New Music: Alley Boy “Blame It On The Molly”

Before his mixtape The Gift Of Discernment drops September 18, Alley Boy plays the blame game on everybody’s favorite substance.


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  • Midsize Jerm

    A big problem with hip hop today is placing blame instead of taking responsibility. Blame it on the drugs, blame it on the pigment, blame it on the community, ect. This new wave of MDMA inspired songs is pretty irksome. Between this and the ‘Strip Club Wave’ it seems rappers are sticking to the old credo of “write what you know” but I for one want to see more growth. I want to see rappers tackle their problems instead of placing blame. I want some songs about deeper topics than just wildn’ out on drugs and not taking responsibility for it. Drugs have their place in music, no doubt about it, but when ALL your songs are about drugs, violence and strip clubs/sex, there is clearly a problem. I know a lot of people are content with that, but I also know I’m not alone in this thinking. That’s why I try to tackle many subjects in a wide range in my music. I of course have a few of the old standbys, but I always want to add new content to those topics when I do touch upon them. Hip-hop is getting stale and repetitive. I know I’m not the only one who sees this, and ultimately hip hop will need to grow if it wants to continue dominating the music scene of today. There will always be a place for this type of music, but if Hip-Hop doesn’t add something fresh soon it will take a backseat to some new genre. You have been warned. If you’re open minded to trying something a little different, please check out my music in the link below. If you want to hear the same old shit, please listen to the song this post is about and enjoy!

  • G

    I agree with you man that music you got on there is wack.. no kind of flow.

  • fucking glorified drug addicts

    molly this molly that…..SMH
    hiphop is filled with trend hoping lames……n drug addicts!
    Weed is as far as I choose to go, these lil niggaz pumpin all types of man-made shit in they systems. Just wait until the trend is even harder drugs like Coke n dope…..n watch the songs come flooding in.
    “Girl hit this line with me… go a bill, put it up ya nose you gonna like how it feel…..snort snort snort snort……
    Girl tap ya veins, I’ll get the belt….inject you wit this dope, you gonna be leaning but dont worry I’ll help……dope lean, dope lean, dope lean, dope…..
    We mixing Coke n dope…..that white girl n that brown boy together in the needle…round here we call that jungle fever….speed ball, speed ball, speed ball….”
    as much as that shit sound INSANE, just watch if rap keep going down this path of glorified junkies (not weed) this is gonna actually be a reality soon…..n thats a fucking shame!!!

  • Kurt Russel

    shit! The Renegades Do it Again!!

  • 3rdRail

    Can one of my learned brethen inform me as to who is the artist of that painting and what it is entitled?

  • Empire of the Sun sample… lame.

  • I like Alley boy because he come from the streets although i dont indulge in drugs i feel like every body has a story to tell wether good or bad we dont need no more critics in this rap game thats what make it holly wood the critics Alley Boy has a story to be told and hes in a position to tell it i will never knock the next man hustle and how hes eating salute to Alley Boy

  • Alley Boy by the way icant wait till the mixtape drop word up