50 Cent On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Curtis invaded a couple of NYC radio stations yesterday. During the rush hour drive, he pulled over at Hot 97 for some one-on-one with Angie Martinez. Well, here’s what “actually” went down.

Break 1: 50 explains the confusion of his “New Day” single, upcoming video and touches on the passing of his manager Chris Lighty.

Break 2: Fif then speaks on his recent Oprah interview and says he’s actually still eyeing a November 13 release of his next album, Street King Immortal.

Break 3: Finally, he discusses his boxing deal, plugs his first fight in NY this December. He also shares his thoughts on the Lupe and Keef “beef” and convo with Keef.

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  • IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K Officially PLATINUM Status – Jeezy only at 700k lol ) – CRUEL SUMMER will NOT outsell SELF MADE VOL. II –

    FUCK 50 CENT !!!

    MMG > 03 GUNIT

  • Daee

    50 is a smart nigga.

  • IamRealTalk ( Rick Ross’ GFID 738K Officially PLATINUM Status – Jeezy only at 700k lol ) – CRUEL SUMMER will NOT outsell SELF MADE VOL. II –



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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    50 is smart but he shoulda just remixed “New Day” and came w/ something else. The track is iight but sharing a song is kinda wack. I think Street King is gonna be dope and hopefully it’ll have some G-Unit (Lloyd Banks) features.

  • haaaaaaaaa

    he stay losing with all that money step yall blogging up

  • bcro28

    lol @iamrealtalk 2003-2005 gunit shits all over mmg and its not even close. Name another group that had five niggas go gold, or platnium in less than three years. Go ahead I’ll wait. Shit 50 cent got tony yayo to go gold in 2005. Let’s see what ross can do for gunplay. Made young buck a household name. And saved Game from getting dropped.

  • The_Man


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  • JustMyOpinion

    Let me guess, the interview goes something like this:

    Angie Martinez: 50 (laugh) what you been up too? (laugh) How’s everything?
    50: I’m good

    (Angie Martinez commence to non-stop laughter telling 50 how great he is and allow him to speak about EVERYTHING not music related (how other rappers (without mentioning names) didn’t do what he DID))

    My point? There was a time when interviewer weren’t groupies, they practiced “real” journalism and brought the fans a TRUE interviewee.

  • the truth

    @realtalk g-unit beg for mercy sold more than rick ross whole career hahahaha

  • Black Shady

    50 cent interview are about EVERYTHING BUT HIS MUSIC nowadays……………smh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @JustMyOpinion. Your right about that. They never ask the real hard hitting questions. Atleast say to people on Facebook or Twitter or on Radio say “If you have any questions for 50 Cent send them in”

  • Rozay

    She asked about his music he spoke on the new day record he and he said is album coming out on November 13, I don’t know what some of you are listening to, is it his fault that he has other shit going on, he has a boxing promotion company with one of the biggest boxers in the world Floyd Mayweather and he had a sit down with the most powerful black women in the world Oprah, you damn right they are gonna ask him about that shit, that Chief Keef and Lupe shit is relevant too because 50 just spoke to the Keef so wanted to know if 50 gave him some advice because he is on the same label and the youngster seems to be misguided he did something similar to Soulja Boy a few years ago. I notice that the niggas that don’t like 50 always commenting about the nigga.

  • Hui Lu Kim

    Dude stays with the best interviews.

    HIs interview consist of his music here. What the heck are youg us listening to?
    And of course he’ll talk of more than his music, dude got so much going on and done a lot. That’s relevancy and reflection of his workmanship. .

  • GTFO

    Cosign @Rozay. People quick to hate. What are you doing behind that keyboard? Not a got damn thing, but hating and not getting money.

  • ncprecise

    lol… “actually”

  • R

    15 Cent gayer than franky ocean look at his gay smile sucking dick lips money hungry hoe left jr weather for another dude!!!