• The_Man

    Big Sean is so corny and like a black Justin Bieber

  • Livethexperience

    Check Out British Artist Olly Murs “Heart Skips A Beat” here: http://bit.ly/QfwnCW

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  • $NAPP$

    The season finale of Americas Got Talent brought some of the biggest names in entertainment industry out to celebrate. I love this show and enjoy being able to watch my primetime recordings commercial free. The Auto Hop feature lets me skip or watch commercials. Dish’s making it easier for users to get past the commercials without manually fast forwarding. With a DVR, you’re already doing that, so Auto Hop’s making skipping them faster. I’m glad my coworker at Dish told me about this feature, I’ve used it for a bit now and I love it. Now I won’t put so much wear and tear on my new remote.

  • Hate Me

    Oh shit first my daughter and my niece and now you fucks is saying Biebs nice?? lol FOH i hate his guts, can´t see another minute of him haha

  • F90

    Love how the first five comments are all spam…