• NYC

    All his personalities need a psychiatrist not a tv show c class rappers reaching off that reality money

  • JMJ

    Chill you dont know him

  • Black Shady

    Game is bipolar and annoying sometimes…but a C-Class rapper? lmao c’mon now…..

    when he really spits…he’s one of the best out there…

  • JMJ

    ^ forreal this dude @NYC dont know what he talkin about go listin to his first 2 albums and say he ant in top 10

  • brollya

    yea he can name drop the top 10 rappers in the game right now in one bar

  • the ripper

    @ Black Shady, dude i grew up in South Central Los Skanless… I am never the one to hate but Game sucks big time. Have you heard this new song they r always playing on the radio with Wiz? That song catapults the Game as one of the worst emcees to ever pick up the microphone. All Game talks about is purp and patron. C’mon!!! Really!!! Nobody gives a fuck about what you r drinking and smoking. Rap some real shit nig instead of name dropping!!!!! Game has no substance and he is really terrible. Str8 trash with no hate.

  • the ripper

    @JMJ… He’s not in the top 10… Are u crazy? U need to clean your freaking ears out!!!

  • Jdub

    Wow so much hate. Have you heard 300 bars, one blood, dreams and so on he never mentions purp or patron clean your ears out.

  • JMJ

    If hes trash how does he have two albums that are considered classics? His Bars are crazy in those first two albums “Ready to die without a Reasonable Doubt smoke Chronic and hit the Doggystyle before i go out and when they sign my Death Certificate All Eyes on Me im still at it Illmatic and thats The DOCUMENTARY”. fuck outta here faggots you havent listined to him hes in my top 10 idc what yall say dude can defiantly rap.

  • JMJ

    Your only argument is to disagree with him being in top 10 so fuck outta here saying hes trash. Hes my top 10 he dont gotta be in yours cool. 1.

  • Lol at bloggers AKA is YN black, white, chinese, or mexican?

    Game now and Game in his prime are two different things. He gets a lot of respect but he shouldn’t be top 10 on anyone’s list.

  • poetic assasin

    what happened to “my next album will have zero features”?

  • JMJ

    9.Big Daddy Kane
    10.Immortal Tec
    12. Game
    13.Mos Def
    Prob the most hip hop list out there? I hate list and think theres to many arguements against them but who am i missing? Note im talking about HIP HOP artist groups arent included thats a whole nother list. But personally thats not my top ten that have influenced me thats just to me the people who have the hardest bars in history.

  • JMJ

    fuck with it

  • JMJ

    only people i missed was Pharaoh Monch Andre 3000 and ll cool j my bad



  • @Artise1

    Why n*ggas always need a gang of features on their album. What happened to a solo album. Everything is a f*cking compilation.


    for those who say Game is wack are the same people who used to listen to him because he was in G-Unit, or affiliated with Dr. Dre. name some rappers who had a debut with heaters by Dre, had Eminem on a feature & 50 Cent. stop hating and go listen to your wack rap you fags be listening to lately.

  • JMJ


  • King

    smh….yall motherfuckers get paid to hate on Game or what?? And @Big Homie “shitload of features” u wouldn’t have said that if it were a Jay Z album rite??

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    @JMJ Hahaha you say he’s top 10, but he’s number 12 on your list!
    Cocaines a hell of a drug!

  • Jamal

    know your roots, water your soil Stop fightin amongst ourself from birth weroyal Who’s king we fightin over a crown, while lifeguards watch the hopes and dreams of kids and young teens drown More infants bein born with AIDS, more parents mournin graves The plot thickens, somebody show us the way Tears crackin the pavement, streets breakin up The thrill is gone and it’s a long walk home So we might aswell start runnin, if it’s theregotta take it ‘Member Jada said “We Gon’ Make It” And itshouldn’t take 9/11 to bring our minds together Shit roughwe’ll grind together Light a candle we can shine forever or I can pass So I won’t miss Aaliyah’s concert in heaven – Game…..jesus piece

  • Jamal

    It was a cold Day in 1996
    Fav bar Reasonable Doubt Over
    Before that day, we ain’t know shit about hova
    He was talking Cristall, and 4.6 Rovers
    But all we knew were 5.0’s and Toyota’s
    So, We took Y’alls swag y’all took our rags
    The way I see it, it’s a fair exchange why you Mad
    Son, Yeah Jay was one of my teachers
    Bumpin Roc-A-Fella but, couldn’t get a feature
    Was like, Being underage andcouldn’t get a beeper
    Missing sales cuz the onions still stuck in my sneaker
    Talkin to Streetsweeper
    Dodgin the Grim Reaper
    Hit My block after 8 o’clock I’ll make you a believer
    We was movin white kid, the Justin Beiber
    Us and homeless shelters no different we both feed ’em
    Playing John Madden smoking all my nigga weed up
    Relaxin with my feet up, Waiting for the Re-Up – GAME……..Jesus piece

  • Roc nation

    Since I was born Jay, guess I’m the Gift & The Curse

    Lot of Bloods out here, but nigga I did it first

    Still blood out here that’s why I’m up in the church

    Still repenting for my sins, but not all the way

    Cause I just rode up in the Benz and handed homie the K

    What he gon do with it? Probably run up on your crew with it

    That’s what I call rap beef, luckily I’m through with it

    Now I just lean back, ’72 withit

    Sell it to a nigga down South,he act a fool with it

    Back to them haters and the stool-pigeons

    You’re too busy tryna judge us stars, but how are you – GAME….JESUS PIECE

  • Godson

    Let me crack this Patron andtalk to you for a minute

    Won’t you put that blunt down ‘fore you put the chronic in it

    Before you do that drive by,listen for a second

    Why you need a 45 when your mind is a weapon

    If you use it like you ‘posedto than you could be Malcolm X

    Instead of counting body bags, my n-gga should be counting checks

    Don’t be a follower n-gga, bea leader

    And if that mean’s I’ll lose you on Twitter than so be it

    Had a daughter yesterday, see my baby momma bleeding

    Remind me of Keyshia getting shot down while she was feeding

    Her baby in the projects, I’m supposed to be proud ofCompton

    I’m just glad me, Damare and Brandon made it outta Compton

    I put on for my city like Jeezy say

    Iron out my red rag just for Free Weezy day

    And since they did Oscar Grant like Emmett Till

    Crack the Patron seal -The game…..#Jesus piece#

  • 2chainz

    I’m a motherfuckin gangbangin nightmare, wake up motherfuckers

    I traded in my white Nike Airs

    For a rare pair of Converse, back to the hood

    My own niggas actin like I turned my back on the hood

    I used my rap money to put crack in the hood

    Even brought the nigga Dr. Dre back to the hood

    I showed niggas the Bentley then let you drive it

    Gone for two days and I ain’t even check the mileage

    When we was fightin with Crips it wasn’t about no dollars

    It was about sellin dope to put our kids through college

    I’m sittin on the block, reminiscin for hours

    Wipin my tears cause now halfof my niggas is cowards

    And I was still fuckin with niggas, after I got shot

    And didn’t get one hospital visit

    My homey Snoop told me it’d be days like this

    It hurt my heart, to say this shit – Game…..jesus piece

  • Killuminati

    I don’t hate Mobb Deep or M.O.P

    That was a phase I was caughtup in the beef like a rat in a maze

    And my legacy will never be that of a hater

    Lyrical rhyme slayer wack niggas say your prayers

    It’s the return of Gandhi

    Criminal minded city behind me

    Put it on my face to remind me

    Of all the shit I been throughmy physical presence, my pentoo nice

    My first album sent you life

    I should of put down the mic when Rakim left Dre

    No cleanup hitter so I was stranded on second base

    I had to steal third motherfucker that’s my word

    Then some Queens niggas try to put me back on the curb

    I was ultimate warrior to you bully ass niggas

    I will come through the hood with the fully AK’s niggas

    Like Snoop or Suge I’m in thecoupe I’m good

    Mothafuckas make way -Game…..jesus piece

  • lickdacat

    He is top 5 material no doubt!!!

  • michelle michelle

    Jimmy Iovine must have called in a lot of favors to get all them features. If u notice he”s rarely featured on other artists records. This is his last album on Interscope, then he’s getting dumped. By the way 50 will probably get dumped too.

  • JMJ

    Haha this nigga knows games hardest bars salute!

  • County Of Kings

    this is the worst read post ever in the history of life. i hate hearing game verses why would i want to read them. and they not complicated. he was wack in gunit he wack now. he’s an actor and a good one and he would be way more believable on the screen reading a script then in the booth reading a script. thats what i call his rhymes, movie scripts. and if he was really nice he wouldnt need to name drop in EVERY SINGLE FUCKIN RECORD. he uses that as a substitute for substance to get ppl listening, cuz ppl will play a wack diss record that name drops 30 more times then a record wit no name drops that disses some cleverly wit no name drops at all

  • lickdacat

    county of king prolly sucks dick in his spare time

  • NoChildNOTToday

    game sucks. He can’t open his mouth with out name dropping another celebrities name. California is widely known for putting out wack ass music anyway so…

  • Realorbereal

    For some reason these people arent getting it. The discussion was that dude can defiantly rap and hes got crazy bars weather he name drops or not.

  • 1of1

    Hoping this album is good like everyone been sayin

  • westkraven