2 Chainz Gets Two Big Booties For Bday

2 Chainz celebrated his birthday last night at the House Of Blues in New Orleans. But before continuing his set, hype man Cap 1 presented him with two big booty hoes. Look at all that cake! Based On A T.R.U. Story is available here.

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  • I want the same damn thang!!! lol September 22 Mr.Virgo Let’s Go!!!

  • Big Booty Lover

    I love booty like the next man but those are eww…..

  • Frank the Tank


  • tucq

    Now that’s whatsup

  • Mr.November

    Yo… CMon Son.

    Thats just a fat ass. Probably injected some weird shit just to make a few tips stripping.
    Odds are that she a hoe and I would probably still fuck her, but thats not a good look.

  • twbrque

    happy bday chainz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lookatmenow

    i love those booties… but this is denigrating to all women!

  • dll32

    cellulite …ugggh

  • Trillionaire

    whoa dere..ha!

  • them some phat asses plain and simple i love it can’t never have enough big booty hoes.

  • Drethewave

    Cruel summer ablum is crazy…tell me bout it on tuesday..lol…the worlds a big couch..im rick james bitch…g.o.o.d music…

  • Doug Heffernan

    ^that line was whack as fuck and who ever said that week as hell….prolly big sean lame ass

  • Devante

    So I guess we’re gonna post everything about 2 Necklaces life?

  • YunG based god

    cruel summer is the most dissapointing album i have ever heard in my life

  • hector


  • J-Boogie

    that one chick ass was fake as shit. id still smash though.

  • tucq

    Lol @ Mr November’s comment

    No, the asses weren’t perfect but u admited u would still smash.
    Goddamn right, cuz I know I would.

  • Bold

    sweet jesus christ…

  • R

    How she reach her crack trying to clean up all in there thats a motherfuking job!!!

  • Homie

    Cap-1 is a great friend.

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