New Video: Brother Ali “Only Life I Know”

Directed by Dave Wilson, Brother Ali walks us through the everyday life of the lower working class. Mourning In America & Dreamin In Color happens September 18. Pre-order it here.

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  • reall

    unbelievable… not even 1 comment…. this is why hiphop is dead… real music and lyrics dont seem to matter at all…

  • damnDUDE

    so true, people nowadays are too stupid for this music

  • D


  • steezplati


  • Slug

    Hope Ali makes a comeback. He’s talented.

  • Genesis

    Dopest shit I watched today…. Brother Ali is incredibly dope, and much like the multitude I was sleeping….. Wide awake now though…

  • GTFO

    this dude was around before the TDE movement. Sad that people don’t even know.

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    Kudos to Rhymesayers and Brother Ali again because there isn’t much in the way of mainstream Hip Hop that’s doing what they are doing…and we know why.