Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap

Three months after its theatrical release, VH1 gave a broadcast premiere of Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap documentary.

Directed by Ice-T, the film explores the origins and growth of Hip-Hop with interviews and performances from plenty of our pioneers and a few of our present artists. The DVD can be purchased here.


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  • @tshiamofs

    The man has a point! I personally haven’t bought a US rap album since J.Cole but I hv enjoyed atleast 3 albums this year.

  • FTW

    If Ice T was smart he would have gotten someone the people actually care about to narrate and push the movie. Once we heard Ice T it was a wrap for the film regardless. And…. Since when did we ever in life go to the movies to see a documentary? This shit belonged on PBS or throw it to Viacom and try to get some advertising dollars. So throwing it to VH1 was prali what should have been done in the 1st place.

    The film is dope for what it is, but this was never going to make it in the movies.


  • really23

    Who was the dummy that thought a documentary would make money in this recession??? Silly Rabbits.

  • truthtruth

    So reaction to people not going to see a under promoted independent film… you put the bootleg up.

    B. Dot is a fucking moron.

    Why isn’t B. Dot mad at all the rappers eating off of rap today not supporting the film and making their fans aware of it?

    B. Dot is a professional dick rider fam. Get some fucking journalistic balls.

  • the shit wasn’t in any movie theatre that i was aware of, lol i didn’t even know this had been out had only seen the eminem freestyle and i had seen there were a couple of wshh posts with scenes from it..but shit i woulda went to see it..

  • @really23 werd the fuck up everybody was too focused on the upcoming summer movies to care about a documentary..

  • i cant listen to ice t speak for over an hour anyway..

  • French Bono

    man internet making everything a little too easy to get free.. honestly

    Fan Suing Lil Wayne for Wasting 20 Minutes of His Life Downloading Dedication 4 Mixtape – <<man this was too funny

  • tuc

    this movie is boring as fuck, just watched 15 minutes, that shit was painful. everthing these OG talk about we’ve heard it before, just bunch of fuckin interview and fuckin freestyle. this movie is absolutely useless.

  • Angelo

    I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment, but I think what is far worse is how Nas new album isn’t even close to Gold yet and it’s the best major label release since at least 2005 ( Game – Documentary, Common – Be) Yes..that’s the reality of how bad the music is. Yet this website & other blogs & bloggers give ridiculous co-signs to garbage like WTT, Ross new album, 2Chainz album.

  • zeee

    no one cares about hip hop and more. its all watered down. all the garbage we get on the blog and radio make it hard for hip hop the thrive. the heads from the 90’s and early 00’s have moved on and the kids these days only want to hear about cheif keef. dont be mad if this movie didnt get any support.

  • CBH

    @Angelo Co-sign everything you just said. I actually wanted to see this movie in theaters, but unfortunately it wasn’t playing at any remotely close to me. Which is even more reason why we should support this type of stuff. I haven’t seen this, so I can’t comment on how good it is, but I do know that by supporting this — more hip-hop films/docs will have a chance to flourish.

  • Obama

    Funny that “B Dot” is nowhere to be found in the comments on this post. What a clown. How do you work for a typical rap blog that promotes bullshit music and encourages fans to focus only on what’s hot… Then hate on people for not supporting a documentary about the history of hip hop. Niggas don’t care about history anymore. They wanna know what’s next nigga…

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    What did B. Dot think it was gonna do Hunger Games numbers? I actully remember Ice-T promoting this on TV when it came out and was like I’m gonna support this. But it wasn’t playing at one fucking theater my state. After watching I see I would of waisted $10, there was no new information given. KRS-one didn’t even say much and he always going off oon interview and Kanye stupid for always spitting a verse from his album. Nas & Eminem were the highlight of this film. Oogielove had a better chance of being a box office hit then this shit.

  • Well I would have went to see it if he would have made sure it came out in theatres everywhere.

  • Sorry ass rap fans, go out and find it. That’s what I did. Support this art that we’re all so fond of. I took a trio to Hollywood to one of the few theaters showing it to support this art form that I adore and as an appreciation to Ice for making it

  • You can’t just take, take, take and never give. That shits not fair folks

  • saw it last nite, was on point, classic

  • first of all it didn’t come out everywhere so he lost there. Second nobody is going to go watch a documentary in the theaters esp hip hop fans . And unless it was better than “Planet Rock” it belonged on VH1 in the first place. the doc was poorly promoted and marketed.

    SMH a Bdot for calling people sorry as hiphop fans—–then post Kreyashawn and Nicki Minaj songs.

  • brollya

    i fucks wit the movie jus cuz im a big hip hop head but most of des people wasnt go watch it anyway…. it was in theatres wer i lived at too….. tried to get some of my homies to go wit me to see it but niggaz aint wanna see it jus cuz it was ice t so i went to see it by myself….. i appreciated it but it should of been more better tho… at the beginnin it was kind of boring because it was the shit i had already knew bout hip hop and all dis other shit… basically this was a movie bout old rappers being mad bout the new age of rap people dats doin they thang and they cant do the same….. it started gettin interested towards lik the middle wen u see dr dre and eminem and royce the 5’9′ and people thats relevant today…. he should of had more people in this age of rap who’s out already and told there story and who’s really rapping… this documentary was jus lik a anti rap movie of this age of hip hop for real…. i appreciated it tho…. for real this movie is for the old heads who stil in love wit hip hop and the young people who wanna learn bout the old heads but it has been explained to em so many times…. u cant jus cant keep puttin out stuff and pressuring niggaz to listen or watch it if they dont want too…they was playing it in the barbershop and swear only the barbers was watchin it and a couple of other people…. i got it tho…. it will be in my collection of hip hop movies… could of did better tho

  • Pedro

    @Angelo shut the fuck up

  • Carlito

    As what most of the comments already said. The movie wasn’t playing anywhere in Brooklyn or in the Bronx at none of the Manhattan theaters that I go to which is on 42nd and on 34th Street. Me and my peeps even tried looking for it with the bootleggers in Brooklyn but they didn’t even have it!

  • Carlito


  • zeee

    was it even at BAM. I went to see Red hook Summer at BAM. it was mostly white folk in there.

  • County Of Kings

    yea @bdot thats real wack of u to say that. when i first heard of the movie i went to look for it to download for free. when i saw it was going to be in theatres i was def gonna spend money and support it. even if it was wack i would still support it cuz the movie studio only look at the history of the ticket sales to determine whether or not they want to support another hiphop based project. so i wouldve supported it just for the next project to get financial backing.
    but there was no promotion, i was mad when i realized it came on last night and no one said anything about it. i didnt find out till it was going off due to thursday night football. ice t should just name drop that shit during a new episode of svu

  • zeee

    tune in for another episode of The pot calling the kettle black

  • Scrilla

    Yeah it wasn’t even in a theater close to me

    And not everybody like rap plus I live with a lot of white people in my hood

  • Scrilla

    plus Jeezy wan’t on it so no buys for me hahaaaaa

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    What theaters is playing “Red Hook Summer”? I don’t want Spike Lee to cry about nobody supported it and its not even a nationwide release.

  • Toni

    if this was in theaters in Sweden you bet I’d drag as much homies I could to go to this shit but I guess it would just be me and one other dude haha.. hip-hop 4 life tho !!!!! its a lifestyle!!

  • should have been an online and television release, none of the theaters in my area had it.

    Plus, what the hell do I look like calling off of work to travel to another state possibly to watch a documentary on Hip-Hop? Nahhhh.

  • Sweetre15

    LOL….what Firealarm just said. XD

  • Oz

    we can download it for %free.99 tho doesn’t mean we love hip hop less but having a cry about those numbers when you niggers are rich already c’mon son its like the church passing around coin collection damn why can’t i believe in god without paying

  • Frontrunner

    Great job.

  • R

    I seen this in theaters it was was alright mainly for wanna be up and coming rappers. The best part of the movie was that they didnt include 50 Cent and GayZ as legends that was a Fact and on point!!!

  • lilrizq

    I think alot of new rappers should buy this dvd and peep game from the OGs. now look at this video that i edited for my homies.

  • Nijea

    Idk how I feel about this documentary. I really didn’t get anything out of it, that i haven’t seen before. He should have had more of the new school of rappers than the guys who basically created hip-hop. Idk b, shit wasn’t too good.