Lupe Fiasco Shows Love To Chief Keef

Held by Kiss 92.5, Lupe held court at Toronto’s Rexall Centre for a free concert Wednesday night. During his speech he shouted out Chief Keef in what may result in a truce from their little feud.


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  • Stunna

    Lupe a bitch nigga

  • onenutned

    somebody need to #Lux chief keef.

  • brollya

    cuz he was scared ol hoe ass nigga…… niggaz run they mouth then wen heat on they apologize

  • The Guy

  • Brendan74

    Now watch keef spit in his face.
    Lupe you are the bigger man for once…no need to go noble..stop giving this little turd attention.

  • no thanks


  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    U Bein a Man Makes ya scaReD so if ya scaReD then ya Not Bein a Man But Like GuCci Say ” But thats How the woRLD Be “

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    what wooD Lupe Be if he deciDeD to Beef wit chief keef tHen??? its Mf’s Like StuNNa ^ & bRoLLya ^^ that Shows u its actuaLLy mf’s who tHiNk the way tHey tHiNk But its Not yaLL fauLt i bLame ya paRents

  • stunna’s dad

    lupe owns guns…..his father owned a gun shop……hes also a 4th degree black belt…..i doubt he’s afraid of a little child like keef….

    bigger man makes the BIGGER move….bravo to you lupe

    and he didnt call keef out the interviewer specifically asked him about keef…..and keef also said he didnt saw what he did on twitter that his account was hacked… kids love to hate….hide behind a computer screen…..your the real BITCH here.

  • stunna’s dad

    saw *say

  • Zagga

    PUSSY ASS Lupe scared for his life, he knows Chief Keef gonna murder him in cold blood.


    funny how everyone turning their backs on Lupe, stop sticking up for that ignorant ass nigga cheif keef. he represents everything bad in hip hop, his music is bullshit and he’s making money off selling you dreams with his gutter rap.

  • jl

    Lupe is on another level to Keef. I doubt Keef even understands the concepts in Lupe’s songs

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Lupe is one of best to ever pick up a mic but you look like a bitch by keep shouting this lil’ nigga out.

  • Dashing

    This is coming from a HUGE Lupe critic.

    Lupe was making a valid point about Chief Keef and a lot of kids just like him. He wasn’t “hating” on him or trying to start a beef for record sales. He was making a legitimate point. Too many kids killing each other and the music should not be repping that and artists (who have kids who look up them) shouldn’t be laughing when other kids get killed.

    Let’s not celebrate ignorance people.

  • WHOA


  • MHarstad

    They have the same hair

  • bylaww99

    Lupe is over 30yrs old what sense would it make to beef with someone young enough to be his son or little brother..why we wanna act like Lupe aint got goons who would take this kids head off. Thats not the route he tryna go he’s actually tryna show Chief some game bcus he knows the rate he’s going the industry would love to see him dead by the same music he preaches.

  • bylaww99

    News flash Interscope dont care about Keef they using him like they use every artist they see who uses negative energy to stir controversy. They didnt try to stop the Tupac/Biggie beef they didnt try to stop the 50/Murder Inc beef and they aint gonna stop this one…why would they when they profit from it.

  • brollya

    nigga should of kept his mouth close in the first place and said nothn…. if bein a man means bein a pussy den i aint a man…. im a real dude who a keep it to myself if i dont want to start nothin… especially wit a lil kid tho, den the nigga get scared wen dude bring it to em….

  • @ **MyNaMek’Ree**

    And I blame your parents for raising a child that types like a retarded monkey with a spastic caps lock button.

  • brollya

    and i blame yo mama for makin a lame ass child lik u who got beat up in school everyday and never went outside cuz he was scared to be outside so u watched pocahontas and played wit pokemon cards by yo self and aint get no pussy till u was 20…. probably stil aint had no pussy u frank ocean, dick in the booty ass nigga

  • Devante

    They look like brothers…

  • quese

    everyone keeps saying Lu a bitch and what not Lu really got goons tho keep thinking he sweet and soft he just not about that violence shit be he definitely has real niggas that ride he right hand chilly is still in jail for some reckless shit dnt underestimate the quite niggas

  • brollya

    chief keef is one nigga. lupe is one nigga….. jus cuz u got goons, dont mean u hard….. u stil gotta back yo shit up wen u talkin shit….. ill see if it was hella people talkin shit to lupe but its one dude… u dont need no goons for dat…. jus babk yo shit up or jus shut the fuck up starting shit

  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    LMAO @ the Lupe Keef “BEEF”. Keef will always WIN that “battle” Lupe is not different than Keef. Music is Music and the point is to SELL. Lupe has sold out in the past to SELL and Keef is selling Violence which is nothing new in RAP music. The only thing is that Interscope know there is no person selling Violence that effectively. But Keef will SELL and people like Lupe are only making him BIGGER. Keef will MOW down Lupe and move on to BIGGER things.

  • Wow

    The side of Lupe Fiascos face apologized to Chief Keefs right hand, for almost making it sully itself in bitch slapping it. #HipHopDied


    How about say NOTHING? My God. You apologize that savage? #HipHopDied #StupidNiggersWinAgain #BlackPeopleLost

  • Corny as all hell. Lupe wasn’t dissing the dude when he mentioned what he said on the interview. So now you try to attempt a pseudo-reconciliation? Especially when you did nothing wrong? Nah, son.

  • D Twice

    Yall so stupid to think Lupe is scared for his life over a twitter threat. Dude isn’t being a bitch he’s showing that he has some class and he won’t go down to cheif keef’s slave mentality. What else does he have to prove its not a debate if dude is better he would murder this kids career with one verse. This is J. Cole vs. Diggy 2.0 except Keef has no fucking talent whatsoever and can’t put his frustrations on a track cause he’s fucking garbage.

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  • Ki

    This is really stupid. Most of the people with the first 5 comments are so ingorant. Do you know what your saying? Youre proping up murder in your own community/society and wonder why you have to murder to survive? Maybe because you make it a quick option. And you think Lupe isnt hood. Go watch videos where sway interviews him in his hood. Tell me he isnt a “Rea Nigga”. He just doesnt try and promote it becuase it leads no where. When it comes to rapping everyone knows Lupe would rap better than Keef. Come on.

  • MR.M

    i got respect for lupe, but fuk showin love to that lil bitch ass nigga keef…keef need a barrel to his dome

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