New Music: Lil Wayne “Turn On The Lights (Remix)”

Not even Lil Wayne can help this track. Nonetheless, Weezy F. continues to hop on various records and this time it’s Future’s obnoxious single.


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  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    Never thought I hear weezy use autotune again & how can people listen to future, his voice is the worst

  • Anonymous

    Am i the only one that thinks this song is awful?


    Big Homie, SHUT THE FUCK UP. This song is top 5 this summer

  • yueknow

    So why would you bother posting this?


    Old Ass Niggas, go bump some fucking Jay Electronica.

    #TURNUP !

  • lillieliam

    Wayne been killing everything lately

    Remix baby is back

  • wickedess

    song dope wayne on it made it weak… im fuckin wit this right now..

  • JustMyOpinion

    Worst song ever. And Mac Miller talking about it should be top 5. The word artist and rapper don’t seem to be mending nowadays. I am bias because when I hear auto tune, it automatically annoys me, I don’t care how good the song might be.

  • tha future is near

  • not futures best work but is ok

  • ZoomZoom


  • @gtfomike

    I agree with zoomzoom to a degree, the trash you post and praise is way worse than this song.
    Kinda feeling Wayne on this one too

  • Scrilla

    Wayne ruined a great song smh

    This song is the hottest thing on the radio

  • recordpusher

    sounds like a kid in his bedroom trying to rap. This dudes voice and cadence is the worst

  • I dont know how yall like this song.. Future cant sing with or with out auto tune. I dont understand how he even got a buzz. Tony montana is the only song I like and thats cause it fits his voice and is kinda funny.

    Click my name maybe yall think its the greatest shit ever if u like this

  • nolame

    Damn I actually like this track i hate how the writer or whoever adds there 2 sense
    let the people judge for themselves and fall back!!

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck Future and Wayne

  • Shit is horrible but you can download on

  • crysis

    eat each other up like Somalians. are you serious i guess he wil try to rhyme anything huh.

  • top 5 poster of all time

    Only niggas who don’t get pussy hate this song….go listen to childish gambino internet nigga

  • room2roam

    man i luv weezy lyrics. he say the same damn thing a million different ways and kill it every time.. its baffling.. he back

  • B.Dot

    Song sucks.

  • I just noticed Drake’s pants and shoes in that picture!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • King Chandler

    Young Money is a sideshow, seriously look at that pic, lol. Drake tryin to dress like the italian mob, Nicki still runnin’ with the black Gaga look and Wayne just chillin on a multicolored cloud with his never ending high on God knows what. This shit is too much, I forgot to even peep the track.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Lil Struggle Bars aka Wack Weezy. This dude is trash pleases RETIRE.

  • @king chandler was thinking the same thing, at times its almost like they are a traveling circus act, especially when i seen a video with wayne in europe skteboarding on stage like part of his performance…..lmao

  • onenutned

    look at these clowns in this fuckin pic! and niggas wonder whats wrong wit hip-hop…wayne lookin like crackheads gone wild, drake got the Michael Jackson homo swag goin and nicki look like a transvestite hemorphidite power ranger..foh.

  • WestCoast

    Worst rapper of all time no talent at all and worst voice of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll time
    this nigga deserve death

  • Wow Lil Wayne just finds a way to be worse with every song

  • 2 Condomz

    blechh, you know that one house in the white hood with the most xmas lights but aint none of them matching or working properly, making the whole neighborhood look ugly every year. thats ymcmb

  • rogerbarrett

    what street could these pussies walk down? lil faggots been sucking too many dicks. dude’s at AIDS weight.

  • Nice. I like it

  • I’m sorry for hiphop when guys like lilwayne! RIP rap music. Really I’m sorry for hiphop!!!!!!!!

  • Deep 6

    Bunch of whiny no pussy getting HERBS posting comments all day long on here.

    Internet Dweebs… Go do something constructive like being a productive member society.

  • ayoneoh music

    Tunechi did his thing on here niggas need to stop hating because the ones that are hating couldn’t even do it. but Young Money need to add Ayoneoh to their roster

  • graffiti bandit

    SMH at the picture… They should be ashamed to step out the fucking house.

    Quite possibly the worst hip-hop crew of all time.

  • zezzoi

    Rashida Jones fine ass out there

  • The Rise

    Wayne is a comedian, nothing but catch phrases

  • meyer

    it is always the ones who, unasked, go on and on about how they are not gay like Lil Wayne, who turn out to be gay. Seriously, look at him, pulling his shirt up so it looks like a bra. Isn’t Lil short for Lillian?

  • Faded 3000

    yall fuck assses bunch of dick riders this track nice as shit ha

  • jamesrowdy29

    I dont know why all the negative, I agree Lil Wayne fell off but this song is straight fire, its smooth.

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  • Claude

    This song is trash. Seriously, don’t bother.
    The homophobia ain’t cool either.

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