New Music: Diggy “Fall Down” (J.Cole Diss)

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Here we go again. After J.Cole threw a subliminal shot at Diggy in North Carolina, RUN’s baby boy returns fire with a new diss. The song begins at the 1:53 mark.

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  • Cruel Thing

    They’re both on Lupe’s All City Chess Club, why are they dissin each other?

  • realwickwickwack

    got him !
    j cole should just stay quiet …a 17 year old just owned him . Another diss track from cole would just make him look bad

  • SMH

  • I mean, you gotta give some cred to Diggy. Dude is actually going in. lol

  • all things real

    This isnt even bad. Cole gotta get him now, right?

  • Beak Nose Diggy

    Cole has to go for beak nose now.

    Poor kid is going to turn into Jojo after Cole is finished with him.

  • daffysci

    It isnt worth J.Cole responding

  • That’s unfair ! If J.Cole let this sh!t fly ppl gonna say that he’s soft. If he strikes hard ppl gonna say that Diggy’s just a child.

    Kendrick Lamar Interview :

  • daffysci

    Why J.Cole gonna make a diss track for a little kid?

  • wow

    Wow… Diggy really going in tho.

  • J-Boogie

    diggy trying to get a buzz….to me that Cole line wasnt even that serious. J. Cole cant win dissing Diggy on wax. if he loses, he looks bad. if he wins, he is picking on someone much younger.

    ps. Diggy is spitting on this though. cant deny that.

  • Tedd

    why is it ok for diggy to use beef to stay relevant? Like this beef is wack. his bubble gum image didnt move no unit so back to the drawing board with this diff image for diggy. He made a total 180 image wise. Are we buying into this new fake diggy? Are we that geeked for beef?

  • Boom


  • Respect

    I cant take this guy serious lls


    not even gonna lie that beat goes hard and Its not a bad diss, But its lose lose for J Cole. If he lets it ride, yall will claim letting a kid punk him. If he responds and destroys him, you will claim “He is only a kid, no one expected him to win any ways, J Cole gets no points ”

    also, How is Diggy going to talk about Anyone’s relevance ? His album only sold 45,000 copies till this day. J Cole sold 217,000 in one week.

  • Westsidealumni

    maybe im reaching but it seem like diggy jackin cole flow a lil

  • J-Boogie

    what are Cole’s total album sales right now? is he platinum yet? give me an official number for worldwide!!

  • iamreal

    the diss was ok as of diggy taking shots at dude for not having a father is straight personal lil nigga you use throw temper tantrums on tv and get grounded for geting c’s on your report card j cole was a fucking straight a student with no money and no father how you feel

  • Ralphgo

    man he went hard..

    Fan Suing Lil Wayne for Wasting 20 Minutes of His Life Downloading Dedication 4 Mixtape – <<man this was too funny

  • Raleighwood

    It’s all in good fun for Cole…Just make jokes here and there but you can tell he really doesn’t mean anything by what he’s saying…

    Diggy on the other hand is getting butt hurt and taking shit way to serious.

  • wickedess

    Dig trying to go in….cole shouldn’t respond…. but this my dude here..

  • Black Shady

    Ok Cole….enough fuckin around. no way you can let this lil nigga slide anymore
    lets get him!!!!

  • Kemosabi

    He really trying to get hot still off the strength of his sisters box? Let’s keep it 100 he probably isn’t old enough to see how bitch made this all is. He don’t know who she fucked and he shouldn’t wanna know or broadcast that either. Nobody would give a shit if it weren’t for his weak disses

  • michelle michelle

    Awwww. Diggy’s cute.

    He could just join a Tyler Perry sitcom and be a teen idol. At least trying to make a name for himself.

  • @tshiamofs

    What u say was unprovoked but better than this. Did Cole lie? His album did flop and he is a lil nigger with talent

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Wow…Ironically, the least “gangster” rappers in the industry are pretty much having the best “quality” beef in a loooooooong time. (Busts out popcorn). Got to give him cred for doing that without cussin…many niggas can’t even do that…won’t sound right.
    Cromer Beats——>

  • all4wuzz

    Cole should’ve kept his fantasies of Vanessa to himself. He never slept with her, he WISHED he did, judging how he constantly put their entire family up in his songs. The Simmons are peaceful people, they don’t look for trouble, Cole better stay focused on his carreer and his lame, low sel-esteem buck tooth saggy boobed girlfriend, who obviously doesnt mind him cheating and rapping bout it. You don’t wanna mess with the simmonds. Remember Hov is their friend too, I doubt he’d wanna have any feud with them over YOU, u are not all that relevant to Hov. He has other artists making money for him, Meek Mill is now with Roc nations too, has hella street cred… u have certain potential competition on your way and u should focus on that.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I remember someone saying my comments were too long, now it seems people gotta lot to say. I like that quote up top “he gonna look like Jojo when Cole finish him”

    “You would think my dudes were Aliens the way they throw up Signs!”

  • BxBully

    LOL… Diggy is a funny lil sensitive lightskin nigga . Young Daniel was born on third base but in his mind he hit a triple .. foh . The best part of the song was the beat .
    Still a lose-lose situation for Cole if he responds tho , You don’t wanna be known as the rapper that’s responsible to bodying lil diggy ( rap royalty ) .

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Diggy got this time around and J. Cole is my favorite rapper

  • Keep it Hip Hop Battling is a part of Hip Hop. Hit me for BEATS on Twitter @ONEMANBEATS

  • mac DIESEL

    @ all4wuzz




  • Evil

    J Cole has already lost.He looks like bitch for dissing a kid and he got served in this song.
    J cole should have just kept quiet,now he will take a major L

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy is carrying the family name. Meanwhile JoJo is bringing Diggy Drinks and Snacks for his studio sessions.

  • Drake

    Cole Finish!

  • mac DIESEL



  • the void

    if cole even thinks about responding, he lost.

  • alvin

    ill. production credits anyone?

  • rahrahrah

    Wow…poor Cole. Picking on little kids, talking about people’s sisters. I guess he didn’t learn from Jay’s takeover that you don’t talk disrespectfully about women in diss songs and expect people to respect you.

    Well done Diggy.

  • This is a funny “Beef”, but an unnecessary one because as corny as Diggy can come off at times, he’s not in the wrong here.

  • wizsucks

    lol JCole is a lame, getting killed by a nigga thats still in High School

  • FukUrOpinion

    J. Cole is trolling the shit out of Diggy. Cole killed him with subliminal diss “Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent album flopped but it’s cool he caked out on his allowance”… stop catching feelings lil nigga. At the end of the day Cole is touring and living off the success of his album while rich kid Diggy is trying to figure out why his album flopped. Also, if one of Diggy’s sister got with Bow Wow how is it a stretch for one of them to get with Cole? Just sayin… this “beef is hilarious though

  • King E

    All I can say is…your move J.Cole.

  • Curtis75Black

    Can’t hate on Diggy responding and standing his ground !! J Cole wanna sneak diss at a concert and you dont expect the man to respond…shit, he’s got more heart than a lot of them older than him.

  • sangano

    if Cole cant win for the sake of winning in the “battle” then just don’t diss the young kid …

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    lol. Charlamagne cised it. diss was decent though. the beat and hook was tough too.

  • wadduptho

    this is so ridiculous, they say you need to learn to laugh at yourself, these rappers are so concerned with image they cant even do that, they’re entire genre is an ode to the first amendment but if they dont get bigged up in a song the first thing they do is shit on a mans career, i mean a straight diss a get it but comparisons, shit like that… these niggas needa get over themselves they act like they mentally never left high school, GO BACK TO THE MUSIC NOT BEEF

  • elpresidente


  • Citylivin’

    …Cole has been in a lose lose situation ever since he came out….remember that “Drake vs Cole” shit….
    …..o well…”The Lightskin Chronicles” continue…

  • @ cruel thing , u bring up a very good point, this is most likely a ploy to gain diggy some respect in the rap game, i even think lupe is helping him write his verses too..

  • WestCoast

    kid diss
    *deaaaaaaaad* rap game ” biggest joke in the music industry”

  • gtouthere

    This kid doin anything for attention.
    Aint he on the Scream Tour with those Kiddie acts?
    IDK why he dont stay in his lane and keep doing songs for little girls,

  • yaysayer

    I dont understand the point of beefing with a child, its a bit immature. To quote Kat Williams “its like a pitbull and a chihuahua”.

  • Biz’

    Diggy is just looking for recognition…. Everybody knows Cole would kill this nigga!

  • This is not bad at all!


    lol, diggy is desperate for some attention. I doubt cole will bother responding, I don’t think you get any points for beefing with children.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy > The whole MMG movement

  • JoJo Simmons

    Check mate!

  • COLA

    Diggy please stop before you get your little feelings seriously hurt!!

  • Kunta Kente

    Diggy a bawse he went in! JoJo is a failure. Team Blackout not even allowed to the house no more and Rev Run said JoJo gotta give Diggy a two month notice if he wanna use the studio.

  • matrix

    Lol this shit is funny!!! shit SOUND GOOD…but nigg you lil diggy…aint no way you gonna be taken serious like foreal you not seeing jcole wit the rhymes and you damn sure cant beat him so what is the point…he taking advantage of the fact that he a lil nigg so its a lose lose for cole…shit funny…

  • Runs House

    Run-Diggy is passed ur bed time
    Diggy-hold on daddy I’m in the studio tryna make my voice deeper to sound like a man
    Jojo-u want some caprisun & lunchables Dig?
    Diggy-cole u can’t touch me on da mic like chocolate milk
    *everyone walks out of the studio laughing
    Diggy World No Blanket!

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    This little rich kid is trying to be slick towards J. Cole? First, I’m not the biggest J. Cole fan. I rock some of his tunes, but I see the talent and think he has a bright future. J. COLE EARNED HIS SPOT THO!

    This little rich kid aka the 4th chipmunk spit (probably didn’t write tho) the line “I got a relationship with my father” is a joke. The REASON you are even put on is because of your father!!!!! The reason anyone knows of you is because OF YOUR FATHER!!!! The reason people won’t tell you how wack you are in the industry is because of YOUR FATHER! The reason your sister is known is because she’s cute AND BECAUSE OF YOUR FATHER!!!!!

    Right now Rap Radar and other sites are promoting this BS while somewhere out there is a youngin that can spit fire but can’t get noticed because these sites are more concerned with keeping the peace with Diggy’s father and his relationship with MTV

    What a joke
    Hip hop is DEAD!

  • lol @ Jerk Off Cole, oops i ment J Cole … this nigga jerking off to pics of Diggys sister and claimin he hit that.

    N then his fans got the nerve to say he to big to respond or take Diggy seriuosly ?? why coz J cole cudnt go gold lmao ?? … J Cole by no means is on a diff level than Diggy, the only diffrence to them both is that one is a teen and the other an adult … otherwise both are struggling rappers living off their connects.

    GTFOH with this Cole shouldnt respond or take Diggy seriously.

  • C. Matic

    Don’t really care that this a diss but I always said diggy could spit

    I wanna hear cole respond just for the lyrical enjoyment lol

  • Mr.November

    If I were Cole, I’d diss the shit out the lil Nigga. I dont care, he keeps acting like hes built for it, then give him the works.

    Fuck that “rap royalty” shit, Simmons was ass, I’d be willing to get dropped from a label to fuckin defend myself, these niggas act like Diggy is untouchable lil highschool niglet.

    Diggy has the right to be mad, but he has to understand all he does is make himself look bad. Reaching for some attention, at least tryna be mentioned. If its beef that he needs, he should pay for it like everything else he got.

    Feel bad for Cole, its a lose-lose situation, cause you niggas talkin about beef gonna hate if he responds to a little kid. Diggy askin for it lol.

  • CaliSteppin

    Are you fuckin stupid?!?! How is Cole a struggling rapper? His album went gold and debuted at 1 and got nominated for a Grammy. Shit if that’s struggling then all these other rappers have no career

  • Mr.November

    Funniest thing is the part where the info says

    “UPDATE: Full CDQ featuring Victoria Monet. First single off Diggy

  • CaliSteppin

    My comment was directed @Siy by the way

  • wouzi

    that shit was trash ma nigga

  • Dreamchaser

    @ CaliSteppin.
    All of that because of his affiliation to Jay-Z, thats exactly what [email protected] is saying … you can deny it all you want but no1 would have bort or given a fuck bout J Cole is he was Jay-Z affiliated, he’d be a Action bronson or a Smoke Dza or a Cory Gunz and more dope rappers without that big name affiliation **FACT**

  • Bomb First!!

    Damn! What you gone do now Jermaine. smh

  • Dreamchaser

    Thanks @ Dreamchaser … i was bout to discipline CaliSteppin.
    i like the rappers u mention most defntly without a doubt nicer than J Cole.
    if Jay-Z or Kanye gave these young kids a wack rapper they’d fuck with him n buy their albums … oh wait **BIG SEAN** lol

  • CaliSteppin

    Jay just signed him yall niggas swear like he was shouting Cole out in every song and interview. Jay even turned down the feature on Gods Gift for Coles album. Cole did some great mixtapes that’s how he got known.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    bro im not gonna lie, the ‘relationship with my father” line was a bit too much, kinda wack how diggy actually thinks he is even close to the level j.coles at hoenslty.

  • @citylivin’

    He wasnt in a lose lose situation you moron, that was Drake fans dick riding for miles and nothing more. the fact that j Cole was new to the game and he already had Drake fans pissed is a win for him.

    also, everyone take 5 minutes and google how many people claimed they smashed one of Diggy’s sisters. For Diggy to get mad, either everyone else is lying and J Cole is telling the truth, or J Cole is lying and everyone else is telling the truth.

    either way, it makes Diggy look bad. Im guessing Cole was telling the truth and everyone else was lying. Diggy probably got close to Cole while his sister was dating him and he feels betrayed.

  • Monica

    Some of just afraid to admitt that Diggy killed cole. If j cole wouldn’t have started with dig in the first place, maybe this nonsense wouldnt be happening!!! J cole needs to grow up and stop throwing blows at Diggy and his family, he is to old for that!!!! -___-

  • So now the haters are trying to claim j Cole isnt a good rapper, LMFAO ROTF. to each his own I guess. Opinions of who is a better rapper is just that, Opinions. So why do J Cole haters get pissed when Fans say he is a good rapper ??????

    Why is it that haters some how feel their opinions matter more than Everyone else just because they are part of the opposition. Most of You seem to just be antipopulist instead of genuinely thinking big name rappers arent good rapper. Case in point

    ” you can deny it all you want but no1 would have bort or given a fuck bout J Cole is he was Jay-Z affiliated ” – Dreamcaster

    as it is mentioned many times on this site, popularity has nothing to do with skill level.

    You many not think J Cole is a good rapper, but many people do and Did believe it before he was even affiliated with Jay Z

  • -Monica “Some of just afraid to admitt that Diggy killed cole. If j cole wouldn

  • [email protected] – N then his fans got the nerve to say he to big to respond or take Diggy seriuosly ?? why coz J cole cudnt go gold lmao ??



  • Loyalty

    I don’t know why people is calling this Cole vs Diggy thing a beef. I think Diggy is taking it more seriously, while Cole is just Having a little fun with it. Cole stating facts and giving Diggy a compliment at the same time. Diggy is not keeping Cole relevant! Cole is keeping diggy relevant!

  • Itz Yourz

    Lmfao on this. The chorus hard. But c’mon we seen this kid grow up on tv. Can you really take what he saying serious? I’m sure somebody wrote it for him. And fuck that lil nigga talking about J. Cole not having a father…only some younger nigga would point that out and not see cole still became the man without one raising him.

    Now for other shit. To the men on here…who know about having a sideline piece and cool with there fam but you got a girl. Your girl find out about her you dead you side piece. Now you was cool with her fam so her lil brother feel a certain way about how you did his sis…lmao. Cole don’t really want to go in on this lil nigga , he know where his beef stem from. Can’t be mad at that. Like the bride said ” when you grow up and still feel sour about it, come see me…I will be waiting”. Diggy you anit ready yet.

    Reverend Run come get your sheep man…from a wolve view he starting to like something to eat.

  • wack ass diggy his life is just beginnin grow up!

  • Jay-Z

    I’m sending Cole back to the Ville

  • Scrilla

    Damn Diggy not only ended his career but he just put that shit the dirt

  • J. Cole already dissed him. This is Diggy’s reply to the Cole diss.

  • Scrilla

    I’m talking about J Cole career btw

  • dll32

    dope! glad that he doesn’t act thuggish all of a sudden +1

  • RA.P

    Dissing someone for not having a father….no respect for a bitch move like that

  • Unknown

    damn Diggy snapped wtf

  • M.T

    LMAO. I dont get why this nigga is catching feelings. Cole said he was a young nigga with talent, album flopped but hes caked out of his allowance. all of those are true statements. This diss track is dope though. im feeling it. Cole is in another lose lose situation. I dont want little diggy to be the first one cole ethers so hopefully he stays quiet and doesnt respond.

  • FukUrOpinion

    It’s a nice diss, but saying Diggy ended J. Cole’s career is just stupid. Lmao Diggy doesn’t even have a career. Again J. Cole is just trolling Diggy and the lil nigga is falling for it. If anything Diggy should thank Cole for keeping him relevant because Unexpected definitely isn’t. J. Cole killed Diggy with one bar and you want a whole song? Be careful what you wish for. Diggy just stepped in deep shit and Rev. Run better be praying and splashing his son with Holy Water right now because he’s about to get ethered. Also to whoever said Jay-Z is the reason Cole is relevant kill yourself. So why isn’t Memphis Bleek or Beanie Sigel still relevant? He gave them more of a co-sign. Big Sean and J. Cole are grinding which is something Diggy has yet to do. He dropped and album and thought his family name would make him successful. Cole and Big Sean are touring the country constantly. Diggy has some work to do if he wants to eat at their table.

  • Nijea

    I don’t want a hear a whole diss record from Cole, just a couple bars. But no lie, this is kind a good. & you niggas saying this a lose lose for Cole, hell naw. J.Cole is 1 of those main guys in this new school of rap (along Drake, Wale, Big Sean, Kendrick, etc) Y’all comments just sound dumb as hell like y’all don’t see or know what’s going on in hip-hop.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    “Diggy just stepped in deep shit and Rev. Run better be praying and splashing his son with Holy Water right now because he

  • DJ Bobby Drake

    There’s gotta be someone else for Cole to go after..Although Diggy is nice for his age and defending his “older” sisters honor he’s still just a kid..Carefull Cole, kids grow up and grown rappers get old…

  • MR.M

    it seems he can only spit when he disses…and now it seems like hes gonna build some sort of a buzz off of this shit, he needs to go back to singing to 10yr olds before he gets eliminated

  • MR.M

    if you can only make fire with this kinda shit, what type of artist does that make you?

  • Respect

    this is a really soft diss song

  • KoldCase

    i know cole wont

    but he definetly shouldnt respond do this kid who is trying to get a buzz

    this shit is iight but cole should leave it alone

  • RJ3000_

    beat and hook are TOUGH

  • Crew Love

    beat & hook FIRE!!!!


    The only time Diggy gets talked about is when hes dissing cole so I can see him tryin to gain some kind of an audience off this. Its kinda interesting that cole has some way influenced him to write his best bars for the second time. Cole somewhere kicked back laughin at this.

  • Pete

    Ahhh, how cute.

  • the chosen one

    Dope track not even gonna front, he was sitting on that one boy waiting for the moment to drop it lmao. I think Cole shouldn’t let this one slide but I think making a diss record will make him look like a lame going at some kid. So I feel like he should stick to the jabs here and there. Cause they already going to work on Diggy.

  • the4king


  • luden

    please…diggy’s sisters’ date losers and they make shitty products because they know dumb african american girls buy their crappy cupcakes and made in cambodia shoes.. Jcole is educated and has integrity; he actually cares about what he creates. People with talent don’t need to build their careers off of reality shows…ie, the Simmons.

    JCole needs to not say anything. He already won with his album sales…how many albums has Diggy sold? ALSO, JCole has a real fanbase made up of black/white/asian/all races from different backgrounds — have you seen the people that attend his concerts?! Outside of of teenage african american girls, no one cares about diggy and his pre-pubescent voice.

  • Shady

    Diggy is a victim!
    J.Cole is lyrical better and he raps better!

  • Oz

    Tyrese is like yes heres my chance to snatch some lime light and get people to listen to my black ty mixtape

  • Jax

    Co-sign to the person that said the only time Diggy gets shine is when he’s talking about Cole. Cole don’t need to say nothing to him. Everybody know Diggy is a lame little kid.

  • aaaaannnndddd…420!

    is this a sick joke? The world of Hip Hop just searching for something… Cole World.
    (whenever y’all ready)

  • Mike

    Diggy is from Upper Saddle River, NJ…….by far one of the richest towns filled with brats like himself, remember how annoying he was on Run;s house. Cole shouldn’t even acknowledge his little punk ass, Diggy just sounds like hes got some salty lips that J Cole bagged his sister haha Cole World

  • just me

    Everything Cole said about crybaby ass Diggy was true. Y U MAD?????