, not how many different ways i can threaten my opponent in 5 mins

    Lux 3-0 fuck a choke, the bars he did get out was still better.

    y’all better peep that Murda Mook Vs Iron Solomon(RIP). its the same thing. Rap vs Jokes.

  • lilrizq

    From what i heard, i think Lux was more creative, and more of an individual meaning he had his on style. Calicoe wasn’t letting his words speak, he can’t getting too aggressive. Lux won to me. now look at this video i edited for my homies in Germany.

  • 3rdRail

    Round 1-Calicoe easily
    Round 2-Toss up
    Round 3-Lux ate his breakfast

    I co-sign one of the earlier posters who said there was agreat deal of hometown bias in the crowd though.

  • Showboat

    I agree with 3rdRail.

    Rounds 1 and 2 when you are the underdog, to come out the way Calicoe did. . . I have nothing but respect for that. Lux recovered but there is no excuse to be on that kind of stage and screw up.

    Also Lux went last , of course Calicoe can defend himself because he went first. LOL

  • Beloved

    Any body who thinks Cal won round 2 or 3 are the reasons why niggas like soulja boy and lil B still have careers. The only reason Lux lost that first round was because he forgot his lines. He spit the 2nd half of his first round in the second half and still bodied Cal. We ain’t even get to hear his 2nd round rhyme. Lux out rapped him and his delivery was smoother.


    glad to see rap radar on smack url scene!!

  • I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they were gonna boo him off stage, but Lux killed any doubt after that initial slip up. He bodied dude from middle to end. I admit I thought it was wack at first, and it was, but then I remembered Lux was trying to pull out shit so complex you can’t blame a guy for forgetting a jumpoff or transitional line. That was hot no matter which way its sliced. you can tell dude is from Harlem. Now to watch for the third time haha!

  • Im glad I was there to see this! Best battle of the night, Mook and Solomon was not even the second best battle!

  • Nickey Negrito

    I usually don’t watch battles or listen to them because a lot of dudes just talk KILL A NIGGA SHOOT A NIGGA RAP. What Lux did overall was simply amazing. The 3rd round! I never heard a battle rapper go that personal on a man. The father run-down was a meal served ice cold. Unbelievable. Calico wasn’t wack at all but i’m so glad that i finally peeped a person coming from a more strategic angle.

    IMO, Lux ate the young blood.

  • vurbz

    am i the only the one that has watched this shit like a million times already

  • HK

    “@Tariq8442 says:
    Calicoe’s soul left the earth in this battle.”

    Seriously, Lux killed. His last round was epic.

  • DJNE1469

    Mane!!…Lux Sux// Took way way to long to deliver his lines..Was buying time trying to think of stuff to spit..WHACK… 3rd round was good but still crowd was d-riding so long gave lux more and more time to deliver..Calicoe won hands down!!