Travis Barker & Yelawolf Psycho White Cover & Tracklist

Inked up, Travis and Yela’s mug split the cover on their joint EP, Psycho White. Before it arrives in November, Complex shares the first look and its 5 titles below.

1. Push ‘Em Ft. Skinhead Rob & Tim Armstrong
2. 6 Feet Underground Ft. Tim Armstrong
3. Funky Shit
4. Whistle Dixie
5. Director’s Cut Ft. Michael Myers & Superman

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  • PistolPistol

    Can’t wait.

  • 5. Director’s Cut Ft. Michael Myers & Superman

    That whole title is dope!

  • Fckit

    So dope!

  • Dashing

    Skinhead Rob? Stupid name.

  • Cz

    To the unaware yea it’s the dumbest name ever, hell if though I know what it is it’s still retarded. But there was a new wave of punk listening skinheads who full-heartedly are anti-racist, almost as much as the other skinheads hate other races.

  • Fckit

    Skinhead Rob is a SHARP . Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice

  • Cz

    Michael Myers/Superman…can you say ft Eminem? I mean pyscho white? It’s the only track he didn’t at least preview at Rock the Bells.