Ghostface Killah Releasing New Album

The Wu-Block project isn’t the only thing Ghost has up his sleeve. Scottscope reports that GFK will release a new LP, Twelve Reasons To Die presented by Black Dynamite composer, Adrian Younge.

Ghost’s last solo effort was Apollo Kids in 2010. Twelve Reasons To Die drops November 20 via Rza’s new label Soul Temple Records.


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  • Beezy

    I could have sworn that his last solo effort was Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry

  • rahrahrah

    I should buy twelve of these….dudes the champ!

  • this looks sick. can’t wait Hit me on Twitter for BEATS @ONEMANBEATS

  • bry from boston

    Biggie supposedly took Gfks style on life after death with mafioso rap.. If that’s the case Biggie used his style 10x better

  • Your Father

    This I want – NOW!

  • rocky fontana

    GFK is one of the most credible and most valuable emcees in the culture. He was just up here in Minneapolis, and he signed everything I had, both Clark’s Wally’s my Ironman vinyl, and my Fishscale Poster board. He was my favorite emcee since the Purple Tape. This needs to be purchased by real Hip-Hop heads. Wu-Block is bringing New York back to credibility..

  • youknowiknow

    Why wont anyone ever state the real? Like the fact that Ghostface is dope only sometimes and that Gza and Rae are both greater? Call me crazy but I still don’t know what he meant by “macaroni ziti kiwi strawberry”. Hip hops most overrated

  • Supreme Clientele is a Top 10 album for me, that shit still sound incredible. I don’t know what the fuck that nigga was talking about on damn near any of the songs, but it’s part of the appeal…

  • hollaback

    Ghost rhyming over “black dynamite” type beats is crazy!

    If u get a chance listen to adrian youngs album. This dude and Rza in the lab with ghost on it sounds like we should have a classic on our hands.

  • ess

    i thought his next cd was blue & cream?? this seems a lot different for him imo.

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