• ASAP Rocky changed the game …dude created a sound using old heads flows and ran with it …can’t hate on a young nigga eating

  • real-talk

    Carter 4

  • That Guy

    That’s not changing the game. That’s copy catting.

  • ^

    Everybody in the history of music has had influences. Name an exception to that rule. And it’s not a copy, because in any given song, Rocky might blend 5 or 6 different sounds, PLUS add his own twist. Don’t pretend like he doesn’t have his own flows, too- the most obvious one is the one EVERYBODY in the game is borrowing right now. And even with stuff like the screwed and chopped vocals, he uses them in a completely different way than DJ Screw or anybody from Houston did. It’s a TOTAL cop out by people that just want to dismiss the kid to say he’s not bringing anything new to the table.

  • zahi

    young nigga wit a unique flow

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Does it show how he stole the whole raider klan image . ?

  • carlito

    Damn sometimes I forget that dude is actually from NY. His style of music sounds like he could be from anywhere but NY. I guess that’s a good thing.

  • carlito

    Sony Music usually don’t do well when it comes to Hip Hop Music. Lets see if they can score big with ASAP.

  • Cuttin’ Room Floor

    Shit coulda been trimmed by 3-4 mins … fuck is the point of showing half of a music video TWICE? This “documentary” is more style than substance….kinda like Rocky himself