New Music: Uncle Murda x French Montana “Money Work”

Uncle Murda reunites with French Montana for a new track off his upcoming mixtape, First 48. Money works wonders, but Murda’s flow¬†over trap beats certainly doesn’t.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow, this is very creative; a bouncy beat (check), a repetitive hook (check) and lyrics that make no sense (check).

  • mr new york

    murda dont be the next mano from bk rappin over trap beats…you saw what that did for him..pop that worked.because of who was on the record and tha beat/hook…keep it bk murda dont fall for the trap beat trap homie

  • R

    Whos that gay french man huggin Murda?

  • Zagga

    dope ross sample

  • murda stay killin shyt!!! murda u need to hop on one of these

  • D dude

    French was good when he was rapping over them Harry Fraud beats. Nowadays, well… I can’t even get through his songs.

  • Mike smiff

    Haha… This is like some mc hammer shit with big pants on type swag..


    Ughh,is people really checkin for these clowns lol?!! I just came here to hate for a min after I listened to 8 seconds of that weak ass shit.Man,these weak ass niggas is just everywhere today,they unescapable!!

  • PEEP

    didnt even get thru the first hook. tired trap beats need to stop

  • Chan

    I’ve missed Uncle Murda. Where u been? Glad to see you back.

  • Devante

    You blame trap beats? Murda flow been wack since “Bullet Bullet”….