• Jesus. But the one from “Training Day” is better. Nevertheless, crack. Straight crack.

  • sdotrsinal

    dudes a beast… this dude too… http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM

  • j23

    straight fire, cant wait for oct 22nd

  • Chris


  • OuTLaW

    K.Dot spitting fire right here, Flex sporting the ghetto McDonald look here we all know hes a clown!

  • Queenz

    Man KL is a fucking monster! I wish this brother success and longevity in this game for real.

  • Thought he was gonna spit his actual “Who Shot Ya” verse but hit em with that “West Cost WU.”

  • sick verse. He went with the rapid fire flow rather than BIG approach, props for originality,

  • Butter

    Malik Ferraud

  • kendrick got bars.Appreciate what he’s bringing to the game as a younger MC.he been dope when he was K Dot.he got real right on this
    Loch kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools(Drank) freestyle video http://youtu.be/RIkQHcuSJoo

  • JustMyOpinion

    No disrespect to B.I.G, but K. Dot didn’t need a beat. Ouch….*ugly face*

  • Unreal. Seemed like he lost steam in the second half… Was the first part written?

  • See(sic): of course the first part was written. Rappers should stop calling their written freestyles. Instead say, “he rapped on Hot 97. or spit some bars”. Save titling songs freestyles for people that actually freestyle.

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  • poetic assasin

    why do people say it was obviously written, because he said it fast, because he didn’t mess up? because it was good?

    and on another note but some line, cats like common spit off the dome and gets hate cause it wasnt great

  • im not gonna lie i kinda just want kendricks album to be out already so we can look forward to ab souls after schoolboy q’s debut…im just being honest..

  • Aggie Pride

    Nigga’s face. When he spits he means that shit.

  • dopeness

    only way to beat kendrick in freestyle tie his hands behind his back

  • dopeness

    @Caesar hahaha i thought the same thing he prolly spit that wu verse thinkin it was his old who shot ya verse from the k dot days

  • thanks 4 the love!!! Good kid M.a.a.d. City on the way

  • nah 4real he is the future of hip hop!!!!!

  • koO

    I’m a huge fan of Kendrick but that last verse isn’t a freestyle

  • Cz

    @poetic assassin

    Look up west coast wu tang and listen for yourself

  • big 6 domino

  • J-Boogie

    im a k.dot fan, but i wasnt really feeling this “freestyle”….did sound like a bunch of rambling. lol

  • dammm

    dam didn’t this dude spit that verse when he battled charles hamilton? smh shit is like 4 years old