• Brick


  • Its that new shit! step yo game up!

  • This is what all the “hype” is about?? Wow…….Hip hop is in fucking trouble.

  • Cz

    This is actually MellowHype ft Domi Genesis…

  • A$AP Rocky

    At the beginning, he had that A$AP Rocky flow. I’ve noticed more and more people are starting to use that flow!!!

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  • Cz

    If anything ASAP stole that shit from Hodgy

  • $$$


    C’mon, Son! You KNOW that’s wrong!

  • Cz

    The whole ASAP group stole there whole style from OF

  • $$$

    Not gonna argue with you about that; you’re obviously much too stupid. But this is A$AP Rocky’s flow; in fact, Hodgy Beats has literally NEVER used it before.

  • Ace

    Hodgy has used that flow before, lol at calling someone stupid because they know something you don’t. Even if you care not to believe it, OF been saying A$ap stole shit from them since before Pe$o. Not that i necessarily see it but it’s been said.