New Music: Nicki Minaj x Cassie “The Boys”

With Cassie’s cooperation, Nicki calls upon all the boys in her new single from her upcoming re-release of Roman Reloaded. Radio rip premiered this morning on WGCI. You lil fuck boys can have this.


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  • Trillionaire

    Oh Nicki…

  • Midsize Jerm

    Nicki lacks the ability to come up with concepts for songs and albums….case in point, her first THREE albums are all some form of Pink Friday? And each one keeps getting more and more poppy, yet she is yet to release a decent pop song. Starships had quite possibly the worst song concept ever (Starships were meant to fly, which would have been OK if she was protesting NASA’s shutdown, but instead she was just saying some bullshit to rhyme, and never has there been a more bullshit statement). I keep clicking on the songs in hopes that it’ll be the old school rap monster Nicki, but I think she’s completely given up on that girl…. maybe on Pink Friday 4.

  • dude from personal encounters with nicki, she doesnt like that shit. she wants to have hard ass shit on her next album. i know that for a fact but how are the labels gonna let her pull that off.

  • 1-3

    am not on her pop tip,but this sound like something i will give a ear,if she rap more on her other stuff me and her would have had a better relationship,i,ll see whay else she have on the Re-up and that song with Nas needs to be release.

  • nicki is a stupid hoe

  • Yez

    It’s always possible that Nicki Minaj WANTS to make hard ass shit, but CAN’T, because she has no idea how to do it.

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  • Cz

    If she really wanted to make hard songs she’d make hard songs. This sell out bitch wants to be the next Madonna and all she cares about is pop. And if she does wanna make a hard album but the label doesn’t want it…hold out on making music till they let you do what you want, it’s called integrity and this dumb hoe has none

  • Big Daddy

    ??? Hated it This is not hip hop this sond like some pop song with a rap feature. Thats why yall not selling anymore. I will not pop this in my tape deck and bop my head to this [email protected]@T and I’m just being real. STop It

  • Jay Jones

    A real girl and a fake girl…Cassie is all natural….Nicki oh hum….


    ^Cassie copped fake tits this year

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  • imTravi

    Tired of this?! Be checkin for that new Missy shit that’s droppin 9.17.12!! #TripleThreat

  • Joey

    this bitch is the Vanilla Ice of women rapping…a strai fucking clown and black girls think this shit is hot, pure BAFOONERY,SELF HATE, COONING has blonde hair and blue eyes with a fake body. in 5 more yrs this bitch will be a mental case! like Lil Kim…Im gonna kepp bumping REDMIC, hit that itunes for her *Ghost Stories* album

  • Throne

    Fuck bitch shit

  • Daiquan Robinsonm

    Nicki freaking went in on this song !! I love it soooo much !!!!

  • Jose Rodriquize

    I want a sandwhich. This song has nothing to do with a sandwhich. I disappointed greatly. I want a sandwhich.

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