Drake Coaching Kentucky Wildcats Game

Aubrey showed off his coaching expertise today at Rupp Arena for the Kentucky Wildcats’ alumni game. Here’s footage of coach Drizzy greeting his team and coach John Calipari before tip-off.

Back in July, the university honored the rapper a NCAA championship ring for his appearance at the 2009 Big Blue Madness. Today’s event, which consisted of two games, raised $400,000 for charity.

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  • DMX


  • #BFK on the way tho

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^^^ What does that have to do with anything?
    Better coach, DMX about to run son out the game. Although, I am sure X will be apologizing a year from now.

  • the void

    doesnt toronto have a home team he can dick ride. this bitch just loves jumping on the band wagons. if the wildcats didnt have a good squad, what team would he be dickriding? let me know.

  • the void

    calipari is piece of shit just like nick saban.

  • In other news…

  • sly c

    drake is that nigga

  • Donn

    Drake could cure cancer and niggas would hate on it, damn
    He can never win, grammys, plaques, features, great lyrics, his own style, like damn, dude aint’ perfect but damn.

  • chills thrills

    oh he a coach now,,,,wow!!!must be great to be jewish,,,,lol,,,,,

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wow he was coaching and cheerleading at the same DAMN time.

  • King Mathers

    dMx said he never met a gangsta from Canada …true story

  • DMX aint running anything. Nobody cares what he has to say. And yea he’s a crackhead anyways. Tight for Drake though.

  • Evil

    Fuck drake,corny ass sucka.Acting all tough and shit but wont respond to DMX.
    DMX would destroy the dude.LO
    I really hope DMX runs into drake at some point.

  • no thanks

    drake always hugging dudes too much

  • Kemosabi

    Ask DMX about the gangsters that snatched him up in Toronto years ago trying to buy crack in Regent. Musta forgot about that lol

  • Black Shady

    ^ lmao….read about this before

  • dragon

    whats with all the drizzy hate? yall bump his shit everytime it comes out then hate on it when you get tired of hearing it. -_-

  • truth hurts

    mop dmx method man and redman the list goes on and on and on…peedi crack……ask them mans for real about toronto….they all got punked off in t.o….

    after peedi got punked he went on t,.o radio bigging up toronto and scarborough to the max lol

    method mans watch is still gettin passed around no doubt…

    mop gettin chased down dundas and parliment running fo they lives….they brooklyn so they kno whats up….RUN !!!!!!!!

  • What’s a DMX?

  • Collar Cali

    Cool sh*t tho…

  • Despite

    Drake seems like a cool dude, but ya really… if Kentucky had a shit team would he really be there??? nahhhh.

  • DMX

    Oh, you know… just some nigga that’s sold 15 million more albums than you.

  • Gayke

    This Jewish half-breeded cornball always wants to sound and act tough when he’s around black people. Is his mayonnaise skinned ass tryin’ to blend in or something? LMFAO!

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  • the void

    donn, get that dick out your mouth. YN? is that you hiding under”Donn” ? lol squares.

  • long

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